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Microscopy: Organisms, graphene oxide and ‘nanotech in action’ in vaccine vials – Dr. Carrie Madej Advanced Medicine Conference 2022

September 30, 2022

Below are some of the photos Dr. Carrie Madej presented at the 4th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference. You can purchase the online version of the 3-day conference by going HERE  and using the code MARIA for an additional discount.

The conference, which was held 4 months ago is still relevant! People are still getting the shots and giving them to their children. The evidence of the damage is everywhere. One would have to really be asleep to this scamdemic to continue with this insanity.

Please pass the link around and support these heroic men and women on the medical frontlines of the COVID war.

Click on photos below to enlarge and don’t miss the little ‘nanotech in action’ video.

Graphene-like substance that went through Teslaphoresis whereby the filaments, or tendrils, coalesce to make a structure.

A stage of development in a parasitic-like organism. Whether they were synthetic or organic is unknown. 

Ectoderm – very valuable in research due to its ability to regenerate itself over and over, even when it’s been chopped into little pieces. It’s immortal in the lab.

Healthy red blood cells surrounding a spike protein? These spikey cells formed when a drop of the vial was added to the slide.


Iridescent colored silicon wafers that can be layered upon each other and, in essence, create a chip inside the body.

More graphene-like substance

Gel-like substance that extrudes some type of material over time. These are NOT air bubbles.

More graphene

Hydra vulgaris?

Delivery ring (gel-like). Ring thins out and extrudes some kind of material.


Normal blood

Blood from a person who has taken the COVID experimental gene therapy shot.


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