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Luciferase and HeLa cells in covid shots with Karen Kingston & The War on Blood with Judy Mikovits (2 videos)

December 12, 2022

Click on photo for video or download audio from link below


One questionable ingredient is a product known generically as Luciferase, which is a bioluminescent enzyme catalyst that gives the vials of liquid vaccine a blueish glow under certain light.

“It’s in the patent so we know it’s in the product,” Kingston said.

Luciferase serves two purposes, she said.

“It’s a chemical agent used for scientific testing, so what it does is it will map out and test to see what genetic changes have occurred within the biology of a specimen, which in this case is a human being.

“It’s also a catalyst for amplification and replication of genetic material and it improves the integration of that material into cells.

“So it both provides information and testing as well as replication of genetic material and integration of that genetic material into cells. It aides in these processes.”

But that’s not the most shocking revelation about the vaccines. That honor is reserved for the HeLa immortal cell line used in scientific research and included in the vaccines. It is the oldest and most commonly used human cell line, named after a 31-year-old mother of five who died on Oct. 4, 1951, of cervical cancer. The cell line was taken from her cancer cells on Feb. 8, 1951. Her name was Henrietta Lacks.

HeLa cells have been reported to contain human papilloma virus 18 (HPV-18) sequences.

“What’s in the vaccines has been proven to accelerate the formation of cancer cells and if you have cancer it’s going to accelerate the cancer growth in your body in a couple of different ways,” Kingston said. “One is the patent contains the HeLa stem cell line, an immortal stem cell line from a woman from the 1950s who died from cervical cancer. Unlike the normal stem cells, this is from the most aggressive cancer.

“It accelerates cancerous cell growth. It’s very deadly.”

The code or genetic sequencing from that cell line is now in the vaccine.

In this interview, Dr. Mikovits said something that made me dig a little deeper, and I found something from Oct. 2021 that I’d never heard:

She believes that the AIDS epidemic that spread throughout the world was caused by the Hepatitis B vaccine, which was contaminated, “But this information was kept from people, as they spread the disease. They prevented therapies, like Peptide T therapy, which our colleague, the late Candace Pert and Dr Ruscetti had actually designed. It’s a modulated peptide [whereas, Fauci advocated] high levels of toxic AZT…


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