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Nutrition Consultation with Valerie


Getting and staying healthy is a commitment of your time, energy and resources. The methods I use to assess your health status are designed to pinpoint where and why you are losing energy in your body systems.

When you purchase your 1-1 1/2 hr consultation below you will be sent a receipt with 3 links to download materials:
1) The 8-page Holistic Health Assessment
2) Instructions
3) 5-day Meal Worksheet

Print all documents and begin to fill in the questionnaire (see instructions). Some of the questions are redundant but this is on purpose so please answer all questions except where noted. The health assessment is divided into sections that I will evaluate according to specific nutritional parameters, note deficiencies and/or excesses, and provide you with a plan for health and healing. Finally, log the food you eat on the Meal Worksheet over 5 days, including portions (estimates are okay).

Nutrition plays an integral role in the healing process, in the prevention of illness, and in the optimal function of body. Various nutrition components will be suggested to plan and implement an effective program for you to follow. It is very important you are ready for this commitment. I will contact you by email within 24-48 hours to set up a face-to-face Zoom call, which will take place at our agreed upon time after 3 days from when I receive your assessment back from you.

Valerie Robitaille, PhD
Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist

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