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Is the pandemic the largest criminal operation humanity has ever witnessed?

July 10, 2021


Many of humanity’s leading voices in the fields of science, healthcare, law and journalism are speaking out. I invite you to listen to these heroes of humanity, who risk everything to inform you about what is truly happening in the world today.

“Cures for covid are hidden because this is a planned plague”

Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker is an internationally leading scientist who works with over 5,000 medical doctors in almost 30 nations. He has developed a 100% effective cure for COVID-19 and all its variations. This treatment has lowered the daily death rate in several Latin American nations from 100 deaths a day to virtually none. A clinical study has confirmed the effectiveness of this treatment. He is, however, heavily censored. In this eye- opening video he explains why his lifesaving cure is hidden from humanity.

“A life threatening disinformation campaign is launched worldwide”

Doctor Simone Gold is the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, a large group of leading physicians in the United States. Their famous White Coat Summit was viewed over twenty million times in just a few hours’ time. These medical experts expose a life threatening misinformation campaign which has been unleashed on all of humanity concerning the pandemic. In the video below, Dr. Simone Gold sums up some of the worst lies that are being projected by manipulative media, criminal governments and corrupt health organizations.

“The new vaccines are designed to start the process of transhumanism”

Doctor Carrie Madej has researched vaccines for over twenty years, and has attended top medical conferences where she heard the typical ‘evil professors’ outline their plans for humanity. Dr Madej directed two large medical clinics in Georgia, USA. Because of her decades of research, she is a respected medical authority and probably the most interviewed physician in the world. In the video below, she explains how the new generation of vaccines are designed to alter the human DNA and shift humanity 1.0 into humanity 2.0.

“We have the evidence that the pandemic is a crime against humanity”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a world famous trial lawyer, who has been suing large fraudulent corporations for decades. Dr. Fuellmich and a vast international network of lawyers have interviewed more than a hundred experts from every field of science. They have conclusive evidence that the pandemic and lockdowns are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed. Discover in the video below what this amazing hero of humanity is revealing…

“Journalists are paid to lie, betray and never tell the truth to the public”

An editor from a leading European newspaper confesses how journalists are paid to always lie to the public. The technical director of CNN admits on hidden camera that CNN spreads propaganda instead of news. The chief editor of a major Dutch newspaper says they are the ones who position the prime ministers. The famous journalist Julian Assange from WikiLeaks says that wars are caused by media. See how the media is used to deceive the world… 


How did they pull off the pandemic?

David Icke is a world-renowned investigative journalist whose predictions were labeled as ‘conspiracy theories’; yet everything he has predicted so far has happened exactly as he said it would. In this animated documentary, he explains how an internationally organized network of criminals has been able to pull off a global pandemic hoax. 

pandemic truth


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