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Bivalent (2-strands) and Universal (10-strands) mRNA Vaccines Coming

September 26, 2022

New Bioweapons Rolling Out Now For Flu Season 2022:

-Pfizer new Bivalent Covid Updated (new term for booster) Shots contain two strands of mRNA Gene Editing

-Moderna new Bivalent Covid Updated Shots contain two strands of mRNA Gene Editing

-MonkeyPox mRNA Vaccine

-Small Pox mRNA Vaccine

-Universal Flu Shot contains TEN STRANDS of mRNA Gene Editing

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel  tells us about the new Universal Flu shot:

“There are 10 viruses that circulate in the world, some of them mutate fast like Covid and the Flu. We think we can put in a single product a lot of mRNA’s that take care of all those viruses, and once a year in September you should get an annual booster, single dose, that has in the vial all those mRNA’s for all those viruses that have of course adapted to the strain of the season, like FLU or like Covid.

The idea is a bit like the iPhone. A lot of people buy a new iPhone every September where you get new apps and refreshed apps. And that’s the same idea with this, you get Covid and Flu and RSV in a single dose. And you get the best science of the moment to protect you for the strain circulating now and in the fall/winter. We can combine all those things and provide to people all around the world the annual booster. So only one shot”

How These New Vaccines Are Made:

A series of codes are typed into a computer program, which runs a simulation that spits out a special formula of ingredients, those ingredients are then mixed into a vial in a lab, billions of vials are produced and shipped out and immediately injected into the arms of individuals. And now it is approved to be injected into humans WITH ABSOLUTELY NO TESTING DONE PRIOR TO INJECTION.



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