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Episode 20 – If You’ve Taken The Vaccine, Or Even If You Haven’t, Health Begins Here

July 4, 2022


Episode 20: If You’ve Taken The Vaccine, Or Even If You Haven’t,
Health Begins Here



Hello friends and welcome to the Holistic Health Online Podcast. I’m your host, Val Robitaille, and I have been reporting on the dangers of the COVID vaccine for over two years. I remember the first time I mentioned it was on the SGT Report on March 1st of 2020. I was terrified of it back then and today of course my fears have been realized.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The vaccine is now a four letter word in my vocabulary. It’s a bioweapon and the amounts of deaths and injuries reported and documented on several truth media networks before they get censored should prove it to any thinking person.

So let’s talk a little bit about the ingredients that are in these vaccines. First of all, we know that they are about 99% graphene oxide, and that goes for all the vaccines nowadays. And I’m afraid that they’re going to actually make any inoculation, an mRNA shot from now on. They seem to have really gotten away with what they’re doing. So I just don’t trust not a one of them. Dr. Carrie Madej showed us that there are these little hydra like creatures in there. And incidentally, Dr. Madej was in a plane crash and she’s in the hospital. I believe she received surgery, and I’m not sure how she’s doing, but she is a whistleblower. Please pray for her that she’s well and that she’s protected from here on out because they’ll stop at nothing to be able to fulfill their population agenda because it is actually going very well for them.

Graphene oxide, parasites, there’s steel of some type, there’s nickel, there’s different heavy metals in the vaccines. We’ve been over this. so I’m just going to categorize that. We’ve seen the microscopic images of these little things that look like circuits that self aggregate and form squares and rectangles and things that look like microchips and computer technology. It’s just stunning what we have seen and none of it is being reported on the mainstream and the vaccine campaigns continue unabated.

So anyway, to talk a little bit about graphene oxide, it’s very important to know that graphene oxide absorbs radiation in your body and can transmit it to others around you. So the people that say that they have COVID actually have acute radiation syndrome. They’re all exactly the same, COVID and acute radiation syndrome.

We talk about antioxidants because they balance the damage that graphene oxide does in your body, but they don’t end the damage. Once graphene oxide is absorbed, it starts to produce free radicals or oxidative stress in the body. This is what creates a cytokine storm and collapses the immune system. And when it’s in the blood, it causes thrombosis. Those are the horrific photos of blood clots that we’re seeing being pulled out of people’s veins and arteries.

There’s all kinds of viruses and bacteria from decades of cell lines that have been grown in the lab for this purpose. We’re hearing a lot about AIDS, that it’s part of the vaccine and that people are getting AIDS when they take the vaccine, because the result of the vaccine is that it diminishes your immune system by about 6 to 10% every week. And the more vaccines you get with the boosters just end up with a total wipe out of your immune system.

There are a few things going around now, like we’ve got AIDS and meningitis. Of course, there’s getting COVID – people who have gotten vaccinated are getting COVID. 82% of the people that are in the hospitals now with COVID have been vaccinated. And the funny thing is that everybody that I know that got COVID after being vaccinated said “Oh, I’m so glad I got the vaccine because it could have been so much worse.”

This is the type of delusional, brainwashing, propagandizing that has been going on. No, you got COVID because you got the vaccine that carries COVID and all these other things and you’re losing your immune system. So you’re going to get a lot more than COVID.

We have seen microscopic images of Morgellons filament in the vaccine. In fact, some people say there’s more technology, more nanoparticles than there are biological components in the vaccine. And before I get into what nanoparticles are, I just wanted to add one more disastrous effect of the COVID vaccine is the 2,000% rise in aggressive cancers. I talked all about the appalling statistics in another podcast a couple of weeks ago, but it’s also shocking to see the rise in hepatitis in babies, breastfed babies by mothers who have been double vaxxed. Lipid nanoparticles pass through breastmilk and into the baby, goes to their livers where the babies T-cells attack the lipid nanoparticles causing inflammation but also causing liver failure. And this is all caused by the vaccine. This is a different type of hepatitis, something that has never been seen before.

And as for some of the other illnesses that are on the rise, such as the huge reactivation of herpes, this is because the immune system is being so compromised that even latent or dormant viruses are appearing because there is no or little immune system functioning left. The alarming rise in all kinds of illnesses is directly due to the loss of immune system functioning. What we know as VAIDS, or vaccine induced AIDS.

So what are the lipid nanoparticles we hear so much about and why do they put them in the vaccines? Lipid nanoparticles are 1 – 100 nanometers in size, and they’re used as delivery systems for some biologically active material such as mRNA, but are also used to deliver pharmaceutical drugs and for gene therapy.

Whatever the material to be used, it must be dissolved or trapped in or somehow attached to this liquid structure to get past the cell membrane. They have to encase the mRNA encoding for spike protein or COVID in some kind of container to be able to pass the immune system activities which would otherwise instantly destroy this foreign invader when it saw it as non self. The immune system sees the lipid nanoparticle as self and allows it to enter the cell.

