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Hydrogen Therapy Series: Short educational videos covering 9 conditions

December 15, 2021

Because hydrogen is a super anti-oxidant, this video describes the health benefits and mechanism of hydrogen healing for inflammation, and what is known as a ‘cytokine storm.’ Pain receptors are stimulated in the skin and tissues when painful stimuli are present. These receptors send signals into the spinal cord and eventually get to the sensory cortex of the brain – this is when the pain is felt.
Acute pain is sudden, like when you stub your toe. Chronic pain is long term and in most cases, analgesics are used long term. When pain lasts more than 3 months it is considered chronic because sensory signaling doesn’t stop. In acute pain, when the cause of pain is resolved, signaling typically stops. This leads to a pathophysiological state of nervous system hyperactivity, and the perception of pain becomes intensified.
Chronic oxidative stress and inflammation may cause deteriorations in the function of the central nervous system, leading to reductions in quality of life. Altered homeostasis of oxidation, inflammation, and protein aggregation has been suggested to contribute to the death of neurons, which is directly related to impairments in various cognitive domains.
In this video we talk about the effects of hydrogen therapy on Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and highlight some scientific studies that cover this topic. Diabetes is a disease caused by oxidation. Metabolism creates a fair amount of oxidative stress. It’s when there are too many ROS that trouble begins because ROS can go into the cells and change the DNA.
Hydrogen therapy increases the body’s anti aging signals through hormone regulation, mitochondrial activation, and anti inflammatory and anti oxidant action. Hydrogen makes one look younger through a series of anti inflammatory actions, and heals blood vessels on the inside making it truly anti aging. Due to its size and characteristic, hydrogen has the ability to penetrate any cell membrane in the body.
For many decades alternative health practitioners have known oxidative stress and inflammation are at the root of virtually every modern day disease. Hydrogen travels in your blood bringing every cell the nutrition it needs, and relief from issues related to dehydration (literally meaning lack of hydrogen!) Hydrogen is the BEST anti-oxidant for cellular health.
The video discusses why stem cell regeneration is important for any disease condition and health, and how you can heal and be healthy with hydrogen therapy. All injuries are healed in the body through stem cell regeneration. Surgeons performing operations allow stem cells to do their job because they have tremendous, or some would say miraculous, healing power.

In this video we talk about the effects of hydrogen therapy on Parkinson’s Disease, and reference some scientific studies that show promising results.

Valerie explains what Parkinson’s Disease is and the role that hydrogen has in it’s amelioration.

In this video we talk about the effects of hydrogen therapy on cancer, a multi stage process defined by initiation, promotion and progression, and oxidative stress interacts with all three stages of this process by inducing cellular signals. ROS (reactive oxygen species) are products of oxygen-derived small molecules involved in normal cellular metabolism. Metabolism creates a fair amount of oxidative stress and it’s when there are too many ROS that trouble begins.
 In this video, AquaCure Inventor George Wiseman explains Brown’s Gas (molecular hydrogen) and how to use the AquaCure Hydrogen Generator for health.
Topics covered include: History and development of the AquaCure AC50, George’s personal healing history, testimonials, Electrically Expanded Water (ExW), hydrogen nutrition, drinking hydrogen water and inhaling hydrogen gas. 
hydrogen therapy

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