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Dr. Malone is suing these doctors for 25 million dollars! Is it the new mRNA information?

Don’t miss the video at the bottom with Dr. Peter McCullough.

I must retract my latest stated opinion about Dr. Robert Malone, about him being sincere and not controlled opposition. Maybe he’s not opposition but his most recent attacks on some of our great heroes are egregious, to say the least.

I should have sensed there was something questionable about him when his eyes were like slits through the whole interview with Mike Adams. I guess I wanted him to be someone to respect again, given some of his blunders, but his litigiousness is very disappointing, especially in the current political climate around covid and the bioweapon they call vaccines.

I was shocked when someone sent me this article. Malone is suing The Breggins for $25M:

He is also suing Dr. Peter McCullough (America Out Loud) and Dr. Jane Ruby for $25M each:

Statement By Dr. Jane Ruby:

I am indeed being sued for $25 million by Dr. Robert Malone for defamation. These claims are baseless and will be proven baseless.

If you wish to contribute to my legal defense fund for this frivolous lawsuit and wanton attack on free speech, here is the link:

In addition, please see the following article: Robert Malone Teams Up with Fauci, Gates, Bloomberg to Call Died Suddenly Fans “NUTS” – Stew Peters

Could this PR by Dr. Peter McCullough be the reason Malone is upset and lashing out:

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Antibiotics identified as risk factors for kidney stones

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