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SBO Probiotic 100 90 caps

SBO Probiotic 100 90 caps

Codeage Soil-Based Organisms (SBO) Probiotic + 100 Billion CFUs is an organic and fermented blend of sprouted seeds featuring healthy fats and vitamins, adaptogenic herbs, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus clausii, Bacillus coagulans, and prebiotic superfoods with 100 billion CFUs. This supplement offers 6 different strains of probiotics blend is an all-in-one capsule supplement to help provide a convenient source of good microorganisms.

Probiotics and Prebiotics are known to:

● Support microbial balance and digestive tract
● Support daily relief from occasional gas or bloating
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Women’s SBO Probiotic 60 caps

Women’s SBO Probiotic 60 caps

Codeage Women’s Soil-Based Organisms (SBO) Probiotic helps promote your digestive system and gut flora. It is an all-in-one premium probiotic + prebiotic supplement which features 18 specifically targeted strains of probiotics delivering 50 Billion CFUs. The blend is a complete natural probiotic for women featuring a comprehensive blend of Ayurvedic and botanical herbs. The formula includes red clover, sage and bitter fennel, and cranberries.

The ingredients used in this proprietary blend are known to:

● Support overall digestive health

● May provide support to vaginal and feminine health

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