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Nanotech Plandemic – New important information about what is being used to change blood and organ systems

This interview with SGT Report, Hope & Tivon is probably the most critical information you need to know regarding exactly how the nanotech I’ve been showing you (in the vaccine, under the microscope and in the blood) was deployed as an experiment to 44,000 active US military men, women and children, all the while Pfizer and DARPA knowing the serious injuries it caused beforehand.

What you will learn in this video is how the technology transmits people’s data, via very sophisticated means, to others through ‘shedding’ and ends up in the cloud for other uses the industry is working on.

Resources mentioned in the video are below video

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Antibiotics identified as risk factors for kidney stones

Antibiotics identified as risk factors for kidney stones

Five classes of oral antibiotics have been identified as risk factors for kidney stones. The association is most pronounced among younger children, and remains statistically significant for up to five years after exposure, except for broad-spectrum penicillin.

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