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How Ivermectin and the Immune System Work – Basics

by | Mar 8, 2022

Episode 3 – How Ivermectin (IVM) and the Immune System Work- Basics


I think by now most of us know that the media has gaslighted all of North America, saying, IVM is a horse pill and shouldn’t be taken for covid.

Maybe some of you are even trying to get some IVM, whether you’ve heard you should use it for prevention, or therapeutically because you know this is a solution to the disease we call covid.

As of the beginning of 2022, 39% of the countries in the world have adopted IVM as a treatment for covid with tremendous success including India, Japan and South Africa.

First of all, it’s not a horse pill. IVM was approved by the FDA and commercialized in 1981, so we’ve known for decades that it has phenomenal antiviral properties against all sorts of viruses, including coronaviruses.

It’s been used successfully to treat dengue, zika, yellow fever and river blindness in underdeveloped countries.

Just a couple of days ago the America’s Frontline Doctors published a video describing the events in October 2021 where a group of doctors were asked by the WHO to report on dozens of studies from around the world evaluating IVM for the treatment of covid 19.  Dr. Tess Lawrie Confirming Ivermectin DEFINITIVE CURE

The doctors made remarkable discoveries. They found that IVM reduced the incidence of the disease, hospitalizations, and deaths significantly in the countries using it.


Regardless of these findings, one of the doctors involved in the study changed his stance and concluded that more randomized trials were needed before submitting results to government regulatory agencies to be able to give the official ok to treat covid patients with IVM.

The study discovered that approximately 80% covid deaths can be avoided (ref)

IVM is cheap, and effective, but would have prevented Bill Gates from enjoying a 20:1 return on investment in vaccines, and the vaccine industry to make its record-breaking billions during the pandemic.

The painful truth is that with each of these injections people are destroying their immune systems and will be vulnerable to any number of diseases long-term.

IVM is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic that has been used safely for decades. One of the reasons it is so popular is because in the body IVM is attracted to parasites and kills them, leaving almost zero impact on the biochemistry of human beings.

While there are some uncomfortable side effects for some people, most people taking IVM for covid and post-vaccine problems, are experiencing more beneficial effects than negative side effects.


How IVM stops viruses: 

I’m going to have to give a brief cell biology explanation before I explain how IVM works.

Picture a cell in the body that’s a structure with a membrane that separates the inside from the outside.

Only a few substances can penetrate the membrane, such as certain lipid particles, and there are also other mechanisms for getting substances across the membrane, such as ion concentrations or gradients, and molecules that are escorted in with special proteins, such as enzymes.

Within the cell is a fluid called cytoplasm that bathes the organelles, such as such as the nucleus, mitochondria, microtubules, etc., and various proteins.



A lot goes on in the cytoplasm in the presence of a viral protein such as SARS-CoV-2.



Special proteins called Integral Membrane Proteins, or IMPs, act like taxis that transport certain substances past the membrane and into the cell under certain conditions.

If the right shape of molecule and the right charge are present, things like viruses will be brought to a receptor on the cell membrane which opens up to let the molecule into the cell’s cytoplasm.

When a viral protein like SARS-COV2 is present in the cytoplasm the IMPs grab it and bring it to the receptor on the nucleus, which also has a membrane. The receptor on the membrane recognizes this is something it can open for, and the viral protein is dropped off in the nucleus where it interacts with RNA and DNA and replicates.

In the presence of IVM the IMPs are blocked from picking up the viral protein, and the receptor on the cell therefore can’t recognize any compatibility and will not open for the virus.

This is the way IVM inhibits spike protein replication; the protein will not make it to the nucleus where the DNA is.

It inhibits a couple of other pathways and inhibits clotting. There’s a receptor on your platelets and red cells that cause clumping, and ivermectin literally binds to that receptor and pushes SARS-CoV-2 off of it.

And we know that COVID is an inflammatory clotting disease.

