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Stew Peters: Dr. Ardis, thank you for coming and thank you so much for your bravery.


Dr. Brian Ardis: It’s an honor to be here. I just want to say thank you, everyone, who’s put any faith and trust in me to be able to convey truth. There is no part of me who brought this information and started any of this research to create fear and panic. In fact, this is going to, I pray, bring light to all of those practitioners around the world who have already been right. And I want to convey that right now. Dr. Pachauri, you were right. Dr. Paul Marek You were right. Dr. Ben Marble and Zev Zelenko You were right. Simone Gold You were correct. Sheri Tenpenny You were right.


Everything you’re about to learn in this documentary and all the research that I’ve actually conducted, Dr. Ryan Cole will be able to finally conclude why the findings under the slides under a microscope have become so monumentally evil. The amount of carnage and disease and death is unparalleled in history. This is the only reason why I’m bringing this to light. I pray that your heart, souls and minds will be open to truth. And know where to go from here. To protect your loved ones. Your children, your grandparents, your parents. All those you love. I love you. And may God bless everyone.


Stew Peters: So earlier this month, a lot of you may remember a post that I made on my Telegram channel. It was a lot of concern about the water and not to drink it. And there were certain things that I could say and could not say, and I referenced that certain people’s lives might be at risk. And one of those people is here with me now. Dr. Brian Ardis, thanks a lot for being here.


Dr. Brian Ardis: I do really appreciate the opportunity to do this. Yeah, this is actually going to be the only time I’ve ever been nervous in any interview. I’m not kidding. I’ve never been nervous to discuss anything in relationship to the COVID pandemic whatsoever. But this has bothered me and it scared me.


Stew Peters: Putting things out is probably oftentimes the best way to protect yourself. But people have lost their lives over what you’re about to tell the world.


Dr. Brian Ardis: I have to get this off my chest. My spirits like screaming to say something and bring it to the forefront to protect as many innocent lives as possible. That’s all I’ve been trying to do since May of 2020.


As you know, when I read Anthony Fauci’s memo on Remdesivir, when I actually clicked the links to the studies that he was quoting, saying that Remdesivir was safe and effective, I knew right away that he was lying. I knew right away that this drug was going to be used to mass murder a whole bunch of innocent people in America that did not need to die. Then he was going to sell the world on the idea in the media that they were dying of a virus, when in fact I knew they were being poisoned to death with this drug. I knew 30% of all people were going to experience multiple organ failure, kidney failure, septic shock and hypertension. That’s what the study said.


Now, we’re a year and a half after that, and it’s exactly the numbers that I said based on those studies. I’m pretty much called the Remdesivir guy everywhere I go, which is odd for a retired chiropractor to be referenced as a pharmaceutical guy. But it is true Remdesivir is a very toxic, deadly drug. There are a lot of medical doctors and professionals who will mention that, and it’s proven to be ineffective. It is not ineffective; it is very toxic and deadly. It is known and proven to actually injure specific organs in your body.


It targets specific organs. This is a part of why I think my spirit is so moved to make sure this gets out is that. In January 21st of this year – so just two months ago – the FDA decided to authorize Remdesivir as the only drug to be authorized to be used in all newborns in this country. I can’t I can’t even fathom the men or women in charge that would actually do that. Since January 21st of 2022, it’s the only drug to be used, only one allowed in hospitals this entire pandemic. Now they’re moving it into hospital care for children as young as newborns, 7 lbs. through the 18 year pediatric age range. It’s the only authorized drug. There is nothing else that they’re allowing for COVID 19 treatment. And I find that incredibly evil.


And then they’ve also now canceled monoclonal antibody uses throughout the United States and all US territories for COVID 19 early treatment. And they’re moving remdesivir to the infusion centers where they were using monoclonal antibodies as the only IV infusion drug allowed. I have been moved with one singular purpose since May of 2020. When I read Anthony Fauci’s memo about Remdesivir, I felt this spark inside of me that I now had to go voice to the world, a warning to try to protect as many innocent lives as possible from being killed. So let’s talk about what happened.


