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Episode 10 – Covid Feelings & Facts with HopeGirl

April 19, 2022

Episode 10 – Covid Feelings & Facts with HopeGirl


VAL: Hello friends and welcome to the Holistic Health Online Podcast. I’m your host, Val Robitaille. And this week, Hope Girl and I are going to discuss everything covid. Welcome, Hope.

HOPE: Hi. It’s great to be here.

VAL: It’s great to have you here. And I just thought that we should have a little discussion about the sequence of events of this COVID war that we find ourselves in, we being the entire globe, how it began, how we felt about it, what we did about it, and what we’re learning about it, especially with the new development that’s come out by Dr. Bryan Ardis about snake venom. We’re going to discuss that a little bit, too. So where should we start? Should we start at the very beginning, back in March of 2020, when we started hearing rumblings about this virus that was going around.

HOPE: I think that’s a great place to start. And the reason why is because I think that we are now in a full circle moment because a lot of what we felt in the beginning is all now coming out and people with our point of view are being validated for what they felt in the beginning with the new data that’s been coming out. So yeah.

VAL: Let’s talk a little bit about how we felt at the beginning. I remember on March 1st I did a show with Sean at SGT report and I believe it was the first mention of this virus on his show. The Wall Street Journal did a hit piece on that so he had to take that down for a while. And then shortly after that, they took his whole YouTube channel down. It can still be seen on his Bitchute channel and it’s called Coronavirus: The tip of the iceberg

VAL: Do you want to describe how you felt when you were hearing these things about this virus that’s going around and the clips that we were seeing, you know, go back in time a little bit.

HOPE: Well, in the very beginning, when I saw different clips, like namely the ones of people in China falling, you know, face planting on the sidewalks, I wasn’t really taking this seriously. I felt like there was a lot of propaganda even back then, trying to, like, hype it up to, you know, you better pay attention to this. And I was like, no, I’m not really taking this too seriously. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. However, people face planting on sidewalks because of my background with my husband, knowing about technology and 5G, we automatically assumed that it was some kind of radio frequency EMF radiation that was doing that to hurt people, not a quote unquote virus.

VAL: It seemed a little bit too severe to just drop like that, to be suddenly walking and drop. And we’ve seen some other clips, too, where people are being zapped and that’s how it happens. They’re normal and then zap, and they’re gone.

HOPE: So that was the beginning. And I wasn’t taking it too seriously because like every other person, I just couldn’t believe that they would actually go full steam ahead with this plan and lock up the whole world. And the lies would be as big as they were. So back then I just I couldn’t believe it. But now it’s like my timeline for my perspective of the world has been split into two; before they did the big COVID hoax lie and after. They changed everything.

HOPE: But I’m proud to say that me personally, from day one, I was not buying any of this. I did not believe it. I did not believe that there was a deadly virus, because the first question I said is, well, where are all the bodies? You know, if there’s a pandemic, how come there aren’t dead people piling up in the streets like they showed us as what happened during like the Black Plague, for example? There just wasn’t any evidence that there was this horrible pandemic. But there was an awful lot of hype. And I know that Hollywood and the media can make things look very convincing, especially with things like green screen, where they could just superimpose things with actors to make people believe it. So I never, ever believed any of this stuff from day one, especially the face masks.

VAL: I didn’t buy it either, although I may have been thoughtful about it for a week or so. Just trying to figure out, you know, I was researching, trying to get some answers as we all were. But I remember saying on Sean’s show, I wasn’t scared of the virus, I was terrified of the vaccine because they had started talking about it back then. Oh, you’re not putting that in me. So here we are. Two years later, and I just read that the CDC is extending their mask mandate. So about the masks from the beginning – And you know this to be true – because I’ve been saying it all along. The most egregious thing about the COVID response is the mask. And that showed me from the very beginning well, maybe not from the very beginning, but I remember going to the dentist and they were all wearing hazmat suits.

VAL: I was so turned off by it, I said, you people, don’t you see what’s what’s happening here? And I didn’t really even know, but I intuited because of my background, because of the way I search for truth, I intuited that this was not anything. I wasn’t scared of it at all. I was scared of the responses. I was disgusted by the masks, really. In fact, I put a sign up in front of my house in Arabic: No masks allowed in the house Because Everybody was wearing a mask back then In 2020. And they thought they had to wear their mask when they came to fix your refrigerator or something but everybody had to take them off because I wasn’t having it.

HOPE: I remember before I learned about something that saved us towards the end of this last two years, which is the fake masks that we all use so we could breathe. I’m not going to walk around with a bacteria laden diaper on my face. Thank you very much. But in the very beginning, I tried wearing those masks because I had to go to the store to buy food. And I literally had a nervous breakdown in the middle of a major store because I couldn’t breathe. It’s really hot where we live. It gets to be 120 degrees, 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes The air conditioning doesn’t work that great. And I have to wear this mask. And I was suffocating.

VAL: All right, but then you found those beautiful fake masks that are full of holes.

HOPE: Yeah, it’s literally like a mosquito net that they sewed into a mask. Yeah.

VAL: And so that was a real lifesaver. I think you bought 20 of them.

HOPE: I bought them. I bought them for all of my friends. I gave them the gift of breath.

VAL: You know, it’s also interesting to think about how the Moroccans reacted to this whole thing from the beginning. I think that there’s a segment of Moroccans that feel exactly the way we do. I remember I coined a term with the Moroccans, Corona, Schmarona, and they all picked up on it They loved it.

HOPE: With the masks, the people that we were around, they only wore the mask because they were afraid of getting a ticket because they were handing out tickets If you were caught walking down the street and not wearing a mask. But, you know, it’s a different culture here, but it’s very similar to other types of cultures in different countries. It has its own flavor, but the same kind of communal feeling of people that don’t want to go along with what Big Brother government is telling them to do because they don’t believe the lies.

VAL: Right. And Big Brother government hasn’t done anything for them Except try and tear down their little fruit stands and all their little small businesses. You know, we live in a country where you grow your vegetables and fruit in your garden, among trees and garden beds and harvest it. And you go out in front of your house and you sell it and people come by and they they give you money for it. That’s what it’s like in this country. And they were being hurt by this to say nothing of the hotels. You know, Morocco is a big tourist area, especially where we live in Marrakech.

HOPE: One of the biggest parts of this entire country’s economy is it’s tourism. They won’t necessarily admit that 100%, but it’s really significant. So shutting down tourism is like shutting down the economy completely in this country.

VAL: It was really terrible to watch these people suffer the way that they did. And knowing that this whole thing was not what we were being told it was, we didn’t exactly know what it is. We still don’t really know what it is. I mean, we know some aspects of it. We’re learning the biochemistry. We know about the politics of it for sure, especially in America. But actually it’s all governments. It’s like the whole global governing body decided that they were going to go on board with this thing. And one of the things that makes me incredulous, the medical people in this country all went along with it. They went along, they got the vaccines, they got the boosters, they got everything.

HOPE: Because they’re trained by the Western cultures. Yeah, well, you know, they’re going along because they’re part of that system. One thing that we’ve learned in the last couple of years is that every culture has an underground movement of sorts. So and that’s true for this country as well. There is there’s not the same freedom of speech laws that we are told we have in in America. So Moroccans can’t just post anything on Facebook. They’ll get arrested or fined. There’s there’s problems with that, they don’t have freedom of speech. So all the newspapers are complete 100% propaganda. And there’s no, independent alternative news, alternative voices that are easy to find and listen to.

