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Could wifi be giving kids cancer? Research says yes . . .

. . . to cancer and other behavioral, emotional, mental and physical health issues.

Published on June 21, 2018, top cancer expert, Prof Anthony Miller was interviewed for this Daily Mail UK article, Prof Anthony Miller of Toronto University couldn’t be blunter, saying: ‘[Wifi] should not be allowed in schools.’

Professor Miller – who was Director of Canada’s National Cancer Institute’s Epidemiology Unit, and has held top posts in the World Health Organization and the German Cancer Research Centre – is not alone in his fears.

He is the latest in a long line of top scientists to warn that the invisible waves of electromagnetic radiation that now constantly wash over us all – dubbed ‘electrosmog’ even by some academics – may cause a future cancer epidemic, and

kids cancer


that it’s children who are most at risk.

This isn’t the first time Professor Miller has spoken about this with such conviction.  Additionally, according to the article, Professor Anthony Miller believes that new research – including a French study that suggested a fivefold increase in brain cancer risk from mobile phones – should cause the Agency to upgrade the classification as a Carcinogen.

Some schools in the U.S. and around the world have already been following “The Precautionary Principle” and replacing WiFi with wired Internet.  Some have also limited the use of cell phones in schools and stopped wireless infrastructure from being installed on school property.

According the article, though, this is not happening in the UK despite evidence that it should be:

Eighteen years after a landmark official inquiry, headed by a former Government Chief Scientist, recommended a raft of measures to reduce this kind of radiation, virtually nothing has been done.

In the meantime, we have effectively been conducting a massive medical experiment on ourselves, and our children – who some campaigners are now referring to as ‘Generation Zapped’. For the fact is that human beings have never been exposed to anything like this before.

The ubiquitous electrosmog from mobile phones, wifi, baby monitors, smart energy meters and a host of other internet-connected products is a billion times stronger than the natural electromagnetic fields in which living cells developed over the past 3,800 million years.

The Daily Mail UK article is full of great information including its references to research confirming harm caused by other sources of electrical pollution or “Electrosmog.”

Research has proven that children are especially vulnerable to exposure.  In fact, no safe level of WiFi has yet to be scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.

According to a May article in The Telegraph UK, Brain tumors kill more children in the UK than any other cancer. Of course, children everywhere are growing up thinking there is no need to be concerned about exposure to sources WiFi or Electrosmog because most adults aren’t being cautioned either.  Kids probably think WiFi operates like magic.  After all, everybody seems to have a smart phone.  Even Sesame Street has a character, “Smarty the Smart Phone”.

Exposure is cumulative so anyone can become “sensitive” or “hypersensitive.”  Misdiagnosis is very common because there are so many symptoms other than cancer.

Pets, nature, and wildlife suffer from exposure, too. With the worldwide “Race for 5G” there is even more harmful WiFi being installed everywhere.  Doctors, scientists, environmental organizations, and concerned citizens are fighting the installation of 4G and 5G small cell towers everywhere, too. According to recent social media posts by Dr. Naomi Wolf, 5G is already causing distress to some New Yorkers and their pets. (Here is what you can do to protect your family from radiation.)

No one is immune to harm caused by exposure.  Some, of course, will suffer more than others.  Knowing the innocent and the defenseless will suffer is particularly heartbreaking – especially when it doesn’t have to be this way.

By BN Frank

(Source:; June 26, 2018;

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