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Breaking: UK citizens shutting down vaccine centers for their crimes against humanity, police must comply or be arrested

January 19, 2022

Criminal investigation of vaccine centers for crimes against humanity begins in the UK 

The police will be arrested as complicit if they don’t close down vaccine centers


London: Criminal Investigation Against Covid Vaccine Enforcement

Former police officer Mark Sexton has submitted 1100 pages of evidence to Hammersmith Criminal Investigation Department, where two detectives accepted and signed the paperwork. He has also invited BBC and Sky to report the ‘biggest story in the last 100 years’.

The crime reference number is 6029679/21

Facebook group A Greater Britain posted the following comment on behalf of Mark Sexton, after he was banned from the social media platform for 30 days:

Today I submitted 1100 pages of evidence to Hammersmith CID. Two excellent detectives accepted and signed for the paperwork. They confirmed the crime report is now significant and very lengthy. A number of other world experts have added their details and support and again they were acknowledged by The Met Police. Mark Steele provided a massive amount of evidence relating to the damage the v[accine] is causing. The Superintendent acknowledged Mark’s submission.

Philip Hyland, Lois Bayliss, Dr Sam White and others behind the scenes are working around the clock providing evidence, statements and support. Another demand was made to stop the v[accine] program immediately. This was added to the crime report again and verbalised. Due to the amount of evidence and the allegations being made and against who this going to be a huge and lengthy investigation. (I’m sure we all know that).

Michael O Bernicia and his team have added their weight and support to this criminal investigation. The evidence they possess is vast and significant with regards to Midazolam and the deaths/murders attributed to this drug. Michael has emailed The Met directly outlining the evidence they have and of the legal team he is working with. This is on the understanding his involvement in this investigation does not compromise the PCP he submitted to the courts on the 21/12/21.

Of note and hugely significant, allegations were made of the most serious crimes being committed by a number of named Gov ministers, Civil servants and the bosses of UK news networks.

The crimes cited being:

  1. misfeasance in public office
  2. misconduct in public office
  3. conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
  4. conspiracy to administer a poisonous and noxious substance to cause serious harm and death
  5. gross negligence manslaughter
  6. corporate manslaughter
  7. corruption
  8. fraud
  9. blackmail
  10. murder
  11. conspiracy to commit murder
  12. terrorism
  13. genocide
  14. torture
  15. crimes against humanity
  16. false imprisonment
  17. multiple breaches of our human rights
  18. war crimes
  19. multiple breaches of The Nuremberg Code 1947
  20. multiple breaches of The Human Rights Act 1998
  21. (Treason will also be added).


We must get this criminal investigation into the public domain as soon as possible and the ICC application. We need to be messaging The BBC and Sky News in the thousands to force their hand and air this to the masses, put pressure on the Police, stop the v[accine] and arrest those responsible ASAP. Despite our best efforts Sadiq Khan has not replied to the emails or returned our phone calls as promised by his office.

To email the BBC and Sky and make them aware of the criminal investigation, crime number 6029679/21 and the ICC application reference OTP-CR-473/21
They have a what’s app Tel number also: 07756 165803

Download this comment as a PDF here: A Greater Britain with Mark-Sexton posted on FB 6 Jan 2022.



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