This lipid nanoparticle mRNA platform goes everywhere in the body. This is what’s being used in the vaccine to deliver mRNA to the cells, all the cells and they can be and are precisely tuned to target specific cells in the body. For example, the bone marrow, which is constantly manufacturing red blood cells and immune cells.

Lipid nanoparticles are a mixture of fats that can target any organ system, contrary to how vaccines used to work where the payload stayed right at the site of the injection. This vaccine does not stay in the arm, but goes right into the lymph nodes and is still making spike protein 60 days later and probably longer. But the experimenters didn’t go longer with this experiment. And this is a time release technology, meaning the lipid nanoparticles can be controlled to release their payload in a month, a year or whenever.

There are other nefarious aspects to the vaccines, such as the use of hydrogel, which is a type of nanoparticle that Pfizer uses and others use. There’s something called scaffolding, which the Moderna vaccine uses. It’s like an operating system, and the so called scaffolding component will deploy the drugs and the vaccines for thousands of pathogens within our bodies.

The Pfizer vaccine is also using the mRNA platform to have humans perpetually make vaccines and drugs in the body. An organism or something that does this is known as a bioreactor where people are producing the drugs inside their own cells from a synthetic mRNA blueprint.

Have you heard the term transhumanist? Yes, friends, this is exactly what they’re trying to do. And when I say they, I’m talking about entities like the World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab and Noah Harari. I’m talking about the World Health Organization with Tedros, who’s not even a doctor. Bill Gates, who also is not a doctor, but suddenly became the health expert around the world. I’m talking about Anthony Fauci, who knows exactly the damage that these vaccines were going to cause. These people are psychopathic criminals and they’re not stopping. So I want to give people hope.

Even if you’ve taken the vaccine, one, two, three, you’ve got to take care of your health. Everything now is going to be about strengthening the immune system, and that requires that you do some of the things that you always probably wanted to do to get yourself healthy and in shape. Now is the time to do it!

I’m a holistic health practitioner and researcher, which means I think holistically I think of the body as an organism that functions due to separate parts or systems working synergistically or together to create functionality of cells and tissues and organs. So it makes sense to me to treat many different components of the body at the same time. You’ll often hear practitioners say the place to start is in the intestines and this is true. But it is also true that the intestine is intricately and intimately tied to the liver gallbladder system.

While it is said you need to build up good intestinal flora or bacteria or the good bacteria, it’s impossible to do so if the liver is congested, perhaps because of an overload of toxins, bad fats and other pathogens it has to deal with. The liver makes bile which is sent to the gallbladder for storage for when there are fats coming into the intestine. Bile is an emulsifier that breaks down large fat globules to smaller droplets. One side of the bile molecule is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t like water and the other side is hydrophilic, which means it loves water. You need these two different components to be able to break down fat.

If the liver isn’t making bile or the gallbladder isn’t functioning properly, or if you have no gallbladder due to removal, fats will not be properly processed. Then this creates a problem for the microbiome or the intestinal flora. I talked a bit about the microbiome in last week’s podcast, so I’m not going to talk too much about it here just to say that it is a part of the whole system that we have to look at.

Back to the liver gallbladder for a moment. The liver doesn’t store toxins. It deactivates them. You store toxins in fat. The liver also makes bile which travels to the gallbladder and is stored there to be used to further break down fats in the digestive process. But bile not only breaks down fats, it binds to toxins such as mold, metals and radioactive elements.

Now, here I should say something about electromagnetic frequencies, which tends to not only make the lymph fluid that we discussed in the last podcast thicker, not able to flow like it should through the body and out for elimination of toxins. EMF also makes the bile thicker. It makes it sluggish. So this is a problem because a sluggish bile flow can send the toxins back into blood circulation to be returned to the liver. And possibly this can happen over and over again.

Bile is made up of cholesterol and bilirubin, which are deactivated or old or dead red blood cells and salt. The cholesterol part is the water hating or hydrophobic part, and the salt part is the hydrophilic part that we discussed a few minutes back. The ratio of cholesterol to salt is important in the bile because the higher the cholesterol, the more sluggish the bile will be. This is why people with gallbladder problems or who don’t have a gallbladder do very well with what’s known as bile salts and other types of salts, such as the amino acid salts taurine, choline, etc.

Ginger, milk thistle, dandelion herbs…all help thin out the bile and help it flow more effectively. Hydration is also very important because dehydration causes thickening of the bile. And don’t drink too much with meals because this dilutes stomach acid, which I’d like to talk about next a little bit.

A mistake made by many doctors regarding stomach acid is assuming an individual has too much stomach acid and they prescribe antacids. The PH environment of the stomach is necessarily and naturally acidic due to the production of hydrochloric acid HCL. This is what’s needed to eliminate microbes and break down food for further digestion in the intestines. However, many people who get heartburn and have digestive issues actually have low stomach acid levels, which contributes to irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bowel obstruction or SIBO, GERD or heartburn, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and food allergies.