HOPE: However, this culture, like every other culture with the same situation, has an underground movement. And that arose as a telegram group. First, it was a Facebook group that kept getting shut down and it had about 120,000 people in it. So that’s a pretty significant 120,000 Moroccans that did not want to get the vaccine that were against the vaccine, passports that were against all these mandates that have been coming out.

HOPE: So no matter what the main newspapers are saying, there is an underground movement here. And it was 120,000 strong. It kept getting kicked off of Facebook, but it took Facebook a little while because Facebook’s algorithms didn’t read Arabic because all of it was in Arabic. So it wasn’t able to fact check everything they were saying as quickly. But eventually they got booted off of Facebook in a lot of places and then they went over to Telegram and they’re still raging over there talking about how they feel about vaccine passports. And here’s the interesting thing. The Moroccans are posting a lot of the Western alternative news media that’s telling the truth about the vaccines and the mandates and that the virus is a lie. So all these cultures are able to find the truth through these alternative channels on places like Telegram.

VAL: You know, the Arab world has to be particularly careful because we can remember Arab Spring what happened back then when the government tried to prevent people from running their small businesses. They were preventing this one particular guy from running his little fruit and vegetable stand. And he set himself on fire. And the Arab world went crazy.

HOPE: They dethroned leaders in like two different countries, their presidents had to flee. They changed governments in several different countries in the Arab world because of this. And that was only like ten years ago, it’s very fresh in everybody’s mind.

VAL: And, you know, Moroccans joined the protests that are going on all around the world today.

There are no more masks. I can safely say that you’re not going to see masks anymore, except for maybe one in 100 people. You can go into the stores now. Only last week you had to wear a mask going into the stores. This week, you don’t need them anymore.

HOPE: You go to the grocery store, you can go to the bank, you can go to restaurants, you can go wherever you want. And they’ll have all the signs that say you have to wear a mask and you have to have a vaccine passport, and nobody pays any attention to them. You just go in anyway and just you have to be bold unless you want to be afraid. And we still we see those people, you know, pale, unhealthy looking tourists who feel like they have to wear a mask because they believe that they work. And it’s sad, but you’ll still see them. And you see that people are stuck. They’re like under a spell because they’re believing these lies and in such a blatant way that they’re wearing it on their face, literally.

VAL: I wonder how that happens, that people believe such things, that they believe that something can kill them or that they have to put something in their body, like a vaccine that can kill them. You know, it’s like they’re just accepting of these things. I don’t accept anything at face value. I search for truth, I search, I research, I re-research, and I want to know the truth. And I have a background that I can understand what is going to help people, you know, like the graphene oxide detox and the zev zelenko protocol. There’s a few different protocols that I know about, and that’s really our only hope with this thing. Besides Ivermectin.

VAL: The masks really infuriated me. And the reason is, well, first of all, because it’s a sign of slavery throughout the ages. I thought about the children that they wouldn’t be able to see people smile, wouldn’t be able to see expressions. But for me, I’m learning Arabic and I need to see people’s mouths moving in order to understand them, to say nothing of their voice being muffled under a mask. So from day one, anytime somebody wanted to talk to me in Arabic or Darija, which is Moroccan Arabic, I request that they take their mask down.

HOPE: It’s been very enlightening to to be with her while she’s doing this, because it’s a very different experience for these people. They take their mask down so that they can speak. And you strike up a conversation, and all of a sudden the personalities start to come out because you can’t read somebody’s emotions when their face is covered, which is part of the slavery they’ve done. This is on purpose to try to disconnect us from connecting with other people. So when she does that they smile and they all confess: I hate the mask. I don’t want to wear this mask. I have to because my job tells me I have to wear it.

VAL: I’m sorry I said something that wasn’t correct. All the servers in the restaurants are wearing masks. Some people that work in some of the big box stores like Electro Planet are still wearing masks or they put them down below their chin. It’s like this little unwritten thing that if you’re serving somebody, you have to wear the mask, right? So again, that just strengthens the slavery theory. You know, us and them.

HOPE: And in hotels, too.

VAL: Yes.

HOPE: We’ve gone to a couple of hotels recently and all of the servers in the hotels, they were all masked up. And we had to tell all of them, you could take the mask off when you’re around us because we don’t like it. And they all thanked us. Thank you, because we don’t like it either, but they have to wear it. They’ll lose their job. And we were told that some tourists would probably complain more if they were not wearing masks than if they were wearing the masks. Especially the European tourists.

HOPE: What I have noticed that really bothers me is that the mask wearing has instantaneously created a very visual class system. As an example, in a hotel, if you are a rich, foreign Western tourist and you want to come to a hotel in a place like Morocco, for example, you can walk into the hotel without a mask. You could stay there without a mask. You can walk all over the place. You could sit down and eat at the restaurant. You don’t have to wear a mask because you’re the rich, elite, special person. But all the people working there are forced to wear the masks. And it makes me very uncomfortable to be in a place where everybody that’s doing all the work is dressed like a slave.

HOPE: It makes me very uncomfortable to be at a hotel like that and that class system I’ve seen with celebrities where you’ll have like, you know, Jennifer Lopez is sighted going to the store with her kids. J-lo and her kids get out of the car and they have all their security personnel around them. And everybody around them is masked up, but they don’t have to wear a mask because they’re elite and they’re special. And that has been created by this scamdemic and these mask mandates.

VAL: Exactly. So now what I do when I go to restaurants? I tell somebody that looks like they’re in charge, that I’m offended by the mask wearing of their waiters and waitresses. I really don’t like it and I really am offended by it because I like to talk to people, especially because I’m in a country that’s other than my own and I want to be friendly. But I can’t see their mouth moving, I can’t speak to them in their own language. And I don’t know if they’re smiling. It’s just horrible.

HOPE: What I’d like to talk about is the the social pressure and attacks that happen on like social media platforms such as Facebook. So going back to the beginning of the scamdemic I came out on some Facebook groups just with innocent things like questioning the masks and saying, Oh, they really don’t work, and I don’t think I should be locked up in my house. And I don’t think this is right because I see all the studies and all the science over here and all of a sudden all of these people became medical experts overnight and decided to tell me everything that I didn’t know about vaccines and how they’re safe and effective. And they were vicious attacks.

So I had all these different vicious attacks from certain people in certain groups online, Twitter, Facebook, and all those areas where people just go for the jugular. If you dare just gently suggest that maybe the vaccines might not be safe and effective. They just they go crazy on you. So I’ve seen a lot of that. I stopped posting and I just kind of lurk now just because I want to monitor what the enemy is doing and I do know that a lot of these profiles are not actually real people. I know that a lot of them are probably paid trolls or even our A.I. robots that are in these groups trying to push the narrative. That’s a real thing, by the way, for sure. So it’s like you might not be speaking to a human being, but because it’s a small community, I actually literally know these people in person, in real life, and I’ve been watching what they’re saying and they’re just completely caught up in the spell.

VAL: There’s this kind of power thing that these people on social media are engaged in. I don’t know. Is it Stockholm Syndrome?