It all started with a text. There’s a medical doctor that I admire and love because he is nonstop from the beginning of COVID and has had the ability to project information and say to people around the world, you do not have to fear COVID. We have an answer. This guy has been on many stages with me. He still practices right now medicine and is an ER doc and he sent me a text. It actually was dated December 1st and I did not see it until like December 18th. I don’t know how I didn’t see it, but the text read, Hey Dr. Ardis, if you got bit by a rattlesnake, would you go to a hospital and get antivenom?


I realized he must have seen an interview I did on Infowars. So Kate Dailey done an interview with me and wanted to go over my thoughts of monoclonal antibodies. Well, I had been given some research studies that actually bothered me. I didn’t like the idea based on the data in these research studies. I didn’t think monoclonal antibodies were safe. Long term, not short term, but long term. Now, I read the actual text message, got in the shower, and while I was in the shower, I was sitting there thinking, why would he send me that text? It has nothing to do with COVID like zero, nothing to do with COVID. So I’m going through this and I’m thinking about the text and all my brain keeps going to is why is he mentioning antivenom.


Is there something about antivenom? So I went and got on the Internet and I wanted to know what is Antivenom. Only to find out that most antivenoms are monoclonal antibodies or polyclonal antibodies. And then I got it. Then I knew why he sent it to me. He wanted me to immediately see a question that he knew I would say, of course I’m going to go to the hospital and get antivenom. So in his mind, I think he knew this was a way or God inspired him to send me this message. Then go figure out why it is you would say yes. This is where it all started.


I will repeat what Steve Kirsch said to an audience with me last month. He said, If the CDC says something to do, you do the opposite. If the NIH says to do something, or the FDA, do the opposite. I’m sitting there realizing that antivenom is monoclonal antibodies, and then I immediately revert back to in my own head that I’m not trusting anything the CDC and or FDA says. Is our federal health agencies recommending monoclonal antibodies for COVID 19? No, they’re not. They’ve been badmouthing monoclonal antibodies this whole time.


Stripped them out of Florida when DeSantis wanted to use them. And then January 21st of this year, they totally stripped out monoclonal antibodies. They do not want you touching monoclonal antibodies. They also didn’t want you from the beginning to touch hydroxychloroquine. They also don’t want you touching ivermectin. They also don’t want you touching N acetyl cysteine (NAC) so that the things they tell you to avoid we know they’re telling you to avoid because they work. So when I realized that the federal health agencies actually were not supporting monoclonal antibodies, and we believe that this is because they want people intentionally to not recover.


This actually got way more evil for me, I cannot believe the amount of evil behind this pandemic with what I’ve realized since then. I realized all of a sudden that monoclonal antibodies are anti venom. The federal government doesn’t want us using anti venom. Why are they bashing antivenom and why are we finding antivenom works against COVID? Is it not a virus? Is it a venom? Like, this is what I want to know. Is COVID a venom? Is this why they don’t want you using monoclonal antibodies.


Let me ask you a question. Do you believe the mass media is control? Of course you actually do believe that. So you believe that whatever’s being pumped out in the media is being orchestrated and controlled, like across all of it.


All right. So in my head, I was like, okay, how do they keep people on that story? So there’s this mass media group who are telling a huge story. They’re all telling the same story around the world. Whenever anybody says anything against that narrative, what do they use now to combat that in the mainstream media?


Stew Peters: Disinformation?


Dr Brian Ardis: Yeah, they call them fact checkers. Fact checking is the opposite of fact checking. The arbiters of lies are the fact checkers.


By definition, fact checkers are to divert you from truth and take you back to a narrative. You’re being sold worldwide, right? If it’s true that COVID could actually be snake venom,  (and how I got there was they don’t support the use of anti venom called monoclonal antibodies because they work), the easiest way to figure that out is has that ever been fact checked? I wanted to know was there ever any mention that the source could have been a snake? And oh, my God, I couldn’t believe it. Over and over and over in the media in January and February of 2020 are non-stop publications that the original source could either be from bats, snakes or pangolins. And every time the snake is mentioned, fact checkers – One, two, three, four, five, six, constantly fact check it and spin it to the bats. There’s no fact checking about bats. They keep you looking at bats.


