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Alchemy: ‘The Five Entities of Disease’

Jul 13, 2018

By Jennifer Sodini

Paracelsus was an alchemist, astrologer and physician from the 1500s, who pioneered a portion of the medical revolution during the Renaissance period, and is recognized as the “father of toxicology.”

A seer, and sage in his own right – he emphasized the importance of astrology, and a Hermetic understanding of “as above, so below” and “as within, so without” in his healing philosophy.

According to Wikipedia:

As a physician of the early 16th century, Paracelsus held a natural affinity with the Hermetic, Neoplatonic, and Pythagorean philosophies central to the Renaissance, a world-view exemplified by Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola.

Astrology was a very important part of Paracelsus’ medicine and he was a practicing astrologer – as were many of the university-trained physicians working at that time in Europe. Paracelsus devoted several sections in his writings to the construction of astrological talismans for curing disease. He also invented an alphabet called the Alphabet of the Magi, for engraving angelic names upon talismans.

Although he did accept the concept of the four elements as water, air, fire, and earth, he saw them merely as a foundation for other properties on which to build.

Within Paracelsus’ understanding of health, and wellness lay the notion that all disease, or “dis-ease” stemmed from one of five “entitities” (or Ens).

“An Ens is the essence, the idea, the being of something.”

Master alchemist, and founder of Kymia Arts, Avery Hopkins elucidates:

Paracelsus believed that there were 5 entities – or Ens – that caused disease within the body and spirit of man. These Ens were listed as:

  • Ens Astrale
  • Ens Naturale
  • Ens Veneni
  • Ens Spirituale
  • Ens Dei

The 5 Entities of Disease Explained

Ens Astrale: “Entity of Astrology”

The Ens Astrale relates to the notion of our how our surrounding conditions are an externalization of the stars, and howalchemy our astrological chart plays an important role in understanding of our inner and outer world.

Ens Naturale: “Entity of Nature

The Ens Naturale relates to conditions we may have inherited genetically from our parents, and what has a natural disposition to manifest.

Ens Veneni: “Entity of Poison”

The Ens Veneni relates to poisons, toxins, and impurities within our food that cause issues within the digestive system.

Ens Spirituale: “Entity of Mind”

The Ens Spirituale relates to spiritual impurities such as emotions, stress, and toxic thinking patterns.

Ens Dei: “Entity of God”

According to Hopkins:

“It was said that all of these Ens had their origin in Ens Dei – the entity of God. Paracelsus made Ens tinctures popular and claimed that they could not only heal and rejuvenate the body, but also bring the spiritual nature of man back into alignment with the ‘Almighty.’ This created a hearty foundation – anchored into source – from which the health of man could flourish.”

Learn more on this website: VALCHEMY SPAGYRICS

(Source:; June 18, 2018)


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