HOPE: There’s something else, too, that I really want to bring out here. And that is like this, this like old fashioned peer pressure, high school level peer pressure. Let me give you an example, because we live in a mixed community with a lot of people that travel in and out and live here part year and live someplace else. The other part of the year, everybody was like, right on top of when are the borders opening, when can we travel and what do we need to travel? So there’s these conversations like, well, I got my I got my double VAX booster, so I’m all set to go. I got my VAX, I got my VAX, I got my Why didn’t you get yours? If you want to be like us, then you have to get the vaccine too. So there’s like plenty of room for everybody to say, I got my vaccine. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. But if one person comes up and says something like I have a severe allergy, I can’t get the vaccine because I’m pretty sure it’ll kill me. Then all the people in the group will attack that person. So there’s this Cult Peer pressure that’s going on and all this is just one group I’m talking about. But I’ve seen this across many different COVID coronavirus meet up groups, information groups in different social media platforms, the mainstream one. Gab and Telegram is where people can actually freely talk. But these big tech controlled platforms are definitely a playground for Tavistock Level psychological warfare and peer pressure.

VAL: And also we have a personal good friend that was harmed by the vaccine. Healthy, beautiful 27 year old man, new father. And I remember he had asked Tivon, your husband, are you getting the vaccine? And to that said, no, I’m not putting that stuff in my body or something like that. And our friend asked him why not and told it’s poison.  But the entire family, his entire family took the vaccines. They were all gung ho. Everybody took the vaccines.

HOPE: Because it was a status symbol, too.

VAL: Yes, but that’s the thing.

HOPE: The rich people.

VAL: Yeah. Status. It’s like, what do you mean you’re not taking the vaccine? But our friend wouldn’t be quite so direct about it. But shortly after, I’m not sure how long after he was double jabbed and had a massive stroke in his brain and was paralyzed for quite some time. He couldn’t talk, couldn’t walk. His left side was totally paralyzed.

HOPE: He almost died.

VAL: They opened up his head and cut a blood clot out of his brain. Yes, that’s right. They opened up his head, big scar.

HOPE: And they they shipped the blood clot to France to analyze it, because that’s the other thing you’re seeing with these stories is they’ll rack up tremendous medical bills in testing, testing, testing. They’ll test you and rack up those medical expenses before anybody says maybe it’s the vaccine that did this. Like, it can’t be the vaccine.

HOPE: But they will if you if you go to hospitals and doctors and the white coat army, they will just they’ll run you all all kinds of tests on you. And all the tests will probably come up clear. And they might say things like, well, maybe you’re just stressed out or you’re a little dehydrated. It’s horrible.

VAL: Well, our friend did make some progress. Today he’s walking and he’s talking. But he’s not 100%. I’d say he’s maybe 80%. 75%. You could tell that he’s still affected on the left side and he gets confused. He doesn’t really know where he is. And they want to do more surgery on him. And in fact, his mother asked what I thought and if I knew if anybody that they could get a second opinion from. But I don’t deal in anything medical. I make natural medicine and  I’m not a medical doctor. I think when this happened to our friend the family were totally freaked out.

HOPE: Yes.

VAL: And I noticed that all of a sudden everybody in the family started looking healthy, people started losing weight because they all got it. And they they maybe they heard somewhere that they had to build their immune system or something, but they never asked me. And I have everything that they would need, because now we’re finding out that these vaccines, every single mRNA vaccine, is replicating itself or the spike protein, I should say, in your body.

HOPE: Or the cobra venom. Oh, yeah, it’s replicating that. It’s replicating snake venom. They figured out how to make human beings make snake venom inside their bodies. And that’s the spike protein. It’s snake venom. And that’s the reason why a lot of things are happening. Also, the shedding and think About the shedding like a snake sheds…

HOPE: Snake sheds its skin. So, yes, you’re going to shed that snake venom that your body is now snake venom producing factory all over your friends. But before we go into that, I just want to mention…So our our friend, we were talking about who had the stroke. We’re only talking about him and what he went through. But there’s an entire family that gets affected when one person in the family has an adverse reaction like this. Because even though you say he’s not 100% physically, his life as it was is not the same. He’s no longer a capable adult who’s able to manage all the things in his life that he was managing. You know, responsibilities had to be given to other people in the family that used to be his because he can’t think straight. He’s not there mentally. And you can see how taxing it is on everybody else in the family. And I think that that is by design. And I think that there’s many millions of families out there that are dealing with the same sorts of things because their daughter, their mother or their husband is no longer 100%. So now they have to take on all the excess burden from that person who is sickly now because of the vaccine injury. And that, you know, that’s by design.

VAL: Yeah, it’s all by design and it’s all very evil. And we know other people also that have had reactions. And the most shocking thing about our friend is that after he had the stroke and after he was recovering, he got the booster. So that shows me how incredibly deep this psychological operation goes.

VAL: But the other side of the coin is that I’m working with people that are recovering, but they’re actively doing things to help themselves recover from this. They’re not just saying, Oh, well, I only took one or I only took two, or It’s okay, the booster or whatever. No, they have been working for months and months to boost their immune system, to eat better, to have a more positive attitude about things, to exercise – all the things that all the health practitioners tell us we need to be healthy is what you need to be doing. Now, there’s some reports about ivermectin being a wonder drug and everybody should have ivermectin in their medicine cabinet and hydroxychloroquine and budesonide and all of those things that those wonderful, brave doctors have been trying to tell us about. There’s Dr. Stella Emanuel, Simon Gold, Peter McCullough, Bryan Ardis, which we’ll talk about in a little while with the snake venom theory, not theory, discovery. It’s too much evidence that he presented too much documentation to really refute that this is what’s going on.

VAL: But these doctors — there are good people that have been fighting this scam, this hoax, this globalist takeover that is under the control of just a few people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci. And I think there are probably people above these people that are calling the shots. I think the evil is so incredibly deep. And far Reaching that it has us in the throes of this thing for two years now.

HOPE: I’d like to speak to that in a couple of different points. To answer your question from earlier, like how can so many people fall for this? Which is paraphrasing what you were saying, that it’s hard to believe this many people are just being deceived. And what is it that makes a person just go along with this? And from a spiritual point of view, because I believe in God and I have my belief system, if you take God out of your life, then you’ll fall for anything because you need the wisdom of your creator to show you the truth. And that’s why you were mentioning truth seekers. Like, you’re always seeking the truth. You’re trying to find the evidence, the data, the real science that shows things that are happening. There’s so many people that are not seeking the truth. They’re just believing whatever they’re seeing. And when when Jesus talked about the end times, he talked about not being deceived. Like more than anything else. He said it over and over again. Do not be deceived. Do not be deceived. And so right now we’ve got a world that we’re just like an empire of lies. We have so many lies. Everything about COVID is a lie. And people are just believing all the lies because they don’t have that connection with their creator to show them that this is a lie and they’re willfully ignorant. They’re pushing away the truth. And so how did we get here? The systems that have been working on this for many decades, over 100 years, trying to dumb down the masses, trying to get everyone to be like an instant gratification junkie where they don’t have an attention span longer than that of a flea.

HOPE: They just jump from thing to thing. They don’t want to stop and listen and absorb information. They want the bigger, better, faster now, whatever the next thing is. And they they lose interest – that’s being tossed to and fro by every wind of false doctrine. That’s what ends up happening. We’re there.

