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Episode 16 – The Plan to Implant Humanity with Cancer Viruses – Dr. Judy Mikovits and Alex Jones



Episode 16 – The Plan to Implant Humanity with Cancer Viruses


Dr. Mikovits: Every single talk I give has always been based on published data. I show you the facts and how the words are twisted and how the words are used differently to lie to the public. This is my testimony. This bioweapon has killed 61,000 millennials. I have a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology. I defended my thesis, which was HIV latency, that is silencing in monocytes, in a type of cell in the innate immune system. And basically, if your cell biology, your innate immunity is kept strong, what the thesis said was HIV will never cause AIDS. I defended that thesis one week after Magic Johnson declared that he tested seropositive. That means he had an antibody. We didn’t have PCR, well we had PCR. But Kary Mullis was still alive and knew. You don’t test for infectious viruses, particularly retroviruses, as 8% of our genome is retroviral. This was the basis of all my work and PhD thesis saying HIV doesn’t have to cause disease if you keep your innate immune system healthy. And my work progressed through the nineties where I was literally developing clones of cell lines in order to support growth of other viruses like Ebola and other strains of viruses, to understand the molecular pathways of how they cause disease with the idea that you would attenuate those pathways and make them weaker.


Dr. Mikovits: But what actually Tony Fauci and the pharmacy that owns our country, the FDA, the CDC, what they were actually doing was experimenting on the most vulnerable in our society, using these cell lines. I cultured Ebola Zaire strain. I looked at Ebola Zaire strain versus Ebola Reston strain and showed in the mid nineties, actually published and put a publication together in in all of this, and here the Ebola Reston strain from the bats is grown efficiently in the Vero E6 clone. It’s a sub clone, you clone by limiting dilution – how to make these cells these viruses not kill the cells so that you can grow them and theoretically develop them by understanding the mechanisms, natural product therapies or treatments. And what that work showed throughout the three decades was, in fact, what Tony Fauci was doing was weaponizing these.


Dr. Mikovits: I was arrested in 2011 when the discovery that I published in the journal Science in 2009 was shown to be a family of mouse related viruses known as XMRVs. So murine leukemia, virus related retrovirus, they literally cause cancer and they literally were spread through the labs, nosocomial, through the lab workers.


Dr. Mikovits: These were mouse viruses, monkey viruses that were being used in these cell lines to recombine. And this is all the work of Baric. So I was arrested in 2011 for refusing to lie about the data, publish it a different way, interpret it a different way, and, you know, basically just defraud the public and keep the game going. I was arrested without a warrant. This is all the topic of the movie Plandemic….






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