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Episode 21 – The Covid PCR Test: Scientific Fraud

by | Jul 12, 2022



Episode 21: The Covid PCR Test – Scientific Fraud


Hello friends and welcome to the Holistic Health Online Podcast. I’m your host Val Robitaille, and in this episode I’ll be talking about the big deception, the crux of the false scamdemic and fraud that is the PCR test.

But let me start by telling you a little bit about my own COVID story. I’m in Africa and have been here since six months before the onset of the scamdemic. I came for dental work that I couldn’t afford in the US and I was waiting for my husband who couldn’t come with me but would join me at a later date because he also needed dental work. Needless to say, he never made it here and I never made it back.

First it was because all flights in and out of both countries were cancelled, and then it was because of the COVID and PCR testing that one needed to be able to fly. While these factors are different for different countries, the country I’m in still requires PCR testing and or fully vaxxed to fly in or out, which my entire immediate family refused to do either one of those things.

So I’m about to tell you my response in this episode and what I say when I’m asked why I won’t take the PCR test. “It’s just a PCR test” people say to me. Well, if you’ve listened to some of my other podcasts, you already have a clue as to why I won’t take the vaccine. But the PCR test is also a problem. And in the words of Dr. Vernon Coleman, also known as Old Man in a chair, they faked the pandemic, they faked the test and they faked the cure.

The tests are used to collect DNA samples. This was its original use and the intention of its inventor who got the Nobel Prize for it, Kary Mullis because he was able to hone down significantly the amount of DNA needed to make large amounts of copies. Usually large amounts of DNA are necessary for molecular and genetic testing.

Although this test is useful in the biomedical industry for many things I’m sure, the conventional medical establishment in the COVID era are using it incorrectly as a quick diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2. But not only that, also for cancer and other diseases such as Ebola. But Mullis strictly warned against using it for diagnosis of any kind, which is exactly what it’s being used for. In his own words, “with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in any body.” And he also said CT values, which are cycle threshold values which are higher than 40 are suspect because of the implied low efficiency and generally should not be reported.

Even Fauci admitted a cycle threshold over 35 is going to be detecting dead nucleotides and not a living virus.

Portugal from the beginning ruled these tests weren’t fit for use and the Australian Government said the tests were flawed on their government website! The truth is the PCR tests for fragments of viruses and other pathogens and molecules or whatever they program in there. If they keep cycling 20, 30, 40 plus times, the test will have greatly magnified the so called virus. And there’s your false positive! You’ll be required to follow certain rules from your authoritarian public health system, even though you are asymptomatic.

Now, some may argue that they’ve developed the test further and manipulated it to give better results. But if you’ve been researching this whole COVID scamdemic from day one, or even if you’ve only recently woken up, you know the truth is they’re still scamming, still collecting our DNA, not only to produce false positive results for nefarious ends, but to have our DNA for their Frankenstein industry. There is no forthcoming news that the test is accurate now.

Isn’t it obvious that testing positive for COVID has become an excuse for politicians and world leaders to quarantine and neglect their public service? Are they sick? No. And their made up fairy tale of a lie that you can be asymptomatic and still have this dreadful disease, or that you could be asymptomatic and still be contagious. This permeates the media. These are both false, but really, who believes them anymore? I guess, sadly, all those who are still taking the vaccines and the tests.

I think you can start to see the scam after flooding the data from false positives, miscounting deaths from other causes as COVID, and having created a vaccine that they’ve convinced a large majority of the human population they need to take to be safe – that not only tracks your every move, it will eventually make you sick, especially if you do nothing to counteract it. Because most, if not all, the vaccines have graphene oxide, and most, if not all of them are mRNA or adenovirus technology. Millions have already died directly as a result of the vaccines.

So back to the scamdemic agenda. When Joe Biden got into office the very day he was inaugurated, Fauci ordered the cycles they used in the tests to be turned down to make it look like the numbers of those getting COVID was falling off. However, when large masses of people show dissent and refuse the vaccine, the cycle threshold value gets turned up commensurate with their agenda to continue the vaccine campaign, which ultimately includes horrors for all of us like we are seeing in China and other countries under tyrannical rule. The PCR test has made all this deception possible and the powers that be are banking on our ignorance. They know they can fool the majority of the people through the mainstream media channels which they own and control.