HOPE: But I also on the other side of that, I really want to commend that certain people have come past this. They took the shots because they were coerced. They had some really heavy pressure on them. They didn’t want to take the shots. These are not the people that were like the first in line saying, you know, give me all you got and give me my 18 boosters. And, you know, because they just wanted that shot. Right. These aren’t those people. These are the ones that are like, I don’t really want to take it. I’m going to wait and see. And then if something came up, I’ll lose my job. If I don’t get the shots, I won’t be able to travel and see my family if I don’t get the shots. Something big came up and they were coerced into taking them and then they probably went through a mental exercise, I would assume, of trying to justify, Oh, well, it’s not that bad. And you know, I’ve taken other things and I’m fine. And my neighbor, you know, he he took the shot, he’s fine. So maybe it won’t be that bad. And I’ll just hope and pray. But they have remorse.

VAL: So now I think that we have to get into the long term effects of the shot. And the reason that we’re not talking so much about COVID itself. Well, first, let’s get one thing clear. Sars-cov-2 is the virus, the so called virus. And we’re going to talk about that also, because not all of us believe this is a virus, especially not a virus like measles or smallpox. People accept that those are viruses. But SARS-CoV-2 is the virus and COVID is the disease that the virus causes. However, the virus or whatever that thing is, was also made in a lab, not just the vaccines, but the virus itself. And I think that most listening to this podcast, my audience, will understand that fact that it was made in the lab and I have some notes on how that had a lot to do with Furin, the genetically engineered Furin cleavage Site That made this thing able to attach to the cells in the body. There’s not much of a difference between the poison that was let out of the lab and the poison that they’re administering in the vaccines. I believe it’s all tied together. So you can’t really separate it except the people that get the virus and don’t take the vaccines end up fine. It’s because coronavirus is the cold. It’s the common cold.

HOPE: Yeah. And you have an immune system that fights it off and and you detox and it’s your.

VAL: it might be a horrendous cold, horrible cold. But there are reasons why people aren’t able to breathe. You know, this was designed specifically to target lung cells, kidney cells. You know, you lose the membrane stability, then that’s it. And that’s what this particular poison is designed to do. It’s designed to go into that cell. And, of course, with the new snake venom discovery, that’s a real thing. You know, the bleeding and the clotting one, one type of snake does one thing and the other type does the other thing. How clever.

HOPE: Speaking of the snake venom thing. Well, you say how clever. I actually said to myself here they are. They being, you know, the bad guys thinking and trying to make us believe that they’re so smart that they’re making these, like, huge bioweapons, that because they’re really, really, really good scientists. Right. And there’s so much smarter than the average person. And in the meantime, all they’re doing is using snake venom that’s found in nature. They’re not inventing some brand new, horrible thing worse than snake venom, which has existed since the beginning of time.

VAL: They’re synthesizing it. They’re not taking it from animals anymore. They’re actually synthesizing it because now they have the DNA code. Yeah, they were able to do it in a lab.

HOPE: But it’s like you would think snake venom is such a simple thing because it’s been around forever and we know about anti venom and things like that. You know, we were made to believe that it was some like super genius plot with some like brand new substance that’s never existed before.

VAL: Right. They called it Novel.

HOPE: Novel. Yeah. But it was actually just snake venom. I mean, I know it’s really bad, but they weren’t as smart as they were trying to lead us to believe that they were.

VAL: So the spike protein is snake venom? Is that what we’re saying?

HOPE: That’s what’s coming out, right.

VAL: The spike protein itself.

HOPE: Yes.

VAL: Is manufactured snake venom. And it’s in SARS-CoV-2, the virus. And it’s in the vaccine and it’s being shed. It’s like a what? What are they calling it?

HOPE: Self self-replicating.

VAL: Yes self replicating vaccination. So even if you didn’t get the vaccine, you can still get the effects of this snake venom. And you and Tivon went into the whole thing on one of our podcasts about the morphogenic fields and how this thing is being transmitted.

HOPE: Something I really do want to bring up that I think is important because with this newest discovery that it’s snake venom. I’ve heard a lot of the shows being done about it, talking about snake venom, snake venom, snake venom. But basically they’re leaving out all the technology parts of this because it’s not just snake venom, it’s snake venom and nanotechnology and graphene oxide, which is the nanotechnology which is being used to code, track, trace and control the human population through 5G, EMF.

VAL: So. Oh, but isn’t that just a conspiracy theory? [laughs sarcastically]

HOPE: No, but you can’t you can’t code, track, trace and control people with pure snake venom. You can kill people with snake venom, but you can’t track and trace them. You need the nanotechnology. So it’s really important that if we present this new snake venom discovery, that we we present the whole picture because they really did throw the whole kitchen sink at the human race with this concoction. So it’s not just. Snaken venom…

VAL: …parasites, all kinds of metals.

HOPE: The first question that we asked was whose DNA is it that’s being put into all of humankind? And now we know snake it’s snake DNA, which, you know, that’s a reference to Satan. And there’s a whole part in the Bible about Satan wants to put his seed into mankind. So now we know whose dna it is.

VAL: Yeah. And also, it’s interesting, there are some reports that people that have gotten the vaccine no longer feel close to God. And that’s really sad. That’s that’s a real heartbreaker. This is a spiritual war.

HOPE: Absolutely.

VAL: And we’re soldiers on the front line. I mean, our family tries to get the word out. And it’s a very touchy subject because me and my two daughters, which is you and your sister, are the only ones in our whole family that won’t have any part of this nonsense. But aunts, uncles, other people in the family, they’re all brainwashed. They’re all what can I say? You know, I don’t want to be dis compassionate I always want to be compassionate with people, especially those that wake up and say, oh, my gosh, I took poison, I elected to put that poison in my body! I’m hoping that they wake up because I believe there is hope, because I’ve been working with people that have been getting better. So there is hope. But you have to first admit that you’ve been had that you were lied to. You have to admit it. You have to repent.

HOPE: Well, that’s actually what I was going to say earlier, that I want to give a lot of props to the people that have been through that they maybe they took the vaccine because they were coerced into taking it, but then they had remorse. And then the next thing they did was repent. And repent means to turn. And that’s when turn away. Like, if you’re going on a particular path, you turn and you change direction. And because I believe that if you’ve done this and you repent and you turn away from your ways of basically putting the medical system or the government as your God telling you what to do, and you decide to stand in your own free will and say, no, I’m not going to do what the government tells me to do when I know that it’s wrong.

HOPE: If you repent, I believe that our DNA can be repaired spiritually, truly. I believe that we can become a new creation. And if our DNA is messed up because we we took these shots, it can be repaired spiritually. But I also don’t think it’s going to be a fast, easy fix. I think it’s going to be a long journey. And I think that through spiritual exercises and different medicines that are natural and good for you, a holistic program can actually bring people back, because I think we’re still in this in-between time where there are some people that just didn’t know any better and they got roped into this without their knowledge and without their informed consent. And there’s still time to repent and turn and heal from this. I don’t know how long that’s going to be, but if you’re talking to us four or five years from now and more things are happening, like how long is that window? We don’t know. But there is a window right now.

