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Graphene Oxide Detox

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Graphene Oxide Removal

“This is a mass, uniformed, without consent global experiment. They have never been able to get this into humans on an experimental basis. No human subject review board would ever approve of protocols with this stuff in it.”

-Dr. Jane Ruby

What Is Graphene Oxide?

Graphene Oxide is a derivative of graphite/graphene invented in 1849, and is well-known to be dangerously toxic to living bodies. Graphene oxide has a direct effect on human neurons, and can be controlled from the outside with a magnetic field apparatus.
Graphene Oxide contains semi-conducting properties proportional to the level of oxidation. It’s hydrophilic (attracted to water) and has good dispersibility.
Used in the Bio-Medical industry for the following applications: Bio-devices, biosensors, human tissue scaffolds, drug delivery and gene therapy vectors, such as the covid vaccines.
-Stimulated / controlled by EMFs
-multiplies when electronically stimulated
-passes through the blood brain barrier
– extremely strong
-can be used to manipulate neural pathways in the brain.

Toxicity of Graphene-Family Nanoparticles

Graphene oxide has a direct effect on human neurons, which can be controlled from the outside with a magnetic field apparatus.

Cellular Responses to Graphene Oxide

Dr. Sandra Vranic, Nanomedicine, Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences & National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester


Graphene/Graphene Oxide Basics

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You can download the video

Microscopy of graphene oxide from covid vaccine


Thousands of medical and alternative doctors are on the front lines of the fight against the deadly covid-19 virus and the so-called vaccine, and they are telling us what we must do to be safe. While there are therapeutic pharmaceuticals that treat covid with great efficacy, they are being withheld from the public as much as possible by ‘Big Pharma’ because if therapeutics exist they cannot continue the emergency use  authorization (EUA) of vaccines, and no current covid vaccine is FDA approved. 

Below are 3 detox supplement kits to choose from that are specifically combined to give you the highest degree of effectiveness against  certain issues related to the covid-19 virus and vaccine. Products can also be purchased separately.


graphene oxide detox


According to La Quinta Columna Scientist Dr. Ricardo Delgado Martin, 98% to 99% of the covid vaccine is graphene oxide.

While every anti-oxidant will degrade graphene oxide, these supplement recommendations are specific to keep the master anti-oxidant, glutathione, elevated for those who have taken the jab and are experiencing the magnetic phenomenon.

We are and have been exposed to graphene and graphene oxide, and many other heavy metals simply by way of living in modern times. Industries spew their gases into the atmosphere and water, and we have few options for escape. One of them is to remain healthy through diet and lifestyle, and keep your immune system in the best health with sufficient levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


anti parasitic


In Figure 13 above you can see the Trypanosoma parasite found in the covid vaccine sample. Several variants of this species are lethal and is one of the causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS, Chagas Disease and African Sleeping Sickness.

The 3 anti-parasitics shown here have been chosen to get into the hard to reach places to clean things out!

ultimate immune support


If you are familiar with Zeolite you know it is a powerful heavy metal chelator. The combination shown here is designed to boost your glutathione levels and detox heavy metal in your body, including your brain.


Other Heavy Metal Detox Information

The missing puzzle piece when discussing the effects of heavy metal toxicity in the body is high frequency electromagnetic radiation (also known as electromagnetic frequencies/fields, or EMFs). In combination with wireless technology, heavy metal toxicity is a very dangerous mix; when you are metal toxic, the body essentially becomes like an antenna to these lethal frequencies – lethal because these signals can change the body’s DNA over time (other forms of radiation change the DNA more quickly.)

When one considers the numerous ways we take on heavy metals from the environment, unless you are already on a heavy metal detox regimen, chances are you are toxic. 

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