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The researchers and scientists at La Quinta Columna’s primary objective is to show THE REALITY, no matter how uncomfortable the TRUTH may be due to the nature of the events or news in which it participates, without being subject to damages and conflicts of economic, moral, ethical, political, religious interest, ideological or otherwise. 

January 2, 2022
There are four strange corners. Four perfectly square-angular shapes and circuitry inside. These are electronic components. This is what’s formed at the base. Here are what appear to be ceramic capacitors or some other type of electronic component or circuitry. As I say, this is part of the contents of the Pfizer vaccine. Here’s another perfectly artificial corner. Let’s adjust the image a little bit. Here and here too. This is micro-technology. This is probably a micro-router.

January 3, 2022
If you thought the video about microtechnology detected in a Pfizer vial by La Quinta Columna was shocking enough, the team of Spanish researchers has shared today another one even more impressive.

In a single drop that has been left to dry, it has been possible to observe microstructures that would explain the phenomenon behind the generation of MAC addresses.

January 4, 2022
And we’re also going to see the same in the following images. That is, when this material is injected, let’s say, that the parts of the puzzle are separated. And once inside the body, through by action mechanisms of the organism itself, and the surrounding electromagnetic radiation in the environment, the pieces join together Self-assembly is the term. And more and more complex structures gradually appear.

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