VAL: You know, we’re beings of light and energy and DNA can be changed and fixed. There are all kinds of mechanisms in the body that works on the DNA. There are little enzymes and things that carry out activities in the body, that help the body to clear away dead cells and damaged cells. And if there’s something wrong in the body and you’re assisting your body to be healthy and fight off foreign invaders, there’s definitely hope. But like you said, it’s going to take some time. So you better start now because I don’t know what this thing is going to turn into that keeps replicating without taking any action to stop it, you know, like boosting your immune with the supplements, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, although I don’t know about hydroxychloroquine in terms of what we look to ivermectin to do because we have pictures of what ivermectin does. It breaks up graphene oxide.

HOPE: It breaks up The nano technology structures in the body, which is those nanotechnology structures are made out of graphene oxide and other things in the hydrogels. The ivermectin actually does break down and completely eradicate them, make them disappear.

VAL: I did hear, though, that hydroxychloroquine is the thing for snakebites from Dr. Ardis, when he was talking about remdesivir. I believe it was Fauci or he CDC or the FDA or one of those corrupt organizations that said don’t use hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine because it negates the effects of the remdesivir. Because it blocks the receptors where the poison can get into the body and remdesivir is…

HOPE: Snake venom. Freeze dried snake venom.

VAL: Everything that they told us we shouldn’t use was exactly what people should have been using from the very, very beginning. Early treatment saved many, many, many lives, but the hospitals now are killing centers because they have a protocol that is just so horrible to humans. I don’t understand how they’re getting away with it this long.

HOPE: They’re the new ovens, the new gas chambers.

VAL: People don’t realize that we are in something that is 100 times worse than the Holocaust, 100 times worse, even more, because already I believe a million people have died. And how many millions have had adverse reactions?

VAL: So let’s talk a little bit about the time thing. Like if a person doesn’t do anything to improve their health and to try and get rid of these foreign invaders, what’s it going to be like if they keep replicating?

HOPE: Well, if you have taken all these shots and you’ve completely wiped out your immune system because some of the data that’s come out is you lose your immune system by 6.84% each week. Something like that is some of the data that’s come out. So what we have is a bunch of people with no immune systems left, then you’re just open to God only Knows.

HOPE: What kind of ailment, sickness, disease, bacteria or bioweapon will just knock you out because you have no defenses. You have absolutely no defenses. I think that we’re going to see that. Of course, it’s not going to be blamed on vaccine induced AIDS or VAIDS. It’s going to be blamed on the random illnesses.

HOPE: People who have old ailments that have been healed or gone away or just suddenly coming back, even down to things like back pain, like people have nerve damage in their back and maybe some kind of disc problem, something nerve related in their back. And it was totally fine and healed and gone. Then they went out and got the shots and now suddenly they’re in excruciating pain in the same place their ailments came back. So that’s because their immune system is gone and it’s no longer able to fight off anything. So it could be all different kinds of random things that could happen.

VAL: It’s also because the poison was manufactured to target those areas that there might be some comorbidity and….

HOPE: …weaknesses.

VAL: Yeah, exactly. So like Dr. Ardis was saying, if you have a heart problem, it’s going to.

HOPE: Give you myocarditis

VAL: Yes. Yes, exactly. Well, the myocarditis, that’s an interesting one. And that’s so very, very sad that these young kids getting myocarditis and are being given a 5 to 10 year survival rate, and this is still being pushed. They still want these kids to take the vaccines to go to school, to join athletic clubs.

HOPE: You know, there’s a whole group of people that took themselves out of society for the most part, like at least a decade or two decades ago, like the home schoolers. The homesteaders, people that just said, you know, a lot of them have YouTube channels and stuff. And so what I’ve noticed with the whole COVID thing is that they all kind of say the same thing. They said, well, COVID didn’t really affect us at all because, well, we don’t send our kids to school. So it wasn’t like suddenly our kids stopped learning because they couldn’t go to school anymore. And we don’t really go out shopping that much because we go like once, once every couple of weeks for major supplies. But we have a lot of our food here. So people that opted to pull themselves out of that system and not rely on it years ago to try to create their own self-sustainable little system or unit. They were not as affected as COVID by a lot of people that were just kind of stuck in the instant gratification world, or they just they didn’t want to do that. They want to put their kids in schools and work tons and tons of jobs because that’s what you have to do in order to survive if you live in a really expensive area for, for example. So there is this whole group of people that were not really affected by it.

VAL: We weren’t really affected by it.

HOPE: No, it’s funny because well, we have that mentality. We started doing prepper type stuff and trying to make sure that we buy in bulk so that we don’t have to go out as much. And there are certain times of year and the culture that we’re in where we don’t really want to go out a lot because it gets a little crazy. So for us it was just like an extended version of that. So we didn’t want to leave the house that much. We’re not really the type of people that go out to concerts all the time or that want to go to the club, you know. So we’re not really into those types of activities. So it didn’t really affect us that much. But the people that are into that, you know, they want to go to bars and restaurants and clubs and concerts.

For us there’s two different types of shops here. There’s the high end stores like box stores, I guess you would consider them to be. And then there’s all these little locally owned hole in the wall bodega types, like a little vegetable stand and a little butcher and, you know, little small businesses owned by local people. And none of those businesses really closed that much. So we just chose to shop in different places. We shopped in all the places where they were open and You didn’t have to wear a mask. I made a little meme. And I posted it all over Facebook and I was like, If I can’t breathe, I can’t shop. And it was like the mask, if you make me wear a mask, you’re not getting my money. That’s basically how I felt.

VAL: So, you know. It felt really good to be able to go to these little these little stores around here, local stores, and to be able to support them and at the same time not have to wear a mask. And there was no nonsense because most people most people weren’t buying it where we live. I would call this a rural area, not in the heart of the city, but in the heart of the city. You know, the the big mask push, the big vaccine push. People would ask you, did you get your vaccine?

HOPE: Oh, gosh.

VAL: We finally decided to just not talk about that anymore because at first we were trying to tell everybody about the vaccine. We were trying to give them information, trying to stop them from getting the vaccine. We told everybody.

HOPE: And what did they do.

VAL: They got the vaccines

HOPE: Literally, I was walking around with my phone with the COVID Vaccine Victims Telegram group, with all the dead people.

VAL: and the people shaking.

HOPE: And all the videos and all the horror stories. And I was shoving that in people’s face, saying, all these people dead, dead, dead from this shot do not get this vaccine. And they looked at me in horror and they said, okay, I won’t get the vaccine. And then they went and they quietly got the vaccine. And then they didn’t want to talk to us anymore because then they would be, like, confronted with the truth.

VAL: So how many people do you know that got the vaccine and then got COVID? Oh, so you know all of them.

HOPE: And like this one guy We know, he goes, Oh, I was so sick. I’m so sorry I couldn’t come that time. I was so sick. I’ve never been sick. I never been sick before. But now I got so sick and so mom’s like. Did you get the vaccine? Of course. Of course I got the vaccine. But not the vaccine. No, I’m just it’s. It’s COVID. I’m like, well, then even by your own reasoning, why would you get a vaccine that’s supposed to prevent you from getting really, really sick?

HOPE: And then then there’s that crazy, twisted psychology where they say, well, it could have been worse. I could have gotten it much worse.

VAL: Yeah, the symptoms could have been really bad. I could have Died.

HOPE: And we feel very lonely sometimes. But I know that there’s somebody out there listening to this podcast that is like, Hey, I want to be a member of your little group now because they feel lonely too in the experiences that they’re having.

