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My 3-Month Parasite Cleanse Journey

Chapter 1
Parasites are a problem for most of the population that are ill. In this 1st segment, I describe the preliminary process of going into a Full Moon Parasite Cleanse. 
Chapter 2
In this segment, I answer some questions people may have, and provide some candid information about my present and recent experience with the cleanse.
Chapter 3
It's an awesome day in my cleansing journey! Breathing deeply, grounding with the earth, getting sun and quality sleep - these are some of my helpful detox tips. 
Chapter 4
In this segment I share some of the ingredients in the Parasite Cleanse and Liver Support Kits, and discuss the importance of priming the digestive and detox organs. 
Chapter 5
Parasites steal nutrients from our bodies, leaving us deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. This is how they grow their colonies and how we become vulnerable to disease. 
Chapter 6
This is the perfect time to discuss the actual protocols. I provide excerpts from the course so you know what the supplements do and how to take them.  
Chapter 7
In this segment I describe some of my symptoms, how bad they were and what they are like now, and how I'm preparing for the coming full moon.
Chapter 8
I did some research on Mimosa Pudica, the star ingredient in the Full Moon Parasite Cleanse, and report some interesting findings in this segment.
Chapter 9
Today is the first day of my 2nd Full Moon Parasite Cleanse. I have doubled up on the doses from last month and continuing a moderately cleansing diet.
Chapter 10
In this segment I describe a feeling of deep healing taking place, attributable to the herbs.  Also, what is real food? I tell you what it is and isn't to me in this segment.
Chapter 11
In this segment I discuss the significant ways in which this cleanse is working for me. I also disclose what I believe was the origin of the structural problem in my gut (which lead to IBS, SIBO, etc.)
Chapter 12
My health quest/journey is not over and yours may just be beginning. I do hope I've given you good information and possibly stirred up the courage to take advantage of the gravity and extra luminescing qualities of the coming full moons to beat the bugs!
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