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Fauci, Big Pharma, Governor Cuomo in Trouble? Bird Flu & Letter from EU Parliament Christine Anderson

by | Jun 11, 2024

What a week for some of the accountability so many of us have been waiting for!

9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to remand a vax mandate case back down to a lower court is huge in the fight for criminal accountability of bio-terrorists like Tony Fauci. Plus, attorney Warner Mendenhall explains how this case will affect many other cases across the country.
9th Circuit Court Ruling

Today, disgraced former Governor Cuomo will have to explain why he forced COVID-19-positive patients into nursing homes, threatening the most vulnerable population during the pandemic. It’s time to hold Cuomo accountable & deliver justice for these victims & their families.
NY Post

And of curse Fauci was in the hot seat last week: WATCH HEARING


🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺

Dear fellow citizens, In yesterday’s EU elections, a wave of victories for right-wing conservative parties swept through the entire European Union. My party, the AfD, was clearly the second strongest party in Germany. And this despite an unprecedented barrage of smear campaigns and negative propaganda by the legacy parties and cartel media, in which the secret services were probably also involved.

Despite everything, the AfD became the second strongest power and gained another 5 percentage points compared to the last election in 2019 in a maximally hostile media environment. I am so immensely proud of my party and the countless campaigners and helpers at grassroots level who made such a broad success possible in the first place.

I am extremely proud of our many voters who did not allow themselves to be taken for fools by the establishment; who dared to look behind the scenes; who exposed the fake news of the mainstream and were brave enough to vote for the only party that fully stands up for our German interests, acts for the good of our people and for whom the preservation of freedom, the rule of law, humanity and self-determination is paramount.

We are seeing similar developments in many other member states. In Austria, the FPÖ under the leadership of Herbert Kickl is even becoming the strongest force. Well deserved. So my best congratulations also go to our friends in the alpine republic today.

Now it’s all coming thick and fast: in France, President Macron’s party alliance is losing big time. As a direct consequence, Macron now wants to dissolve the French National Assembly and has already announced new elections for June 30th.

At the same time, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo suffered a crushing defeat in Belgium. He resigned from office yesterday evening in tears after his party received only 7% of the vote and at the same time the two right-wing conservative parties New Flemish Alliance (22%) and Vlaams Belang (17.5%) were the clear winners.

The woke empire suffered a major defeat in the EU yesterday. Its leftist-green Death Star has been damaged and the technocratic stormtroopers have run for cover. However, anyone who knows all parts of the famous space saga – which I just quoted – knows that the battle is far from being over… But yesterday we won a first important victory.

Now, as the new AfD delegation in the EU Parliament, we have to do our preparations, introduce our new colleagues, distribute competencies, regulate responsibilities and make plans. And then it starts up again…

I am already looking forward to throwing myself back into the renewed battle with full force against the technocratic elites in this biggest madhouse in the world, called the EU Parliament. In the new legislature, I will continue exactly where I left off in the last one. Namely exactly where it hurts the fake elites and their stooges the most: in their own headquarters in Brussels and Strasbourg!

Kind regards, Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP

And for your entertainment, Russell Brand, the bird flu and Deborah Birx (yes she’s back!)
suggests testing every cow every week:

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