An announcement from the WHO said users of “RT PCR reagents should read the IFU carefully to determine if manual adjustment of the PCR positivity threshold is necessary to account for any background noise which may lead to a specimen with a high cycle threshold value being interpreted as a positive result.” In other words, background noise, if not dealt with in the experiments or the testing, is interpreted as a positive result. So even the WHO is warning of high cycle thresholds producing false positives. That statement was made back in December of 2021 and goes on to explain the problem, which I’ll quickly cover here.

The test uses fragments of virus particles and multiplies them incrementally to get a result. The cycle threshold is the amount of cycles that are needed to produce a detectable amount of pathogen. When the CT or cycle threshold value is high, it means many cycles were required to detect the pathogen. When the CT is low, relatively few cycles will be needed to detect a pathogen.

So for example, if someone gets tested and it takes 33 cycles to detect a virus particle and gets tested a second time and they cycle at 17, this means they’re going into a higher viral copy and going into disease.

If the opposite occurs, they cycle at 14 for their first test and at 33 on a following test. They are going away from viral copying and away from disease.

I don’t want to get too deep into the weeds here, so this is just a simple explanation of how they use the PCR test to fool people. They use a higher cycle threshold for detection when it’s convenient.

Kary Mullis was was murdered in 2019, probably because he spoke out too much about how his invention was being wrongly used and for purposes he never intended. He also spoke out against Fauci…and he’s dead now.

A single PCR test should never be interpreted as anything and shouldn’t be done on asymptomatic people, and shouldn’t be run at 40 plus cycles. 33 is pushing it, but this is the level that the virus or particle can be cultured or grown. A single PCR may give you an indication of disease if the person is symptomatic, but you can see how additional PCRs give more information.

Labs around the world have been instructed to run at cycles as high as 45 and probably continue to get directions on how to interpret and set the tests. The false positive rate for tests run at these high cycle thresholds is 98%. This is all to get the public to take the vaccine and people are dying and getting very, very ill. And we haven’t seen anything yet. The dangers of the mRNA spike protein lipid nanoparticle vaccine are ongoing because there are ingredients in there that are time-release controlled. You can listen to last week’s podcast for more on the lipid nanoparticle problem.

The most shocking thing about the vaccine and perhaps the greatest deception of all is that this particular corona virus is not a candidate for a vaccine because of its mutation rate. The Wuhan virus, which was the alpha variant, is and has been over for quite some time now. Then there was the Delta variant. Omicron is the variant today. Are the vaccines protecting people against Delta and Omicron? Of course the answer is no.

And one more little factoid before I go back to why I won’t take the PCR test. When COVID first came on the scene, doctors were seeing certain patterns, elevated clotting factors, lowered white blood cell counts, a decrease in certain T cells, which are immune cells. But after the shots, there are dramatic increases in numbers of the immune system cells, which have opened up the organs and systems of the human body to all kinds of disease. Perhaps the most concerning is the increase of aggressive cancers post COVID vaccine.

Another alarming factoid is even for people who had cancer and were healed when they take the vaccine, their cancer comes back full steam. Stage four. I went over the shocking statistics out of the UK in a recent podcast and I’m sorry I can’t give you US  stats, but they seem to all be disappeared from the internet.

In general, I would venture to say around the world, among those who have taken the shots, there is a severe rise in all cause mortality, which is death by any cause; heart attack, diabetes, stroke and probably automobile and occupational hazards. Insurance companies have seen a 30 to 50% increase in claims.

The COVID vaccine is the wrong shot for the wrong protein for the wrong virus. And if you’ve gotten any, start to clean up the damage now and don’t get any more because the risks of illness and death are dose dependent, meaning it’s dependent on how much spike protein you have circulating. The more spike protein that’s circulating, the worse your immune system will do. The more shots you get, the more spike protein you will manufacture.

According to several frontline doctors, we can expect to see a 2 to 3 fold increase in certain cancers. These are endometrial, prostate, breast, testicular, ovarian and neurological because the spike protein can cross the blood brain barrier.

Back to the PCR test. It’s enormously dangerous and appears to be continuing indefinitely and to be required in many sectors of society. So what’s in the PCR test swabs that I don’t like? Well, first of all, they’re made of hard materials and contain nanoparticles of silver, aluminum, titanium glass and nylon fibers, which, when these enter the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, can cause wounds and inflammation.

