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The Agenda Behind The CREATION of COVID-19 and Mass Vaccination

September 1, 2021

Dear Readers,

Because the recording isn’t high quality and Dr. Michael McDowell has a thick accent, I’ve provided salient notes below.

There is a genetic bioweapons industry as written about in the book “Emerging Viruses” which proved AIDS and Ebola are manufactured viruses engineered in a lab. This is the most covert industry on the planet.

Covid is an ethnic bioweapon, a bioengineered weapon. How certain substances influence human genes. William Cohan

Francis Boyle – Int’l law and genetic bioweapons expert. Bioterrorism Act under George Bush

There are 22 BSL4 (bio safety labs) on the planet where deadly pathogens are manufactured. 60 nations stockpile genetic bioweapons. This is the new arms race.

Boyle: SARS-COV2 is made in a lab with gain of function properties. Tripod chimera: 1.) SARS which is already weaponized. 2.) Enhanced 3.) Genetically recombined with an HIV virus that causes AIDS

Anti-viral research Feb 10 2020 Francis Boyle

Wuhan coronavirus provides a gain of function for efficient spreading in human population compared to other beta coronaviruses. This is a smoking gun.

Gain of function: genetically engineered to be more lethal, more virulent, more infectious, and to mutate and adapt more readily with slight increases of immune selection pressure from the population. Also called accelerated viral evolution.

Viruses don’t jump from animals to humans.

UNC experiment: team joined by Xing Li Xi from Wuhan China. SARS viruses from Fort Deitrich lab, the US BSL4 lab. This team was increasing pathogenicity from the SARS samples they got from Fort Deitrich.

Research: Australian animal health lab funded by China. Goal was to enhance the SARS virus with gain of function properties and coalesce it genetically to an HIV virus (tripod chimera).

Analysis found elements of the HIV virus in the genomic sequence. Retroviruses use mRNA to inject their stuff into the cell. Retrointegration takes place: the mRNA is converted back into DNA (by reverse transcriptase enzyme) and coalesces with the chromosomal DNA of the host. In other words, when they say the mRNA will be recognized as a protein and go to the ribosomes of the cell, this is false. The mRNA goes to the nucleus of the cell, is reconverted back to DNA, and becomes part of the host’s (your) genome.

SARS COV2 is the most dangerous biological weapon ever released on the planet.

Fauci’s emails – first said no we didn’t fund it, then said yes, then said no we did no gain of function research, then said yes. Vacillated several times. All on record.

Secret email – “the unusual features of the virus make up a small part of the genome so you have to look really closely at the sequence to see that some features look engineered.”

SARS COV2 genome is inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory of viruses.

SARS COV2 is a genetic bioweapon.

Charles Liebel Harvard. Head of Biology. Trained graduate Chinese students in his microbiology lab. Got 50 million dollars in defense contracts from US gov’t to create genetic bioweapons. In Dec 2019, 2 of his students were caught smuggling 22 vials of sensitive biological material to Wuhan China. Liebel was arrested by FBI in Jan. 2020 for espionage. He was paid $150M by China as a consultant for the BSL4 lab in Wuhan (+$50K/mo). US and China are complicit in the SARS COV2 virus.

All 4 vaccine types are all genetic mRNA and viral vector vaccines that will affect the human genome. These are not the same as we got when we were kids which were inactivated virus vaccines. These are a mystery concoction and are not normal. This is gene manipulation therapy that has never before been used on populations. This is Frankenstein-like technology.

If SARS COV2 is a bioweapon, then when the code of the spike protein is injected into you, you are being injected with a bioweapon. The spike protein is pathogenic, thrombogenic, and for the purpose of the decimation of the human population.

When the pandemic is at its height there is viral immune escape effect. When you put a virus under pressure through a mass vaccination program the vaccine induced antibodies will stand up against the Covid-19 virus and fight it. It changes, puts the virus on the run and it becomes a variant. The variant cannot be stopped by the vaccine induced antibodies. This also shuts down your innate immune system.

This is a pandemic of variants.

Recombination – a vaccinated host can be infected by more than 1 variant. Over 100 variants floating around the globe, maybe more. When more than 1 variant enters the body this produces a super variant and nothing can stop it. It is vaccine resistant.

April 6, 2021 was when the mass vaccination in Trinidad and Tobago was implemented. Before this between March 20, 2020 and April 6, 2021, 145 people died from coronavirus. Between April 6, 2021 and August 13, 2021, 1291 people have died from the vaccine. (See graph for deaths up to Aug. 31, 2021. Death spike began on April 6, 2021.

This is happening in countries around the world; the vaccine is causing the death spike.


mass vaccination


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