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Current myocarditis cases in young adults caused by covid vaccine is “the tip of the iceberg”

November 7, 2021


  • – The disease-causing spike protein on the virus is the same spike protein that’s in the human body after vaccination
  • – The conflict of interest between the vaccine manufacturers and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is glaring
  • – Censorship surrounding harm from the vaccines and importance of early treatment with known therapeutics
  • – The spike protein persists in the human body for 15 months after respiratory infection (long covid)
  • – The spike protein goes to every organ system in the body (uncontrolled) via a lipid nanoparticle ‘coat’ that attaches easily to cell membranes in brain, adrenals, ovaries and testes, and the heart.
  • – Taking boosters after being immunocompromised ensures it will be impossible for the human body to clear out the spike protein; Dr. McCoullough says this is a permanent installation of a damaging inflammatory protein
  • – Gain of function research in Wuhan allowed the virus to invade the human body
  • – The adenovirus (Johnson & Johnson) and mRNA (Moderna, Pfizer) vaccines install genetic code that gives directions to the body to produce the covid spike protein (this has never been done before; we have never given instructions to human cells to produce a foreign protein)
  • – Myocarditis (body attacks its own muscle cells) after the second vaccine dose in young people is ‘explosive’
  • – Everything we’ve learned about the vaccines is bad and they do not stop covid 19
  • – Intentional suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear and suffering which prepared the public for mass vaccination
  • – The virus has completely mutated: 100% of the current infections is the Delta Variant
  • – The way out of this pandemic is to break the grip of fear

WARNING: The video contains some disturbing images of young adults having extreme adverse reactions post vaccine. Viewer discretion is advised.





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