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Rubbery Clot Formation Shown In Living C19 Unvaccinated – Hydrogel Replacing Blood

July 22, 2023

Dr. Ana  does Live Blood Analysis in her clinic and is able to see the changes in blood after treatment with EDTA IV. If you don’t have access to a clinic that does EDTA IV you can also take it orally. The difference in results is the time it takes to clear heavy metals and other foreign toxins from the body; EDTA IV 3 days to 1 week, oral EDTA 1+ month. See product and more info about EDTA chelation HERE

The unvaccinated individual may be symptomatic from C19 vaccine shedding if they live with a vaccinated individual. Symptoms can include fatigue, malaise, emotional stress, nausea and more.

The footage of the blood shows the polymer mesh network; many quantum dot light emitting structures coordinating self assembly. The hydrogel has become a solid sheet of material and you can see ongoing activity. When taken slightly out of focus you will see the optical communication coordination between individual self assembly quantum dots.

The keen eye will see the spike protein shape forming in the cell as well as the filament formation we’ve seen in previous posts (see below video).

Environmental Democide SGT Report (What do chemtrails have to do with it?)
New Findings in Unvaccinated Blood (photos with descriptions)
Decontaminating the Blood with EDTA (before and after photos)

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From Dr. Ana:

I continue to sound the alarm of these extremely worrisome findings. People ask me all the time to be careful as I may get targeted by the corrupt FDA, Medical Boards, fake media and other government agencies who have knowingly contributed to this genocide.

My answer is the same: I am witnessing and documenting the mechanism of genocide that most people are not talking about, and that means not enough scientists are actively findings answers. We are running out of time. This is an immediate threat to the survival of all of humanity and must be addressed. I do not understand why doctors and scientists around the world will not stand up and do their own research on this – and why human beings everywhere are not revolting against their corrupt health care systems and governments asking for immediate answers. Right now the digital currency system is being rolled out. The surveillance under the skin has already happened and this self assembly polymer and the self assembly quantum dots are part of that technology, making your biometric data accessible as well as mind control remotely possible.

Mankind will not survive this if people do not address the problem. This process is rapidly accelerating and evolving. I am postulating that there has been some sort of frequency acceleration rolled out within the last few weeks for what I see now is worse then ever before. Look at the videos and see for yourself. These are C19 unvaccinated people and there is no question about the reality of shedding of nanotechnology and synthetic biology as well as environmental contamination via geoengineering.

If we are to survive, WE MUST ACT NOW.

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