In the show notes, I’ve provided a photo of the jagged edges of these nylon fibers that are meant to disrupt the delicate epithelium on the membrane. People who are tested often have hardened nasal, mucous membranes, making it a possibility that pathogens can reach the airways due to changes in the configuration of cells that are responsible for protective actions. Repeated PCR testing goes on in many institutions, in many countries.

The swabs consist of a mixture of nylon fiber fragments that come off easily and get deposited on the nasal membrane. These hollow fibers contain hydrogel beads and lithium. If you look in the show notes, you can see all the photos I’ve put up there. They’re actually quite shocking.

I briefly touched on hydrogel last week, but I’ll say a little more here. The DARPA hydrogel and the lithium as well remain on the nasal mucosa right under the pituitary and pineal glands. The area that the medical people have to get to when doing the PCR test is called the nasal pharynx. The procedure is a nasopharyngeal swab. The location is right under the pituitary and pineal glands.


Now, the location is important because it’s directionally and magnetically oriented with the magnetic field of the pineal gland. Glands produce hormones. The pineal gland produces melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates our sleep cycles and helps the lymph or the waste disposal system of the brain to detox while we’re sleeping. And just briefly, we have two major lymph systems, one that circulates throughout the entire body. That’s the lymphatic system. And the glymphatic system or glial lymphatic system is our waste disposal for the brain.

So when we are sleeping at night, the brain swells up to about 60% its normal size to make room for lymphatic fluid that’s coming in and that’s bringing nutrients, and taking out waste from the brain. By the time we wake up, our brain has returned to its normal size.

Not many people pay attention to the pineal gland, probably because it has been known to be the spiritual gland, the connection to God and the wonders of the universe.

The effects of the hydrogel and the magnetic fields can be seen in the photographs but basically these crystals start to form and grow eventually into 3D structures. They have different shapes which determines the type of hydrogel used. The crystals are conductive due to the lithium contained in this swill, and can receive signals from a transmitter to the cell and transmit signals from the cell to the transmitter.

They are actually nano antennas.


3D Fractals


Fractals after 24 hours


Fractals growing toward the pineal gland

In addition to these alarming facts, the PCR tests also contain ethylene oxide, which is a pesticide and a carcinogen. Some researchers say it’s the hydrogel that causes the blood clots that we’re hearing about post-vaccine. Others say the clotting is caused by the graphene oxide and still others say it’s the lipid nanoparticle delivering the mRNA instructions for the cell to start making spike protein. It’s probably all three of these, but the fact remains that hydrogel is present in the vaccines and the PCR tests.

This is not a safe procedure, nor is it appropriate for all the reasons I’ve so far described. There are scientific journals with case studies of the enormous harm that has been done to people who take the PCR test. I personally know of people who have been harmed with some of these effects. There are many cases of clear, uncontrollable nasal discharge, which can be cerebral spinal fluid, bacterial meningitis, traumatic skull, bass injury diplopia, which is double vision, baby deaths, usually just days after the test, rhinorrhea which is excess mucus, post nasal drip with a metallic taste, severe and persistent headaches, bleeding from the nose and the eyes, disruption or distortion of the cribriform plate – this has to do with the olfactory system or sense of smell, pneumocephalus, which is the presence of air or gas in the cranial cavity usually associated with trauma or disruption of the skull, like if a person has a tumor or after surgery.

Infra orbital abscesses. Swabs are broken in the nose, they are referring to these as retained swabs. And these happen in children. Swabs are swallowed and found in the olfactory area and the duodenum of the intestine. Dural membrane rupture, which is the lining around the brain, skull defects which may be responsible for the leaking of spinal fluid, severe septal deviations, epistaxis or nosebleeds.

Some of these adverse events could be prevented by screening the person to see if they’ve had previous nose surgery or osteoporosis in older women or have any brain or skull abnormalities. And this may be a reason to not give the test to see if people are anatomically and physiologically able to take these swabs. But of course, screening isn’t done.

There’s an industry for re-used swabs. So people that are getting the tests can be getting re-used swabs. Now, there’s a nice thought.

Covid PCR tests are as dangerous as inhaling asbestos. The ignorance, the stupidity, the greed and the corruption go on.

That’s my take on the PCR tests and I’m waiting for it to be done with so that I can go home and see my family. So it’s my sincere hope that people who say, Oh, it’s just the PCR test understand what they’re saying now. All right, then. See you next week. Bye for now.






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