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New Findings In Unvaccinated Live Blood

by | Jun 25, 2023

“In my recent substacks, I have been showing the self assembly process of the hydrogel/CDB filaments from spheres filled with artificial intelligent particles. I want to continue documenting my findings of C19 un-injected blood showing a worsening of the toxicity of blood findings and an acceleration in self – assembly.” Dr. Ana Mihalcea

Below are some photos from Dr. Ana’s Substack. For more stunning footage, please support her amazing and important work HERE  Be forewarned, there are some very shocking and disturbing activities going on in the blood in the videos on that page. Nonetheless, pieces still coming together and many researchers are exposing the agenda. Artificial intelligence? Alien technology? Transhumanism tech?  Are the blinking lights the same as what we believe to be smart dust (see video HERE). Many still unanswered questions.

Click on photos below to enlarge in a lightbox:

Hydrogel filament that looks like a device with highly abnormal surrounding blood

Unvaccinated Blood shows light particle filled sphere and hydrogel filament growing out of it

The spheres themselves appear empty but create the hydrogel filaments. This has a toxic effect on the red blood cells (spiked)

Toxicity and sludge-like appearance of the blood. This was taken after the large sphere emptied its contents and formed filaments.

Self-assembly of multiple spheres from an unjabbed person who has a jabbed partner

Self-assembling spheres continue to grow and create the filaments from the substrate of the spheres. These growing spheres have been found in 8 month old embalmed blood

Here you can see small spheres that help create the filaments. Extreme toxicity (spiking) to the blood.

Sphere creating long filament strands with background rouleaux formation (blood stacking). You can see smaller spheres involved in self assembly process, close to the whitish filament structure. That is not blood, it’s nanotechnology substrate.  

Highly abnormal grid like pattern of toxic blood due to the filament. The blood is not mobile and not transporting oxygen. Multiple blinking lights (see previous posts with video footage) involved in self-assembly of the filaments

Huge spheres that have self assembled crossing filaments, artificial intelligence lights seen in left upper quadrant with toxic blood

Multiple spheres with near complete self assembly of filaments and blood clumping seen.

DARPA hydrogel? 

Enormous filament size with many spheres that self assembled it. 100x magnification

Spherical self assembly with significant blood coagulation.


Material filled spheres getting ready to create hydrogel filaments with blinking artificial intelligence red lights controlling process seen in blood. See video here (start at 34:36):

Enormous filament size with many spheres that self assembled it. 100x magnification

Classic blue nano technology filament with blood toxicity.

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