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Fighting fear of flying with homeopathy

October 7, 2016

Fear of flying is the most socially accepted fear. It is one of the most common fears also, right up there with fear of public speaking. 

Fear of flying can obviously have a huge impact on lifestyle and enjoyment. It can also affect those living and travelling with you.

My son developed a fear of flying at a young age, this meant that each flight had to be managed and planned with his fear in mind to try to make it as smooth for him and the rest of the family as possible. He began to wish we weren’t going on holidays or to visit family abroad even though he knew he really really wanted to go. Before a flight he would become anxious, have pains in his tummy, be unable to eat much and often he would be pale and sweating getting on the plane.

So this year I decided to give him a remedy for fear of flying before we left the house, again in the airport and once we were seated on the plane, he was much better. He visibly relaxed, was able to eat his airplane snacks, which were usually kept until after the flight and after two flights taking the remedy he announced “I don’t mind flying now, I don’t feel sick, I think I like it, especially take off!”

A big sigh of relief from the rest of the family! This led to a much easier trip to England to visit his grandparents, he wasn’t anticipating the flight for days beforehand, he wasn’t feeling sick on board and he enjoyed the whole experience.

The symptoms of fear of flying can be different for different people. The most common symptoms are nausea, pains in tummy, sweating, heightened senses, trembling, jumpiness but there are many more. A lot of the fear is anticipatory, worrying about what might happen, or worrying about what happened on a previous flight and will it happen again.

The remedy I gave my son is called Arg Nit, it is the most common remedy that works for fear of flying.  You can get Arg Nit in many health food shops.

If you think this remedy could help you or one of your family or friends and would like to know more about it, please get in touch via my Facebook page or my website.

Happy Flying

By Emma Almond

Emma Almond is a mother of 2 and a licensed homeopath living and working in Dublin; she runs her practice Almond Homeopathy from her clinic in Knocklyon and via Skype. She discovered homeopathy when looking for an alternative approach to dealing with her post natal depression. Emma uses homeopathic remedies on a daily basis for herself, her children and in her practice. Emma loves chocolate, running and reading. She runs almost daily and loves the mental and physical benefits she gets from it; after a long run she loves nothing more than sitting down with a good book, a cup of tea and a bit of chocolate!

(Source:; September 14, 2016;

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