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Newly found nanotech and unidentified lifeforms in Pfizer vaccine (photos)

Mar 14, 2022

Dr. Sevillano discovers new strange ‘life forms’ in Pfizer vaccine samples


Spanish to English translation verbatim (see source article reference below):

Dr. José Luis Sevillano is conducting research based on the observation and evolution of different possible unidentified life forms in the most detailed way possible. He has spent several days identifying different structures: from filaments that are formed based on DNA crystals, Morgellons, and strange life forms.

In a recent program, he identified some structures that look like long leaves and others that are more vermiform and frightening.

Orwell City brings Dr. Sevillano’s observations and theories to English.

Dr. Sevillano: These are the ones I was telling you about. They’re all of this kind and look alike. And I don’t know if it’s contamination or something else. I don’t know if they’re plants or something else. That’s why I was saying that if there’s someone who’s an expert in these things, please tell me.

Ricardo Delgado: A botanical expert. A botanist.

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. And there are many of them. I have observed this in the first sample that I took, and I have left it to dry. Let’s see if it dries completely. But these things have appeared so far. This doesn’t look like pollen or anything like that. So I wondered, is this contamination or what? I have my doubts about this, but there it is. Just in case, I’ll confirm it for you. Look at the shape of it. And look, this is what makes me suspect that the famous carbon deposits are releasing that sort of tube-like…

Ricardo Delgado: Filaments?

Dr. Sevillano: Filaments or I don’t know what is born from them. And that’s why I took the picture because I said I thought: “Couldn’t all this come out of the charcoals and then come to life? Or what’s that?”

There are more pictures, see? Another one again. That one looks like… These are… Anyway, I’ll confirm it when I see I look at tonight’s sample again. These are from the first sample. These things have been popping up over the last few days.

I have to confirm if this is contamination or something else that comes up after a few days in the sample.

Ricardo Delgado: My goodness.

Dr. Sevillano: It looks like a plant, right? Like it’s some kind of plant. You can see that when you leave it there on its side. And now, this is from the new sample that I have with the coverslip, on the drop. So, there’s no possibility of contamination there.

This is one of the famous microchips. This is a photo at 10X. And the previous one was at 40X. Look at this… 40X. So you can see that this previous structure isn’t crystal of any kind. Neither of sucrose. It’s not a crystal. It’s a plate of the kind we’ve already seen. A microchip or what has also been seen as a nanochip.

Ricardo Delgado: Look at that.

Dr. Sevillano: See? See the indentations that form there? That’s so you can see the self-assembly.

Ricardo Delgado: Unbelievable. All of this is seen in Pfizer’s vaccine.

Dr. Sevillano: Another one of the indentations. You can see that from a distance it looks like a crystal, maybe, but up close you realize that it’s nanotechnology. This is a strange structure that I have seen that was shaped like a pyramid with several… It’s very strange. And I took a picture of it. I don’t know exactly what that is.

Ricardo Delgado: Another one.

Dr. Sevillano: It’s another microchip. And this is something else. A ribbon that in the enlargement loops around. I took the screenshot of the two ends because then it kind of loops around, and it looks like it could make a… This isn’t a droplet, but it’s the ends extending.

Ricardo Delgado: Yes.

Dr. Sevillano: That’s where I took the starting photo because it was so big that I couldn’t capture it all in the same capture. And there is another one of the supposed plants. I’m sure it’s not contamination because I’ve made from this new sample that’s covered with a coverslip on the slide. Here is another one of these famous plants, like the ones I showed you the other days. That one. And now comes the most frightening one. This is a small one.

And then the next one and the one after that are the scariest ones I’ve ever seen. There you see it. This has appeared the day after I made the sample. I prepared it last night. And this afternoon, looking through the microscope, I spotted it. That hasn’t grown, but it was already in the drop. Here it is seen with less magnification. From far away. That’s seen at 10X. And then there’s another one. Let’s see if we can see another. That one is terrifying. That’s seen at 40X.

Ricardo Delgado: This one.

Dr. Sevillano:Yes. And now you’ll see it from far away. It’s too big too. There you can see the folds that make those… I don’t know if they’re leaves or what the heck is that. And now you’ll see it from far away. Horrible.

Ricardo Delgado: There.

Dr. Sevillano: That’s it.

Ricardo Delgado: Holy crap!

Dr. Sevillano: Those aren’t microchips, you know. That’s something else. So if people complain about things happening to them, how do they want nothing to happen? How do you want nothing to happen?

So far we’ve identified graphene, a microchip, they can go nanochips, this thing, what I showed you at the beginning, which is that sort of thing that looks like… I don’t even know what that is. We’re going to consider like that was contamination, but this thing that you just saw isn’t contamination for sure. I’m sure it’s not because I covered the sample as soon as I prepared it to avoid contamination. And that’s protected. The first thing you’ve seen looks to me like it’s no contamination. But until I see how this drop evolves now, I can’t guarantee it. I’ll be monitoring to see if the same shape appears, because those little ones that we saw at the beginning, I have the feeling that they’re also going to appear over time.

Ricardo Delgado: Surely.

Dr. Sevillano: Anyway, I prefer to wait.

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