HOPE: Here’s the thing too. It’s like I go to the bank to withdraw some money and the teller behind the counter, he looks at me and he’s all nice. He’s kind of like a friend. We know him, he knows us. And he goes, Did you get your booster? Like it’s casual conversation. Like he assumed that I got the first two shots. Because everybody got the first two shots and he’s like, Did you get your booster? And me and my husband both looked at him and says, We don’t talk about that. That’s our private medical information. And we put him in his place and he’s like, Oh. And we haven’t seen him. We haven’t seen him since. And every time we go to the bank, it’s been three months now. He’s not there anymore. So we wonder. We hope he just got another job, but we don’t Know.

VAL: The other thing that we’ve noticed here is the amount of ambulances.

HOPE: Yes, we count them.

VAL: Yes, I saw five the other day.

HOPE: Remember that day we went out and we saw nine? Yes, nine in one short trip going in and out of town a couple of hours. Nine ambulances. Yeah, which is very unusual. Before COVID, we never saw that.

VAL: And they’re doing ventilators here also. So doing the same protocol here that they’re doing in the rest of the Western world, I guess.

HOPE: And people are dying on those ventilators here. Oh, we know somebody that has a family member that was vented and it killed them.

VAL: Yeah. So, you know, it’s the protocol. They explain it all over the place. If you listen to alternative news, you know, the the poison attacks your lung cells. And Dr. Ardis said that the poison attacks your brain stem where your instructions for your diaphragm to go up and down so that you could breathe. It stops that signal. You know, there’s another proof about it being snake venom.

VAL: So you go in, you’re not able to breathe. They want to put you on a ventilator, but first they have to sedate you, because if they start putting that thing down your throat, you’re going to fight them to put it down. And then if they get it down, you’re going to rip it out. So they have to sedate you and they sedate with these very strong drugs, which are called euthanasia drugs. You know, I remember a couple of my friends died from AIDS. I remember when they all went on morphine and Lorazepam, end of life drugs. So that’s what they’re doing. They’re sedating people so that they can get them on the vent. They turn that vent up. And because the poison also affects the kidneys, the kidneys aren’t working. You drown. You literally drown in your own fluid. That’s how they’re killing people.

VAL: And I don’t know about this country, but in America, they were told no autopsies. But people are doing autopsies now. What are they finding Hope?

HOPE: Oh, horrific science fiction, horror show things. That is what they’re finding in autopsies. They’re pulling things out of people’s bodies that should never come out of a person’s body, not normal, not natural.

VAL: And where are most of these things coming from? The veins and arteries, they’re inside the veins and the arteries, that’s the micro clotting. According to Dr. Ardis’ material, the krait is the snake that causes the clotting, the cobra causes the thinning. And that’s what’s happening in people that are having strokes, or you can have a stroke and be clotting also. But those are the two ways in which it’s killing people.

HOPE: When I was a little girl, I read. This book, the title I Can’t Remember, but it was about a boy who crawled underneath his porch and he got bit by a rattlesnake. And the book went into such detail about what it felt like for the venom to go into his body and how long it took to go move through all of his organs and how he was suffering. And he almost died. And I mean, it went on for chapters and chapters describing the the physical effects. And because of my age, it scared the heck out of me and it like made me terrified of any kind of venomous creatures. And so fast forward, here I am. I’m 40 years old and I step on a man killer scorpion, and I get stung by this fat tailed scorpion, which is this huge black one that is known to be literally a mankiller. It’s supposed to kill you. And so I actually experienced what it felt like to have venom go inside of my body and it feels like fire going through your veins. That’s what I remember. It was fire in my veins.

VAL: It’s cutting you. It’s cutting you up.

HOPE: It’s fire in your veins. And then there was all. And the nervous system, my blood pressure went through the roof, which is a known side effect for a scorpion sting like that. It was nonstop pain with no relief, and it went on for many hours. I thankfully I survived. I did go to the hospital and they offered me morphine. But at the time, by the time I was offered morphine, it had been like seven or 8 hours into this. And so the pain was finally starting to subside.

HOPE: And of course, I was praying like crazy. Everybody was everybody was praying for me. So I definitely had a deep spiritual experience where I literally felt Jesus come into the room and tell me I was going to be okay. And so I think that I was saved and I went through a deep experience with that. But I know what it feels like to have the venom of a poisonous animal inside of your body.

HOPE: So now that we know that it’s snake venom, all these things are starting to make sense. Another thing I felt was tingling when when the pain subsided, I felt lots of tingling in my fingers and toes and hands. And the strangest thing was I tasted mint in the back of my throat. And I kept saying, why do I taste mint? I hadn’t eaten anything for a long time and I suddenly got this minty menthol taste in the back of my throat. And so here we are hearing about snake venom and nicotine receptors and it’s like menthol nicotine cigarettes. And I’m like, that’s what it felt like at the tail end, pun intended of getting a scorpion sting. Is this minty taste in my mouth?

VAL: So did you ever find out what that was?

HOPE: It’s from the poison. It’s from venom. So venom inside of your body does all these weird things, like your nervous system and your organs and breathing and firing your veins and mint taste in your mouth.

VAL: Is the oldest bioweapon on the planet. They killed Cleopatra with it. And many different poisonings throughout history.

HOPE: Yeah, yeah, that’s true. So. And, you know, you might think, you know, but you read an account of someone who’s been bitten by a snake that lived. And if they describe all their symptoms in detail, then you can start putting together what some of these people are going through that have received these injections. And you might see a pattern, right?

VAL: Well, that’s what Dr. Ardis says. He says, we’ve got to start looking through the lens that this is venom, not that it’s a virus or anything. Just if you look at it is venom. You treat it as you would Any snake bite. The hospitals are stocked with anti venom. Of course, there’s all kinds of nefarious things going on that he reported about with these different companies that have been in this research for, you know, a decade or two that are creating these things. And he got a lot of pushback on his presentation about this because people were saying things like, oh, they don’t use snake venom in medicine. Well, yes, they do. They absolutely do. I’ve known about it. It’s a very common thing. And there are big companies that are producing this stuff.

VAL: He seems to think that they’re putting it into the water. I’m not really sure about that. But one thing I did want to bring out is that the CDC has been checking wastewater facilities. They have something like 467 wastewater facilities that they’re checking, but they’re checking to see if there’s COVID in the feces. Of course, they’re checking with the fraudulent PCR test. So again, it’s another fraud scam thing that they’re doing. And they say if there’s a lot of SARS-CoV-2 in the wastewater treatment, then they can predict that there’s going to be an outbreak in that area. And then when they do.

HOPE: They lock it down.

VAL: Yeah, well, that’s that’s the whole point of it. But if you have two brain cells that touch so that you can have a thought, you’ll know that by the time it’s in the wastewater, it’s already been through the population. It’s like the simplest thing. But this is what we talk about when we talk about deception and the father of lies.

HOPE: This is what he does.

VAL: But not only that. So think about this. So they’re testing the wastewater. Wastewater in one area becomes the source water downstream. It goes through a whole series of filtration techniques. Right. But people downstream are drinking or using it if they’re using a municipal water supply, they’re using the water that has been filtered. But are they filtering it for snake venom? I mean, you know, it could still be passed down. This might just be one of the ways that the globalists are trying to make this thing go out and spread out, in addition to all the shedding and the self replicating vaccinations and all of that. And we can attest to the shedding because there have been times where we went out and got sick.