In the beginning, in January of 2020, the scientists inside of China said this can’t be from these bats. These bats hibernate. And it’s the winter. When they did genetic sequences from the antibodies in the people who were sick in Wuhan, they found that their genetic sequence was not most like bats. They were most like two snakes. Proteins from the Chinese Krait and the King Cobra. Then I find in April of 2020 there’s a research study published in France where they’re finding that the receptors in the brain called nicotinic acetylcholinesterase receptors are actually bound most tightly to snake venom of krait and cobra is what they’re finding, and that the spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 is most identical to Chinese krait and king cobra venom.


Then I find out that there’s an actual doctor who works at the University of Pittsburgh in May of 2020. Works in a computational lab dealing with genetic sequencing. And he’s been researching for five months sequencing of spike proteins, trying to solve the mystery of SARS-CoV-2 victims. And he says he’s got a big thing, too. Big press release. They’re going to actually announce all their findings. And Bing Liu is his name.


HEADLINE: Set back in the quest to understand coronavirus after a researcher is shot and killed. 37 year old Bing Liu was on the verge of making significant findings on COVID 19.


And that’s when I freaked out. Also, all of the clippings in the media when they interview his boss, who is still at the University of Pittsburgh. Every time he was interviewed, he said that they were going to publish the work they found through Bing LIu’s work in their department. That’s never been published. I’d like to know why a year and a half later that’s never been published. Where is it?


And then all of a sudden, the realization came that this is the great lie. When I say that they have lied to you about everything in relationship to COVID, they’ve even lied about the viral part of COVID. Now you have to understand here, my entire stance for the last year and a half has been to educate, warn people about hospital protocols because of a drug called remdesivir. So in this realization that this could all be related to venom, something bothered me in the January 21st issue that came out from the FDA about Remdesivir in this 42 page document. It actually says there’s only one drug that cannot be co administered with Remdesivir at the same time because it negates the antiviral properties of Remdesivir. And that drug is hydroxychloroquine.


In 2020 January, there’s this incredible study that’s published where there’s been over like a ten year period where a company has been funding a research study gene-mapping all the genes of the venoms and proteins and peptides inside of King Cobra venom. And in January 2020, they published their findings. Oh, ask me if I was shocked when I saw that it was 19 toxic venom proteins that they isolated that specifically target organs in your body.


So I go to the funding part of this study. And I want to who funded this and how many companies. It says that the majority of the company is funding and studies funding came from a company called Genentech. Genentech is a subsidiary of a company called Roche. I don’t know anything about these companies. I never heard of them. The employees of Genentech, who were the authors of the study, said they have a conflict of interest because they actually hold shares and stocks in Roche. Genentech, I’ve never heard of Genentech. Is there a correlation between Genentech and Gilead? This is not a joke. I typed it on Internet. Is there a connection to Genentech and Gilead? Oh, my God. Gilead had bought two facilities that deal with biological studies from Genentech in 2011 and then brought 55 of their executives into Gilead in 2011 just when that King Cobra study started. Gilead is the manufacturer of Remdesivir.


Guess what’s been known since 2005. Guess what blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain stem from being injured by cobra venom and viper venom. Guess what drug does that? Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine.


Remdesivir, packaged and stored as it is delivered to hospitals, comes in a little glass vial. It’s called lyophilized powder. It actually has a white yellowish tint. Guess what color snake venom as when it’s stored then to be diluted in sodium chloride or distilled water to be administered in an IV. Or if people are buying King Cobra Venom Lyophilized, they mix it in the same preparation as listed on the fact sheet for remdesivir to actually take cobra venom or any other viper venom and inject it into horses to make monoclonal antibodies.


When you read the emergency use authorization for Remdesivir, it states this one from January 21st, that every practitioner who administers this to a COVID patient, pediatric or not, you have to evaluate for what’s called prothrombin time. Prothrombin time means if it increases the trauma time, it means it’s taking your blood’s ability to coagulate and making it longer so it thins your blood. You can’t clot, right? You will internally bleed to death with remdesivir. It is stated on the emergency use authorization. Every patient has to have its prothrombin time checked before you give it remdesivir and during treatment. Do you know what? Do you know what King Cobra venom does to the blood?


It makes it so that I can’t clot. You know, one of the evidences is it’s prothrombin time. And if you look at the CDC website and the NIH website on the adverse events from Remdesivir  it actually says it increases prothrombin time, which is exactly what King Cobra venom does to the human body. And Remdesivir is the lyophilized peptides proteins of King Cobra venom.


