Bryonia Alba 80 pellets – (white bryony, wild hop) is a vigorous vine in the family Cucurbitaceae (squashes and melons) from Europe and Northern Iran. The homeopathic remedy is for arthritis/rheumatism symptoms that include extreme irritability; dry mucus membranes; stitching, tearing pain.

Calcarea Carbonica 80 pellets – also known as calcium carbonate, forms an important natural source of calcium. In effect, it is one substance that is found in large quantity in the human body and forms the bones and teeth.

Hypericum Perforatum 80 pellets –  (St John’s wort) a flowering plant in the family Hypericaceae. The common name St John’s wort may be used to refer to any species of the genus Hypericum. Helpful for arthritic inflammation of the joints and muscular arthritis.

Ledum Palustre 80 pellets – commonly known as marsh Labrador tea, northern Labrador tea or wild rosemary, is held in high esteem for rheumatoid arthritis and gout. When Ledum is needed pains start in the lower extremities and travel upward.

Rhus Toxicodendron 80 pellets –  a genus of flowering plants in the sumac family Anacardiaceae (poison ivy). This remedy has mostly been studied for its effectiveness as a treatment for arthritis pain.

GUNA ARTHRO 1.0 fl. Oz – For the temporary relief of symptoms due to arthritic conditions such as stiffness, pain, and articular discomfort.