HOPE: Yeah. And it was a weird kind of sick. It wasn’t a Oh, I caught somebody;s cold. We were sitting in a room with people. They were all vaccinated. And then we had strange illness symptoms. We all, we all, came out the same way. It moves through the same body parts. And we were like comparing notes, like, okay, now it’s in the back of my throat. Yeah, me too. Then by day two, it’s going to be over here in the back of your head. Yep, yep. Stay to the back of my head. Now, you know the fevers going up and down and up and down. Low grade fever. Low grade fever. And it was all the symptoms of shedding. Yeah, it was different than anything that we had ever experienced, like a natural cold or flu. And I would never get the flu.  I would never get the flu. Really.

VAL: Well, now, whenever we go anywhere, we take our spike protein repellent.

HOPE: Yes, we Do.

VAL: This Is a spagyric tincture that I made for us from star anise, because star anise has that beautiful shikimate in it, which is the thing that’s going to stop the spike protein from entering your cells. So that’s been very helpful. We also take an NAC, glutathione, zinc, astaxanthin and any other antioxidant that we can get. Sometimes I switch it up and I import different antioxidants, and we eat organic food. I mean, all the food around here from the little produce stands are organic, we see the food being grown when we go out because that’s how it’s done around here. They could never label it organic because that’s a ridiculously expensive thing for Moroccan farmers to have to commit to. But we know because we see it being grown. There’s a beautiful feeling of community around here.

VAL: You have to pay attention to that immune system because like you said, 6.8% every week, that’s what you’re losing. If you’ve taken the three shots, that is what you can expect. And yes, there’s hope, but you have to pay attention now. You have to get strong, be disciplined. You have to take your supplements. Like I said, everybody should have ivermectin and should be taking it. We are at war. They’re trying to kill us. And if you don’t believe that yet Well, I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. It’s not anything other than political and evil.

VAL: So just for a moment, getting back to the wastewater thing, which when I realized that fact that it was going downstream, possibility that somebody may be standing at top of that head spring and putting a little something something dropping something in the water supply. The first thing I thought of when I heard about this this discovery was the World Games in Wuhan in October of 2019. And how when everybody left that when they went back to their places, they were all sick. And that was one of the theories about how it was being spread. So I wondered if their water was poisoned.

VAL: But we can’t only think about the water. Of course we don’t know. We simply don’t know. But we have to also think about the fact that these things are airborne and they also move on energy fields. This is an attack. That has multiple different levels that we’re being attacked on and praise all the people that are trying to tell the truth about this and get the word out there. I believe most of us are off of YouTube. We couldn’t couldn’t tell the truth on YouTube. So we’ve done other areas.

VAL: We’ve made videos and do blog posts and try and get the word out there. And I think that there’s a lot of people that are waking up to this. Sad to think about those that took the vaccine, but again, this is a message of hope. Just find out as much as you can about how to get rid of this this thing that might be replicating in your body. And it’s the governments that are trying to control the people. This is what this whole thing is about, you know.

VAL: Of course, there’s a little bit of the Klaus Schwab great reset thing in there, you know, and there’s people talking about the dollar crashing, the economy crashing. It’s on all fronts. It’s absolutely on all fronts. The food shortages, the fuel shortage shortages. Biden shutting down the the pipelines in America. And all of a sudden there’s no there’s no fuel. And everybody’s, like, wondering why the prices are going up and they’re just paying those prices, you know? Stop!! Pay attention. This is really happening. We are really being attacked by some terrible evil.

VAL: And it’s unconstitutional. What they’re trying to do with these vaccine mandates. And notice how they’ve been very quiet lately about the vaccine mandates, but they haven’t stopped them. They’ve quieted down, but they haven’t stopped.

HOPE: Yeah, they’re very quiet. And in some places, they’re starting to lift things a little bit. But I think it’s because the data is coming out and people are seeing it for themselves. They have to be. We’re a little bit sequestered. We don’t have as many friends as we used to. So, you know, if we had lots and lots of friends all over the place and we were really, really social people, I’m sure we could say we know a lot of people that are no longer with us because in the last year they’ve passed on because of the vaccines. We don’t have that story. But there are people that do have that story and we are seeing a lot of what was it, sudden adult death syndrome. So instead of the sudden infant death, it’s like if you look up on  Google “suddenly died,” you will see this huge uptick in people just suddenly dying. And of course, it’s from the vaccines. It’s not from COVID or what they’re calling COVID, it’s from the vaccines. That’s when the real deaths started to occur. And they knew it. They knew it all along. And the reports are coming out. If you look at the Exposé website, they’re putting a lot of stuff out, showing all the stats in the data from the government websites themselves.

HOPE: So we’re getting real data from the government websites and it’s actually showing that they they knew it all along. So this is intentional. This is an intentional.

VAL: Yeah. But you know, at this point, I still see that it doesn’t matter that the government data is coming out because we still have the media to deal with because they’re still lying. Everything is a lie. They lie, lie, lie. That’s all they do. And they’re feeling it, too. I heard the other day I heard a statistic for CNN 10,000 viewers. I almost have more than that. [laughs] that was encouraging. But when are they going to just go offline, just get rid of this media, this barrage of deception and lies, and God help the people that have been going along with it all along. You know, you get out there, you get your script, then you talk all the lies on the script and you know it’s a lie and you’re still doing it because they’re paying you a salary. How much money? How much money is that worth knowing that you’re killing people, and encouraging people to be afraid? You know, people have committed suicide teenagers. The teenage suicide rate went through the roof because they were locked up. Yeah. They couldn’t talk to their friends. They couldn’t do anything for a long period.

HOPE: And it was all it was all for a lie, because keeping you locked in your house was never true. It was never going to help the situation. So that was on purpose. That was a lie. Wearing the mask was a lie. Shutting down all your businesses, you know, the businesses that have been open for decades like this restaurant has been on this corner in New York City for like 40 years. And just like that, in a blink of an eye, totally went out of business. Never to come back. For what? For a lie. There was nothing real about this. Shutting down businesses wasn’t going to protect people from getting sick from some fake pandemic.

VAL: And 1200 dollars checks once every six months that they were giving out. Also, I heard another one is coming. I don’t think it will be coming, but they say that it’s coming. But you can’t believe anything that they say. Just try and keep people distracted, you know, from seeing what an abysmal failure the Biden admin is. And, you know, they’re just trying to distract from the real issues of the Ukraine war. I mean, what do we know about Ukraine that they have 33 biosafety labs that they’re creating vaccines in or whatever, they’re creating those Franken things. Now, we know that they were targeting the Slovak peoples, which are the Russians and all those countries up there, specifically to kill these people. So Putin says, no, you’re not going to do that. And if you look at a map and you overlay a map of where the Putin was bombing over a map of where these bio labs are, it’s exactly in those areas. So he had to act fast. And now you’ve got NATO’s creeping, creeping, creeping. And he doesn’t want that. And all you hear about when you listen to the mainstream media is Putin is evil. Putin is losing. It’s not true. He’s very clever and he’s trying to save his people in his country. I don’t love Putin, but he’s better than Biden, that’s for sure. At least he can think and talk.