The University of Arizona published last summer a paper. When they actually evaluated the blood samples and tissues of people who died, hundreds of them, from two different hospitals after being treated for COVID, which means they got remdesivir when they evaluated their blood. Why do some people seemingly perfectly healthy die from COVID and others don’t? It’s a question baffling experts during this pandemic.


NEWS REPORT: A new research from the University of Arizona suggests we’re closer to getting an answer. It seems to boil down to an enzyme that’s also found in rattlesnake venom. What does this rattlesnake have to do with COVID 19 deaths?


We turned much of my research in my lab towards COVID a year and a half ago. Chilton says he got blood samples from more than 100 patients in a New York ICU. They either had no COVID, or  a mild, moderate or severe case of the virus. He did some fancy schmancy artificial intelligence in his lab and discovered two distinct patterns in the people who were dying from COVID.


Dr. Brian Ardis: These patterns, number one, told us that the vital organs were in trouble, but the other looked as if they were being attacked by some enzyme.


He says he then found the highest concentration of this enzyme that has ever been found in humans. These levels, attacking internal organs means multiple organ failure and death.


So where do the rattlesnakes come into play? This enzyme is a humanized version, part of the same family as the active ingredient in snake venom. In simple terms, this enzyme related to rattlesnake venom that’s been found in humans is likely causing tremendous damage, leading to COVID 19 deaths.


And then they take you through all of the elevated enzymes in the blood samples of these people that are naturally found in rattlesnake venom and viper venom that are in levels they’ve never seen before. Do you wonder how they got there? 5 to 10 days of Remdesivir. They’ve known since 2005 if you inject a mouse with cobra venom, you inject it like they’re doing with remdesivir injecting into your veins, it actually causes a cytokine storm in the lungs of all animals. I am convinced. That COVID 19 is not a respiratory virus of any kind. It is actually venom poisoning. And they’re using, I believe, synthesized peptides and proteins from venoms of snakes, and they’re administering them and targeting them to certain people.


Now, the amazing thing about these 19 toxins found in cobra venom, they’re specifically sequenced to target specific organs, like the pancreas in a diabetic, like the heart in a heart disease patient, like the liver in a hepatitis patient.


So if I die because I’m a cancer patient, or if I die from some sort of liver related function because I’ve had liver problems, if I die, then it’ll be undetectable. It’ll be untraceable. They’re going to chalk it up. Of course, this diabetic died.


This is the most original. Of all bioweapons ever. Snake venom. I mean, we know how poisonous snakes are. This is the most obvious bioweapon ever. When I say this is the most evil thing I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. Could you ever have imagined the one greatest symbol of evil in all of Christendom. What is the symbol of evil in Christianity? The serpent. The serpent! Can you think of anything more evil than envenomating the entire world with snake venom and then injecting snake venom into your veins. And then using mRNA technology that they’ve been isolating from snake venom for years that they know are unusually stable, more stable than any other mRNA they’ve isolated from other natural organisms for decades.


In 2015, they took mRNA from cobra venom, krait venom, and they actually wrapped the mRNA in nanoparticle hydrogel. How often have you heard about that with these new mRNA vaccines? And they made it even more stable. Then they actually added what’s called dynabeads to those nanoparticles surrounding the mRNA of snake venom. And it made it even more stable and made it last longer. It made it easier to get inside of your cells. Do you know what dynabeads are? Magnetic metal nanoparticles.


MOVIE ACTOR: Your prayers have been answered, Donald. Apparently I’m dying. I’ve been poisoned by someone within my organization. Someone with access to an offshore account that was used to fund recent attacks against me. 11 people had access to that account. Last evening, I called those 11 to a dinner to confront them. What happened next? I only remember pieces. The restaurant. What it looked like. Where it was. I remember holding a glass of wine, not drinking it. Although I’m sure I must have. I need you to find the pharmacotoxicologist who I believe crafted the deadly cocktail and get the antidote from him.


He’s known as The Apothecary, a druggist whose potions hijack the immune system, causing any number of allergic reactions. Each one impossible to identify unless you know what you’re looking for. An exotic venom might replicate a drug overdose. A personally tailored allergic reaction might trigger cardiovascular collapse.