So, for example, we know the symptoms of heartburn are caused by stomach acid refluxing into the esophagus. One of the ways the stomach acid makes its way into the esophagus is because having too little stomach acid means your food is only partially broken down and it will start to ferment. This creates gaseous pressure that reverses the food and some stomach acid back up into your esophagus. Any amount of stomach acid in the esophagus will be irritating because this structure is delicate and it’s not protected like the stomach is. Over the counter and prescribed drugs will help the burning sensation in the esophagus but it’s just a Band-Aid. The danger of taking these drugs long term is eventually the signal to make stomach acid is blocked. If the problem was low stomach acid to begin with, this only makes it worse.

Doctors knew this over 100 years ago – that bacteria and poor gut environment created symptoms caused by insufficient stomach acid. But for the past 100 years, antacids have become such a highly profitable item for Big Pharma that the medical fact of low stomach acid causing problems has been substituted for high acid. And they make money from their drugs.

The fixes for low stomach acid are non patentable things like good nutrition, fresh air and sunshine, movement. Some of the ways you can signal your body to make enough stomach acid for incoming food are eating or supplementing with bitters. Some leafy greens and lettuces are considered bitter, and this is the reason for the ancient tradition of eating a small salad as the first course in a meal. However, fermented vegetables are even better to start your meal as this will wake up the vagus nerve which goes from your gut to your brain, letting your body know its meal time produce stomach acid.

Ginger, dandelion, cilantro, milk thistle, parsley…all are bitter herbs.

One test that you can do to see if you have too much or too little stomach acid is taking about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in about a quarter or half a cup of water right before a meal. If your digestion is better, this is a sign that you were low in gastric acid. If you feel pain, this is a sign of a weakened gastric lining, maybe even an ulcer.

To get the gastric mucosa healthy, you can use aloe vera, glutamine, marshmallow root and other supplements in addition to good clean food.

A word about proton pump inhibitors or PPIs like Prilosec and Nexium. These work to shut down proton pumps. These are tiny pumps that normally cause a chemical reaction to produce stomach acid. They’re located in the stomach and this results in even less stomach acid and total gut impairment. Secondary problems arise from the vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by these drugs, and some of the more serious conditions are kidney and heart disease and dementia.

In fact, most of the drugs that they make these days are so powerful and so dangerous that you would be foolish to continue to take these chemicals that are only going to make you sick or sicker. You can’t get away from the fact that these substances have to go through the liver and through the intestines and hopefully they won’t make it into circulation because you’ve taken care of yourself and your immune system is strong.

This isn’t only for people that have taken the vaccine because there are other deployment methods that they have, such as in the chemtrails and the food and the water. You would be really wise to start thinking in terms of how to make your digestive system work better, how to eliminate some of the toxins that may be in your environment and in your body, no matter who you are and where you are on the planet. Because as I’ve been saying all along, this is going to be your best weapon against illness and anything that the globalists or the Deep State or the Anthony Faucis and the Bill Gates of the world can throw at us. Learn what herbs you can use to treat common conditions rather than running to the drugstore to get something.

And just a short comment about blood sugar. When blood sugar is high in the body, the sugar molecules bind to proteins in the blood, which are very sticky and reactive. These sugar molecules damage all the endothelial lining of your body like blood vessels, and also damage the nerves. This is particularly concerning in people that have been vaccinated because we know that this is exactly where the spike protein goes and attacks the endothelial linings of the vessels. This is where the blood clots begin to form.

So when this happens through high blood sugar, this is called glycation. And if this isn’t controlled, such as in diabetes, a person ends up with kidney failure, congestive heart failure, optic and peripheral neuritis and all kinds of other things. That’s exactly what the spike protein does – damages the endothelial lining of the body.

Something I forgot to mention earlier is that the mRNA technology in the shots, when it comes in contact with the EMF, the electromagnetic frequencies of things like 5G especially, it has the ability to release a pathogen. So visualize that as the ingredients of the vaccine being inside the body can be activated to release spike protein or a drug. It’s the bioreactor concept only it’s triggered by electromagnetic frequency instead of light or temperature.

Now I realize that for many people, this is a lot. It’s a lot to digest and a lot to learn. But you know what they say the journey of 1000 steps begins with the first one.

There’s so much more to talk about, what we’re learning about the vaccine and the so called virus and the disease, COVID 19. Every day new information comes out, and I’m just one of the voices among many that feel obligated to continue to share the information that I can find in a concise way that’s helpful to everyone.

The health of the immune system is top priority when it comes to fighting off disease, any kind of disease, whether it be a virus or bacteria, even a broken bone, heart attacks. It’s the immune system and lifestyle as well. We’ve discussed things like taking walks and being out in nature to help ground us and make us feel refreshed. We’ve discussed nutrition. We’ve discussed a few things that you can take and assimilate into your own life so that your quality of life is improved.

I’ll never forget that they took away two years of my life due to this COVID disaster. But it’s taught me to take really good care of myself. That’s what I’ve gleaned from all the news articles that I see and people that I speak to.

So we’ll continue the health talks next week. Sorry I took a week off, it was my birthday week and I just kind of got lost, in the mountains actually, and it was beautiful.

All right, then. Be well everyone. Bye for now.







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