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Skin Health

"The mirror of your health is your skin. If you drink, it shows in your face; if you eat the wrong foods, you have pimples. If you take care of your food and you lead a healthy life, your skin will look wonderful." ― Sophia Loren


A good source of beta-carotene, antioxidants, aromatic resins and volatile oils. Excellent remedy for inflammation, whether on the skin or digestive tract, and as a vulnerary for use in wound cleansing/healing. As a lymphatic, calendula decongests lymph nodes, enabling proper drainage of toxins and other metabolic wastes.

Suggestions & Goals

Skin problems can have many causes:
 Inadequate Bowel And Liver Detoxification and/or Dysbiosis
 Missing/Imbalanced Nutrients
 Hormonal Imbalances
 A Lack of Skin Hygiene
 Food Allergies and Intolerances

Eliminating any possible food allergies are important. Milk and wheat are common culprits, especially in acne. Avoid processed and refined foods (junk food in particular).

Drink at least 6 cups of quality water per day. This is crucial for skin health. Aerobic exercise is also helpful to optimize the detoxification pathways.


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