The apothecary can create embolisms, aneurysms, inhibit respiration, induce paralysis. We’re looking for corticosteroids. Bronchodilator. Go, go, go.


I’ve lived my entire adult life surrounded by the corona of death. Sometimes I even longed for it. But lately I find I’m not willing to go gentle into that good night.


There’s good news. The lab did find one distinct element in the molecular structure of the drops taken from Robert Ball’s apartment. A peptide unique to the venom of the red-headed  Krait.


Dr. Brian Ardis: When I saw this, I knew. I knew I was right. I knew I was supposed to see that because it was confirmation to me that other people knew this was planned all along, which we’ve known this is a plan. [In the movie] the FBI figures out that it’s actually peptides found in krait venom that poisoned Reddington. In the show, you learn that he was poisoned by drinking. It was put in his drink. And then I realized something. I realized how they’ve been spreading this.


I had actually told my wife six months prior to this that it’s very odd when you go on the CDC website that they have this wastewater surveillance tab on the COVID data tracker site. And they have 400 water testing sites in 37 cities in this country. What no one knows is the data from the CDC between January of 2020 and September of 2020 in relationship to their water testing of these 37 cities. They only let people know they were doing it in September of 2020 and now releasing that data. They now just announced two weeks ago, Walensky did, of the CDC, that they’re now upping their water testing, they say, and have been reporting to media outlets that how it works is they are PCR testing our wastewater because we, as we get COVID 19, are pooping it in the water and we’re going to test our wastewater. And we can tell the city when there’s high amounts of SARS-CoV-2 in the water, they can actually tell that same community four or five days later is going to be an outbreak of COVID 19 in that city.


Stew Peters: Wait a minute. That’s backwards.


Dr. Brian Ardis: That is completely backwards. If a community has had SARS-CoV-2 go through their body, they already had their symptoms when they eliminated the virus, supposedly the virus is out of their body and it ends up in your wastewater, you no longer have symptoms. How could you know and then be able to confirm in the future 4 to 5 days from now when we find it in your wastewater supply from your city. When we see it being shed in your water 4 to 5 days later, we can actually tell you there’s going to be an outbreak in your city? It’s not because there’s an outbreak in the city, just like in the show Black List. I had to break this down for every aspect of COVID.


One thing that’s been very unique to COVID is this sense of loss of taste and smell that lasts for months, even years. Holy cow. I had no idea they already knew this. Did this to people when you drink it. For the people who are the natural healers or the individuals who’ve got bitten when they actually suck the venom of cobra into their mouth and then spit it out, they have this loss of taste and smell that can last 12 months to a year and a half. It’s just from having been exposed in the mouth, which is exactly what’s happening when it’s being put into our water.


Now, the thing about the water is this: they are using the water systems because they can target specific demographics. They are absolutely confident that the peptides they have chosen for COVID, circulated throughout the Earth and throughout the populace, and the vaccines and the mRNA in the vaccines specifically target organs like your spleen, your pancreas. For diabetics, that’s a concern. Brain tissue, liver tissue, lung tissue and heart tissue. So if you already have a disease process of inflammation of any of those organs, you are the ones that are targeting.


Stew Peters: So are the people that work at my water treatment facility are aware of this? Are they in on it.


Dr. Brian Ardis: No, no, the CDC is in on it. And the CDC is working with contracting companies to make sure they do it.


There are nicotine receptors in your brainstem that control your diaphragm. Your diaphragm has to contract to be able to allow oxygen to get into your lungs. They are using krait venom and cobra venom and calling it COVID 19. You’re drinking it. It’s getting it into your brainstem and it’s paralyzing your diaphragm’s ability to breathe. I cannot say this enough.


In the very beginning of COVID, it was being reported around the world that the least demographic represented in hospitals being hospitalized for COVID 19 were smokers. Around the world, it was less than 5% of everybody in hospitals were actually smokers. And they found that odd, only because this was a respiratory virus. Wouldn’t it be that the people who are shoving tobacco and nicotine in their lungs would be more apt to be traumatized by a novel respiratory virus? But that’s not what they saw.


