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As distasteful as it is for me to post about the transhumanism movement, I realize it is part of the reality we’re living in, and part of my assignment to share information with you. We are living in a time where world leaders, along with the military-pharmaceutical-industrial complex, have been working for decades to change the Earth and all living things on it! Covid was simply an accelerator.

They are doing all they can to block the sun and eliminate Carbon dioxide, which of course can only have disastrous effects. They’re drenching our food supply with biosludge and forcing us to eat the deadly vaccines now, while spewing lies to brainwash us through the media. To say nothing of 5G technology and what effect that will have on populations.

They’re perfecting technology beyond our wildest dreams but to use for their own nefarious agenda; instead of uplifting humanity, they simply want to control us – but they must change us to control us.

Karen Kingston excerpt from Final Days
SGT Report: Environmental Democide with Val Robitaille
Smart Dust and the Surveillance Program
Synthetic Biology Exposed

1) In the first video, Dana Ashlie chats with a former associate of the Carnicom Institute. The guest describes the nanotechnology that has been sprayed for 30 years now, and how it works with HAARP to enter and grow in every living thing on the planet. The trouble began when the Institute began discovering and publicizing their findings. Scientists, physicists, doctors, etc., were all taken out within 2 weeks! He also gives the antidote to the structures that may be present in everyone’s body now. (I uploaded the video to my Rumble channel to give it more exposure in case it gets taken down soon. So far the original is still on You Tube and you can see Dana’s references there:

2) In the second video, 3 warriors expose synbio – synthetic technology combined with biology – intended to convert all lifeforms so that the technology has aspects of biology, and the biology has aspects of technology. AI is covered as well.

3) In the third video, Dr. Ana goes into the technology, specifically, and shows stunning microscopy of how the hydrogel forms the structures found in vaccine vials and blood. Biden’s Universal Nanotechnology Vaccine 2023 document is also discussed. Warning!!: some of the images are very disturbing when you realize this is all being done!

I know these are difficult subjects but it is crucial we know as much as possible about the assault on the biosphere of Earth as it is affecting all of us. Below the videos are some supplement protocols for managing the health issues that come with modern life, especially now. I will soon be moving the supplements and protocols to another site (you can sign up here to be notified of the launch)

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