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Have you ever heard some-one say :

“Cancer runs in my family. My grandmother had it… my aunt had it… and I may as well accept that I’m going to get it too.”

“Almost everyone in my family is overweight, including me. It’s in our genes. I’ll never be able to lose weight – no matter how hard I try.”

“My dad died of heart disease when he was just 50. I have his genes, so I’ll probably die young, too.”

Or maybe it was YOU saying those things, because you’ve been led to believe that your genes are fixed and can never be changed.

Well, what if everything you’ve been told about your genes is WRONG?

What if you could change your genes – and take control of your health – in as little as 2 minutes?

In the exciting field of epigenetics, scientists have discovered that your DNA – which is shaped like a double helix – is not a fixed structure after all. You can, in fact, alter your DNA with such things as magnetic fields, heart coherence, positive mental states and intention.

In a recent study conducted at the Institute of HeartMath, human DNA was placed inside a sealed test tube. Test subjects were then trained to generate focused feelings. When they produced negative emotions, the two strands that make up the human DNA would wind together more tightly.

However, when they focused on feelings of love and appreciation, the DNA strands relaxed and exhibited positive changes – in just two minutes!

Just think about what this means…

You have the power to reprogram your genes – and radically transform your health destiny!

Using your emotions is just one way to change your DNA. There are many other ways that are easy for you to do in the privacy and comfort of your own home – without any medical intervention whatsoever.

By tapping into the science of epigenetics, you can rewrite the way your genes express themselves and…

  • Experience spontaneous remission from diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes…
  • Conquer your biggest health challenge – whether it’s losing weight… boosting your immunity… or just getting healthier…
  • Sleep like a baby at night, knowing you’re able to change the abnormal genes you inherited into healthy DNA that you can pass down to the next generation…
  • And enjoy better health than you ever dreamed possible.

This revolutionary discovery can change your life – and the lives of your future children and grandchildren.




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