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Nano and micro blood clots seen in the blood of the vaxxinated & unvaxxinated (photos) Dr. Robert Young

July 2, 2022

New findings of blood clots of different sizes, nano and micro, along with nanowires, apparent parasites, symplasts and jagged shards and coils of graphene in the live blood of vaccinated children and adults taken from capillaries, which means the nano graphene in the COVID vaccines has spread everywhere through the body –  revealing that those who have taken the vaccine are probably in great danger of harm of different kinds including paralysis, strokes, heart attacks, sudden death, unless they wake up and start detoxing at lightning speed.


Click on photos to open larger in lightbox. Watch full interview below:

Healthy capillary human blood from an UNVAXXinated male – appears even in color, even in shape and even in size

A symplast or a micro clot of enlarged red blood cells or a blood clot

A large symplast of magnetic nano graphene oxide observed in the live unchanged and unstained capillary blood – VAXXinated male

Ferric oxide with lactic and sulphuric acid crystals observed in the live capillary blood – VAXXinated male

A large symplast of Nano Graphene oxide particulates – VAXXinated female with metastatic lung and brain cancer patient after chemotherapy

A large symplast of Nano Graphene Oxide observed in the live unchanged capillary blood – UNVAXXinated female

Graphene oxide in the center of what appears as a vulgaris bulgarus parasite – VAXXinated female

Pathological blood coagulation combined with a host of Wuchereria bancrofti, Microfilariae and Trypanosoma Cruzi blood parasites

Graphene Oxide nanowires, threads, dots and bubbles – UNVAXXinated female.

Different morphology of nano graphene oxide as wires, ribbons, tubes, dots and sheets – VAXXinated female

Nano Graphene Oxide Nanowires and Threads – VAXXinated female

Nano Graphene Oxide sheets, tubes, nanowires, threads and dots – VAXXinated female

A large Nano Graphene Oxide Tubular blood clot – VAXXinated male.

graphene biosensors

Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Based Biosensors – VAXXinated female

A pathological capillary blood clot containing graphene oxide threads and tubes – VAXXinated female

 A large fibrous graphene oxide micro blood clot- VAXXinated female

Graphene-based superconductor batteries used for tissue scaffolding inside the human body, and for receiving and transmitting data across the Internet of Things


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