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Toxic Shot: Facing the Dangers of the COVID “Vaccines” Now on Amazon

by | Jul 5, 2024

This scientific bombshell shatters official propaganda about the COVID-19 “vaccines,” highlighting their risks for healthy people as well as their failure to stop the pandemic.

On Amazon: America’s health is under threat, but not from COVID-19 or any other “novel” disease. In a tragic irony, it’s the experimental mRNA “vaccines” themselves that are the real menace to our country’s long-term wellbeing.
The COVID-19 “vaccines” were hailed as a “scientific miracle,” but in reality, they are nothing short of a global biomedical catastrophe.

Rushed to market after clinical trials with no oversight, our government can no longer hide the terrifying fact that these unsafe injections, which fail to qualify as real vaccines by any measure, have sown death and disability around the world.

From 2021–2023, the United States alone suffered 600,000 unexplained excess deaths not associated with COVID-19, while official data reveals over two million Americans became newly disabled over the same period. These shocking figures are mirrored by similar trends from abroad, reflecting the global scale of the mRNA “vaccine” catastrophe.

Government officials and academic “experts” claim to be stumped by the these “mysterious” trends, but the cause is plain to see, as shown in this book. In chapter after chapter, brave scientific dissidents present damning proof of the myriad risks posed by the “vaccines,” drawing on abundant scientific research as they explain why the experimental shots are so dangerous. This evidence includes research showing the mechanisms behind potentially fatal side effects such as myocarditis, blood clots, and paralysis, as well as critical harms to fertility and pregnancy, among other dangers.

A call to battle, this book leaves no doubt that the COVID-19 “vaccines” must be withdrawn from the market immediately. It also equips readers with critical scientific information to enable them to confront public officials, and finally force them to admit the devastating truth.

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