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[New webinar starts tomorrow] Discover Your Thyroid Type & 5 completely false things doctors say

September 28, 2022

—>>Learn how to determine your specific thyroid type at Inna Topiler’s transformative webinar!

Are you “just living” with thyroid symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues? Are you tired of conventional blood work coming back normal yet you STILL feel unwell? Are you sick of being told there is nothing wrong?

Unfortunately, many patients have heard all sorts of things that are just not true. Has your doctor said any of these things to you, things like:

“You are already on medication so you are doing everything you can, there is nothing else you can do to improve your thyroid.”

“Thyroid antibodies don’t do anything; they just sit there.”

“Your TSH is fine so we don’t need to do anything further.”

“Your levels are perfect so what you are feeling must be in your head, perhaps you are just depressed.”

And for the kicker…

“You have Hashimoto’s but your levels are fine so don’t worry. We don’t need to do anything now, we just watch it. Eventually the Hashimoto’s will destroy your thyroid and when that happens, I will put you on thyroid medication but for now we just wait and see.”

Please know that even though you may have been told there is nothing you can do…

There IS an answer, a 2-fold approach:

  1. Support the thyroid based on YOUR thyroid type
  2. Balance the immune system to slow down and hopefully even stop further thyroid attack and its destruction

This important event takes place on Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 2:00pm U.S. Eastern (New York time)

Your host, Inna Topiler, CNS, MS, knows what it’s like to be in your shoes. After a long struggle of trying to convince her doctors that her symptoms weren’t just in her head, she finally found the answers she needed to support her underlying issues and resolve her symptoms.

Now she’s here to help YOU get your thyroid back on track again.

At the Discover Your Thyroid Type webinar, you will gain invaluable insights and clarity for helping you overcome YOUR thyroid symptoms so you can feel like YOU again.

Join us on September 29, 2022, to learn more and finally say GOODBYE to fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, digestive issues and other thyroid symptoms.

Kind regards,
P.S. When you reserve your spot for the webinar, you’ll also unlock Inna Topiler’s eGuide, Your Personalized Thyroid Audit!

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