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No One Was Told They Were Injected With Electromagnetic Devices

July 9, 2023

My family has been investigating and reporting on the ‘bioweapon disguised as a vaccine’ from the day we heard about the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2, that turned into COVID the disease. In the first of her new series, I’m very pleased and proud of my daughter, whose time and effort to get the truth out there by exposing the lies, continues to wake people up. And we will continue to expose the agenda behind all the 3-letter agencies regardless of the censoring, shadowbanning, trolling, etc., etc.,  we have been through it all and continue to stand in TRUTH!

As I have mentioned in previous posts/emails, I am being throttled in my ability to communicate with my subscribers, so that is why I must put this post in 2 places. Please forgive the duplication but this seems to be the point where we have to pull out all stops. I figure, if they’re monkeying around anyway I’m just going to be completely candid rather than careful that I might be censored in some weird way – I already am!

Thank you for subscribing to my site these past many years (for some of you), I’m very grateful to know people like you! I will soon be transferring all my health products to another site where I will not be posting these types of alternative news articles, only alternative health information. If you would like to be notified of the launch please go HERE

In service to the truth,

From HopeGirl: This video is one of several videos we are calling the COVID Truth Educational Series. It has been put together in a step by step educational format. The purpose of these videos is to help clear up the confusion of the lies that have been told to the public through the COVID agenda. We believe that educating people about the truth of what was done to the human population through COVID is the best defense humanity has against this ever happening again, and those who planned COVID are definitely planning to do something again in the near future.

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