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A man we know used to take his children to play at the top of the mountain where the cell towers now are.  “I remember going up there just after the first cell tower was put up. We got out of the car and all the hairs on my arms stood up. Straight up, like this.” He showed us. “I knew something was terribly wrong.  I packed the kids back in the car and got out of there as fast as I could.  I’ve never gone back.”

Obviously, this man’s body was reacting to the electromagnetic field around the cell tower. Would you say he was EHS (electro-hyper-sensitivity), EHS (electrosensitive, ES), or just normal?  If you’re in the presence of pulsing man-made electromagnetic fields, they are bound to have some effect on you. The cell tower is clearly there to do something; it isn’t inert or decorative.

There are people who question whether EHS/ES is real, and some who attribute this condition to a psychological problem. Many ES sufferers, who know it’s real, would like it to be officially considered a disability.  Clearly some people (and animals) react more strongly to the presence of electromagnetic fields, but I would be careful about sticking labels on the condition.  I think everyone is electrosensitive, because everyone without exception is affected by electromagnetic fields (EMFs). We are electromagnetic beings, after all.

Almost everyone I know is sick in some way or another (go HERE).  All of their conditions could be attributed to the presence of man-made EMFs, and there is a huge body of independent scientific literature to support this contention. Everyone is affected by EMFs, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

Let me give you an example. I have neighbors who don’t have Wi-Fi at home. Until recently, their house didn’t get any Wi-Fi signals. Then a young couple moved into the house opposite and turned their Wi-Fi on. Suddenly my neighbor can’t sleep.  Worse, she’s become aggressive and argumentative, always trying to pick a fight.  Her husband is now in a permanently bad mood, and very depressed.  Are they aware that their neighbors’ Wi-Fi is causing these things?  They would deny it; they can’t feel the EMFs. Their bodily responses say otherwise.  Are they ES?

The fact is, everyone’s physical responses to EMFs is the same, though the symptoms may vary.  First, EMFs cause oxidative stress, which means that electrons break off from cells and ricochet around the body; they become free radicals. Free radicals lower the body’s natural immunity, which leads to cancer and other diseases.

Second, EMFs affect the endocrine system.  There is much talk of “brain fog” these days; it has become such a problem that the condition was featured on a health show here in Greece.  A doctor explained in detail how mast cells from the thyroid gland penetrate the blood-brain barrier and cause mental confusion.

What the reporter did not ask was how this happens, and why it happens.  After all, the blood-brain barrier exists to prevent this sort of event. So the doctor was not given the chance to explain that EMFs render the blood-brain barrier permeable, or that EMFs affect our hormonal system, causing the thyroid gland to release these mast cells (which it shouldn’t), or that we are generating these EMFs ourselves, with our smartphones and cellphones, walk-around phones, Wi-Fi and cell towers. No, it wouldn’t do to say that. Phone companies are major advertisers, and the government insists that EMFs are harmless.

Another effect of EMFs on the endocrine system is that they trigger our fight-or-flight hormones such as adrenaline. This is particularly noticeable with Wi-Fi. A few minutes after entering a Wi-Fi environment, people’s heart rates speed up, and the release of adrenaline expresses itself in different ways. Some people feel a sort of “rush”, which can turn into depression afterwards. Some people get headaches, feel sick, lose their balance or feel faint. Others experience brain fog; they can’t think clearly or find the words they want to use. Some people become very aggressive. Others experience intense rage. Everyone has some reaction, because all of us without exception are responding to to the release of hormones into our bloodstream.


Anger and Rage

The rage is becoming all too evident in society. As we increasingly live in Wi-Fi-saturated environments, it is hardly surprising if some people cannot control their fury.  They are, in fact, being tortured. It may be that Wi-Fi (or EMFs generally) is responsible for the spate of mass shootings that has been sweeping the U.S. And it may turn out that the shooters are not crazy in the conventional sense but are in fact extremely electrosensitive. In this case, are they in fact legally responsible for their actions?


Look what happened to a schoolteacher in London who developed ES as a result of exposure to Wi-Fi and 5G.


Her extremely interesting testimonial, “Electrical Hypersensitivity Symptoms” can be read here.  She continues:


Violence against others may easily result when a person does not realize that feelings of anger and rage are being caused by environmental factors such as Wi-Fi or 5G. Rage is becoming a common symptom of ES. It is extremely dangerous to both the person who feels it and to society as a whole.

Some individuals whose bodies react badly to EMFs become aware that EMFs cause unpleasant symptoms and try to avoid them. Some people cannot cope at all, and must go live somewhere entirely devoid of EMFs (which is getting very hard to do).  For such people, ES is in fact a serious disability, effectively barring them from the workplace, from school, from hospitals (which are full of EMF-emitting electronic equipment) and most social situations. For these people, normal life is over.

So, do we pension them off, write them off as “collateral damage” and go with an increasingly wireless world? Aren’t there always a few people who just can’t cope with new technologies? It probably goes right back to the discovery of fire. Even way back then, there was undoubtedly a minority who complained of burnt fingers and impaired night vision.

Since EMFs cause the same physical processes in everyone, we must all be electrosensitive.  After all, if one has never heard of ES, one cannot possibly know if one has it. Many people attribute the symptoms of ES—the sleeplessness, anger, depression, exhaustion, headaches, brain fog, etc.—to stress. People are becoming used to feeling unwell; it’s the new normal. Those who can’t find a reason for feeling bad tend to soldier on. And that, by the way, is most people.

(For full article see source:; July 15, 2021;

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