Perhaps the most important way IVM works is this: Whenever you have an infection, especially viral infections, your body produces a protein called interferon whose purpose is to signal nearby cells to heighten their antiviral defenses, and trigger killer immune cells to fight the invaders.

So, interferon alerts your immune system to attack and go after the virus to stop it from replicating.

SARS-COV2 hijacks this molecule, and makes it dormant which is like telling the body “you don’t need interferon.”

What IVM does is tickle the nucleus of your cells and says, Hey, crank out the interferon, and that’s what it does. Similarly, it puts you into a good inflammatory pathway so you can fight, and then it calms those dangerous cytokines.

These are just a few of the mechanisms of this phenomenal, life saving drug.



The immune system concept is a little abstract but here’s what you need to know.

When we say we have to boost our immune system, we’re not talking about one organ like the heart or the liver.

The immune system is a network that’s made up of cells, tissues AND organs, and works in many areas of the body, for example, the skin is a physical barrier against germs.

Mucus is another physical barrier that creates a moist lining for organs and other soft tissue body systems to trap and fight foreign substances. White blood cells attack invading substances and ward off ailments. The lymphatic system is made up of various organs and tissues.

Antibodies are proteins that your immune system makes to help fight infection and protect you from getting sick in the future. When you are infected with a virus or bacteria, your immune system makes antibodies specifically to fight it. Your immune system can also safely learn to make antibodies through vaccination.

Vitamin D is critical. It controls up to five percent of our genome.

And it’s not just a vitamin, it’s a pro-hormone or a building block the body uses to make hormones.

Vitamin D is directly or indirectly responsible for turning on 2000 genes in our body. Those genes signal each other, they talk to each other through metabolic pathways using on and off signals.

Picture a train switching station where trains are given red and green lights to stop or go. If you don’t have adequate levels of vitamin D, you won’t be able to stop certain reactions from happening. For example, the cytokine storm that kills people – this is a vitamin D signaling problem.

So, if you go into an illness low in vitamin D, you can’t turn off those pathways. But there are many studies that show if you have a vitamin D level above 50, you literally cannot develop a cytokine storm.

When you have adequate blood levels of vitamin D (which is between 50-65 ng/ml) all of the receptors in your body are saturated, and the storm is halted by the fact that you have just the right level to keep all the bad cytokine pathways from turning on.

Your body can interpret gene to gene signaling: “You turn on, you turn off, you turn on, you turn off…But, if you’re depleted or deficient in vitamin D, it’s a train wreck because that important signaling molecule, vitamin D, is absent.

The other ways viruses and toxins are eliminated include the actions of zinc which is a mineral, and glutathione which is the body’s master anti-oxidant. And glutathione is also deficient in those vulnerable to getting the disease.

We discussed these concepts at length in the first 2 episodes: “The Graphene Oxide Detox (GOD) Protocol” and “How I’m Detoxing From The Covid Shots” so I won’t go into them here. I just felt it was important to emphasize the role of vitamin D which, by the way, was also shown to be deficient in virtually all the people who were getting covid early on.


There are many other methods, minerals, antioxidants and hormones that are good immune boosters and antivirals and I hope you see the importance maintaining your immune system at peak level so you don’t fall victim to anything they might throw at us next. Sorry to put it that way but that’s the way it is, this isn’t a pandemic it’s a plandemic and a scamdemic orchestrated by a bunch of psychopaths.


We all know it’s criminal to be withholding IVM from those who want it. This is an absolute cure, especially when given in the early stages but my understanding is that it works at any stage.

I’m on my 4th day of taking IVM and will report soon how my course of treatment went.

Thanks for listening and I hope you’ll join me next week when I interview Hope and Tivon, a husband and wife team who are 5G/EMF experts that tell us about the invisible energetic fields that they believe carry the spike protein in a process called transmission or what some call the shedding of the virus. I think you will be fascinated and enlightened.


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