What was amazing is when this started getting reported in the first six months of COVID in 2020 around the world, guess what our federal government did? Anthony Fauci, the NIH, CDC and the FDA all came out and started pumping in the media that there’s no better time than right now to quit smoking. And they actually lied to you and they lied to the entire world and said smokers are being hospitalized at rates higher than any other demographic. Well, the truth is, these nicotine receptors that are affected by cobra venom and krait venom that control your ability to breathe, was causing your oxygen levels to fall. On a pulse oximeter it looks like you have pneumonia. But you didn’t. You were being paralyzed. Actually, you couldn’t breathe and your heart rhythm was actually being dropped by the same receptors.


Nicotine binds to those receptors and then venom can’t bind, so it can’t paralyze your diaphragm. So they knew and we’re theorizing in France in April of 2020 when they figured out that it was the nicotine receptors that control the diaphragms, ability to breathe was what the spike protein was targeting, because it most looked like the neurotoxin, neuro being brain neurotoxin of krait and cobra venom. They started theorizing that studies need to be done, that we start giving people nicotine to protect them from getting COVID.


It absolutely is known that nicotine is protective against COVID 19 because it stops these venoms from damaging and connecting to these nicotine receptors in your brain that control your diaphragms ability to breathe. But once you go into a hospital because you can’t breathe, if you’re not a smoker and you don’t do the nicotine they put you on Remdesivir. Remdesivir is venom from a cobra. It’s attaching itself to the nicotine receptors in your brain. You then can’t breathe and then at the same time, it destroys the inside of your of your lungs through what’s called a cytokine storm. That is what cobra venom does.


And then they say they’ve got to put you on a ventilator. They’re putting you on ventilators because then they can actually murder you by euthanizing you with drugs that act similarly to the venom. They have to sedate you because when they go to shove a tube down your trachea to get into your lungs, you’ll pull it out. You’ll pull it out, or you’ll fight them as they’re trying to shove it in there. So they have to sedate you. So they use morphine, fentanyl,  Lorazepam or midazolam. These drugs act on the same centers of your brain that control the diaphragm’s breathing. These drugs are euthanizing drugs, and they actually will put you on these protocols at the same time they have you on Remdesivir. The entire attempt is to slow down your breathing and your diaphragm and you will die. They’ve got the cocktail down pat.


The average person dies on day nine of COVID 19, hospitalized treatment. They only authorize, per the NIH, two five day treatments of Remdesivir. It’s amazing that the ninth day is the day that most people die in February of 2020. The Wall Street Journal was allowed to produce an article, and they particularly speak to the word “virus” in coronavirus pandemic. And in this article it actually states that the Latin definition for virus, originally and historically, virus means venom.


So I started to wonder, well, what about the name Corona? Does it have a Latin definition or a definition at all? So I actually looked up what’s the definition and on it brings up 13 definitions. Corona religiously ecclesiastically means gold ribbon at the base of a miter. And I didn’t know what a miter was, so I copied it and pasted it and then hit images. So this actually could read the pope’s venom pandemic. It also can read Crown. Corona means crown also in Latin terms. Corona means crown. Visually, we see kings represented with a crown symbol. So put that together for me. King Cobra venom. It actually could read King Cobra Venom pandemic. I’ve said this for about a year now that I actually believe this is more of a religious war on the entire world. I’ve been adamant about that. Actually, the message of Christ forever was he’s the master healer. And faith precedes all miracles, not vaccines.


So why are we actually putting more faith in drugs? And why is a man of the cloth [the Pope] supposedly putting more faith in science and a drug than he is in telling people to pray to God? God’s greatest creation was you, and you are made up of a DNA strand of genetics that are unique to you. If I was going to do something incredibly evil, how ironic would it be that the Catholic Church or whoever would use the one symbol of an animal that represents evil in all religion, which is either the snake or the dragon, which is actually just a snake with legs. You take that snake or that serpent and you figure out how to isolate genes from that serpent. And get those genes of that serpent to insert itself into your God given created DNA. I think this is the plan all along was to get the serpents, the evil ones, DNA into your God created DNA and they figured out how to do it with this mRNA technology, they are using mRNA, which is mRNA extracted from, I believe, the king cobra venom.