HOPE: You know, in military terms, these are called theaters. These sections of the world, they would they would be referred to as theaters. And I think that that’s just another part of the theater playing out, because one thing I can’t forget is that Putin also had vaccines for his people shooting the same stuff into all his people’s veins. So, you know, it’s hard to not take sides. I choose the side of God when it comes to this, because God puts up one leader and will take down another. And things are playing out in a theater anyway. That’s how I feel about it. To keep your sanity to you really have to take a step back and kind of let these things just play out and realize, like, can we stop this?.

HOPE: I personally believe that this is biblical and that this is, you know, set up for this, this great event in the end times. That’s how I feel about this. So how much of that do you really want to stop? I think that it’s been from the beginning of creation, we’ve been told that stuff like this was going to happen. So the best thing to do is just figure out where you stand in the scheme of things. Are you going to inject yourself with those shots? Are you going to support people that are forcing people to wear masks and injecting people. Who do you serve? Choose this day, who you’re going to serve because there is such a thing as protection. And now now that we know that it’s snake venom, that’s the bio part of these things. God told us that you will pick up certain serpents and they will not harm you. So we can be protected from even the snake venom. But you just have to really focus on your path in this crazy world that they’ve totally turned upside down once COVID started.

VAL: So how do we feel about what’s happening now? I mean, where do we stand and how are we dealing with what’s happening now? We we hear scattered reports that some mandates are going away. Oh, and the airlines the CDC said, no, you still have to wear the masks on the airlines, even though there were all kinds of lawsuits and all kinds of protests and pushback from the pilots saying how dangerous it was for them to have to fly using a mask, and that most of the the fights that were happening in the cabins were because people either were wearing a mask or weren’t wearing a mask and another person got crazy. You know, people are suffering like these these mental attacks where they’re absolutely crazy. If you’re not wearing a mask now, not so much where we are, I don’t really see that.

HOPE: Yeah, it’s still saying you have to wear masks on planes in America. But, you know, just last week, the U.K. canceled every single one of their flights going in and out of the country. And the reason was because all of the flight staff were too sick to go to work. They didn’t have anybody to fly the planes or man the planes. And let me tell you something, they weren’t sick because they got COVID. They were sick because they were all forced to take all those vaccines. So they all had vaccine reactions, adverse vaccine reactions, but The only thing the paper wanted to say was it was COVID related sickness. So we know that it was probably the vaccines. It shut down an entire airline industry in an entire country. Nobody can fly in or out because nobody’s there to man the planes in the UK right before the holiday season of Easter when a lot of people go on their spring break vacations. So what’s going to happen with situations like that? The airlines are just about ready to collapse. I think that the major airlines are just they’re going to collapse.

HOPE: So, of course, they’ll say you still have to wear the masks and we don’t care how dangerous it is. We can only hope and pray that planes don’t start falling out of the sky like not just the little Cessnas that are already falling out of the sky with private pilots that are single flying and then they stroke out or something because they’re at an altitude and they have a stroke because they’ve gotten the vaccine. They have blood clot problems. Because that’s been happening a lot. There’s compilations out there of that. But the reason why Big 747s aren’t falling out of the sky onto suburban neighborhoods is because they have co pilots. Some whistleblower came out and talked about how they have to have a co pilot in the planes in case one of the pilots has a stroke because of the vaccines. So it’s some kind of like cover up situation to make sure that the 747s don’t fall out of the sky. But, you know, at the rate they’re going, that might start happening. I’m constantly Google searching plane crashes. I want to know where all the plane crashes are happening and how often they’re happening and if there’s an increase in that. I’ve been monitoring that for a while now.

HOPE: So what we’re also seeing are these weird little like boutique industries that are popping up like private jets Gaining some really big business because there’s a lot of people that do not want to fly on commercial airlines. They do not want to be vaccinated. Even the ones that are vaccinated don’t want to fly on commercial airlines because they’re afraid for their safety. So there’s a lot of people because the because the pilots are vaccinated. Right. So there’s a there’s a huge boom in the private jet industry. And what a lot of people are doing is they’re they’re like carpooling, I guess it’s called plane pooling Where like a family of people will get together and split the cost of renting a private jet that would fly like nine or ten people out someplace and There’s a big boom in that industry to avoid what the major airlines are doing. So while the airlines are going to crash, we feel that private jets and private pilots are going to be all the rage for people that still wish to travel. And you don’t have to go through vaccine, passport, security checks when you’re on a private plane.

VAL: And there you go again, though, it separates people, you know, master, servant, elite, middle class and that’s the whole Point. People like us can’t afford to rent a private jet. It’s separating us and them. But the way that I think about us and them is us unvaccinated and them vaccinated. And I hate to think of it like that, but I have to have an instinct for self preservation.

HOPE: One thing that we are getting reports on and you know, it’s kind of hard to validate something like this, but I just kind of feel in my gut that this is true. And that is that a lot of these officials, leaders of countries, presidents, kings, queens, police force, like the ones that are the officials at the top, none of them have actually gotten the vaccine. But they all have a vaccine passport. They all have the paperwork That says, yes, I’m vaccinated, but they’re not putting that stuff into their bodies and they’re not putting that into their kids bodies. The ones that are running all this, they’re not going to inject themselves with snake venom when they know what it is. But they’ll make the poor people, the useless eaters, kill themselves off. It’s horrible.

VAL: The most important thing is to take good care of your health. And if you’ve taken one vaccine or two vaccines, please, please do not take the booster. Because the booster, I hate to say it this way but I’m going to say it, is the kill shot. And that’s the thing that has really maimed people. I mean, both the first and the second shots also maimed people. But the booster is really going to do it. It’s really going to finish it off. And now there are countries that are talking about having a fourth shot or second booster, and then it’ll be every month because remember, you’re wiping out your immune system, so please take care of your immune system. I have all kinds of protocols on my website that you can look into. I have explanations. I have written a health guide with each of the protocols and get some exercise. Don’t be afraid to get out in the sun. Vitamin D is one of the most important supplements that your body needs. If you have a healthy vitamin D level in your body, your blood will not clot from this. Vitamin C is another thing that has been shown to take care of some of the problems that are caused by the spike protein.

VAL: They say don’t take ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C. So whatever they’re telling you don’t take, please take it, especially if you can see the research and the results. You know, if I had time, I’d like to get some collect some testimonies of the people that have been taking care of themselves that are doing well. It’s much nicer to report on that than it is to report on the people that aren’t doing well. And I just don’t know what to say about it. Hope it’s something that we all think about all day long. It’s just such a big, big thing that’s happening to our beloved humanity. And we’re on the front lines, truth tellers, and that’s where we have to stay to the very end.

HOPE: You know, for me, this is the hill.

VAL: This is the hill to die on for sure. Absolutely. Never experienced anything like this. Nobody has. Yeah, nobody has. This is evil on such a level that it’s can’t even be fathomed. I don’t even think we’ve seen the half of it, to be honest. You know, we know a lot. Imagine what we know.

VAL: Well, thank you for having this discussion with me. And I’m looking forward to your next exposé. You and Tivon. You do such great Research and your presentations are just wonderful. And of course you can see them on your website,, And my website

VAL: We’re just going to keep on keeping on and stay in the battle. We’re going to win this war one way or another.

HOPE: Yes, we will.

VAL: Thanks, Hope.

HOPE: Thanks again.

VAL: All right, then. Bye for now.





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