And I think they want to get that venom inside of you and make you a hybrid of Satan. No longer just belonging to God or a creation of gods. When I say that the mRNA inside of the Pfizer Moderna shots is actually derived from snake venom. Yeah, it just sounds crazy, right? But I want you to read from July 6th, last year, 2021, the co founder of Moderna read the title, show it to the camera.


Moderna is using mRNA technology to treat venomous snake bites. It goes on to say that he’s going to help create and co-found a company based in San Francisco that actually is going to solely work on creating anti venom drugs for snakebites.


Guess who funds this thing? The Department of Defense, the Welcome Trust Fund and the United Nations. Incredible. All right. So this is great.


Let’s just let’s let’s wrap our heads around that for a second. How many snake bite victims are there? It’s like 100,000 people. 100,000 people will die from snake bites. But this is enough for the Department of Defense and for the United Nations to get on board and to fund such a venture?


Dr. Hoffe out of Canada after evaluating his vaccinated patients, was able to determine those who had received them had elevated dimers, and he checked that because they all complained of extreme fatigue, like long haulers COVID symptoms. And he was enlightened to do this d-dimer test and then found every single one of them had elevated d-dimer. Now I want you to read on Medscape: What is it that medical doctors are trained to look for when they see elevated dimers? So read the title and I want you to read the fifth bullet point.


How are elevated d-dimer levels interpreted? Snake venom poisoning. So even medical doctors are trained to look for elevated d dimers and to know that this is a possible snake venom poisoning. And notice they didn’t use the word snake bite victim or snake venom poisoning. And I was like, Oh, my God, it’s in the mRNA shots for sure. This is why you’re seeing this. They even talk about it on here that d-dimer is a reflection of fibrinogen and its ability to control coagulation, and that it’s usually at normal low levels inside of people who are fine. But then these d dimers get extremely elevated after snake venom poisoning.


The kidney failure caused by remdesivir is the number one organ targeted by King Cobra venom. It’s the number one. There isn’t anything in relationship to symptomatology of COVID 19 injuries post COVID 19 vaccines treatment with remdesivir that cannot be correlated back in research studies to venom from cobras, kraits and other vipers.


So when somebody gets bit by a snake, particularly a king cobra or a krait, what is the long term prognosis for these people? So if you have been been injected you had gene sequences put into you or peptides put into you in a venom. And that actually continues, particularly one bite after another. Those disease processes become even more exaggerated. This is why they want to continue doing the booster shot program.


My wife and I were driving back towards our home and it’s late afternoon. We dropped our car off at a mechanic shop and she said, You need to get something to eat because I’ll get hangry a little snippy when I get hungry. It’s like 2:30 in the afternoon and she goes, Where would you like to eat? And I said, Let’s just go to this Chinese restaurant right here. And she looked at me. She goes, Really? We haven’t had Chinese food in years. I mean, been at least five years.


So we go and we order the food, I go to the bathroom. By the time I come out to the bathroom and sit down, my wife already got the foods sat in front of her the plates. And then there’s two fortune cookies that Jane has selected out of a barrel. But my wife is a desserts first kind of girl. So when I sat down at the table, the fortune cookie’s already opened, and she’s already eaten it in the fortune cookie. Sitting there above her, the fortune is sitting above her plate. So I sit down, I look at her and I said, Well, I guess I’ll eat my dessert first too, since you did yours.


So I opened the fortune cookie and I cracked it open and it’s opposite the plate across the plate. And when I cracked it open, the back of the paper of the fortune was facing me. And I quickly saw it as I separated the two ends, and I just spun it around real quick to face me. And I picked it up and read it to my wife. And it reads something like this All of the world’s greatest riches begin with one penny. And I looked at Jane. I was like, Oh, of course it does. Like, who doesn’t know that? Right? And I sat it down and she’s looking at me as she’s eating. She’s like are you going to eat? And I was just staring at the the actual. Paper. Fortune. I said, Yeah, I’ll eat in a minute. And she goes, What’s wrong? And I said It’s what’s on the back of that fortune cookie that’s freaking me out. And usually you’ll see, like, lottery numbers or something random on the back of those cookies. But what I noticed was a name on the back of that fortune in parentheses. I knew that God was telling me, you can’t give up and you have to tell the world.


The Chinese name Bing Liu was on the back of that fortune cookie.



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