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The perfect storm – vaccination and modern malnutrition

January 14, 2017

We have the perfect storm for creating an environment that will continue to injure and destroy the health of our most precious gifts, our children. We live in America, which is the most highly vaccinated country on the planet. Vaccinations alone are responsible for tremendous health damage.

We are also a country that consumes a highly processed, sugar-laden, vitamin-deficient diet, which adds its own set of health problems. Good nutrition is the cornerstone of a strong immune system capable of maintaining health and naturally fighting disease. The combination of vaccinations and poor diets contribute to our growing health epidemic, creating the perfect storm.

Current Health Epidemic Of Children

In 2013, one out of six children were diagnosed with a learning disability. One out of nine children struggled with asthma. One out of 50 children were seriously disabled with autism. One of 400 children suffered with debilitating diabetes.

Meanwhile, life-threatening autoimmune disorders have also skyrocketed, causing suffering for thousands. These illnesses correspond with growing, aggressive vaccination schedules.

The Insane Vaccine Schedule

Forty-nine doses of 14 vaccines are recommended between birth and age 6. Between birth and age 18, 69 dosages of 16 vaccinations are encouraged. Each vaccination contains a toxic cocktail which would be illegal to give someone in oral form, but is considered perfectly legal to inject directly into a child or adult.

Vaccines And Illnesses

Vaccines have been linked with every illness imaginable. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to deny causation by vaccination, billions of dollars have been awarded by the vaccine courts for vaccine-injured children. Vaccine injures include autoimmune disorders, autism, diabetes, attention-deficit disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and death.

Power Of Nutrition To Prevent Disease

Weston Price explored the cultures of groups around the world in the 1930s to discover the causes of tooth decay and crooked teeth. He discovered that several groups of endemic people had passed on traditional wisdom regarding nutrient-dense foods to ensure the health of future generations.

These groups maintained and carefully passed on their same traditional diets for several centuries. Their foods contained four to ten times more water- and fat-soluble vitamins compared to the American diet at that time. Thirty to eighty percent of their diets were comprised of healthy fats.

Price discovered these people were free from diseases, while also enjoying optimal, extraordinary health and strength. They also had perfectly straight teeth and few or no cavities.

These groups were not vaccinated in order to prevent disease. Their high nutrition provided immunity from disease. Tuberculosis was common during that era, but the traditional groups had immunity to this disease.

When some began adopting highly processed foods, they became susceptible to disease and tuberculosis became widespread.

Evidence Of Modern Malnutrition

In contrast, today’s children suffer from multiple health problems. Braces are considered a rite of passage for most teenagers, who lack the essential fat-soluble vitamins needed for adequate palates, allowing for straight teeth. Widespread vitamin D deficiency is more evidence of our lack of the important fat-soluble vitamins.

Foods that contain the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2 include organ meats, cream, cheese, butter, fats, and egg yolks from pastured animals, along with fish liver, eggs, and shellfish. These important foods have been demonized by our government institutions and their official health dietary recommendations.

The US Departments of Health and Humans Services (HHS) and of Agriculture (USDA) issue official dietary recommendations every five years. Their 2015 dietary guidelines continue to recommend low-fat meats and dairy for optimal health. This advice greatly reduces the availability of essential fat-soluble vitamins in the diet.

Schools, hospitals and other institutions receiving government funding of any kind must follow these guidelines in their selection of foods. As one example of the implications of these guidelines, whole fat milk, which is a much healthier choice than low-fat milk, especially important for growing children, will continue to be unavailable in all public schools.

Obesity and type 2 diabetes are widespread problems among our youth, due largely to high consumption of sugar and processed foods. The documentary Fed Up highlights this widespread problem and its many underlying causes.

One study found that sugar was more addictive than cocaine, explaining the difficulty some have in changing their eating habits.

The typical food consumed by most Americans is loaded with toxins, food dyes, additives and unsafe ingredients. These have all been connected with many health problems.  Many of these unsafe ingredients are banned in other countries, but still permitted in our food here.

The Solution To Our Health Crisis

In some regards, the answer to our health crisis is simple. The solution appears to be to discontinue the practice of vaccination, while increasing the consumption of nutrient-dense foods, including those containing essential fat-soluble vitamins.

Unfortunately, the large influences of the pharmaceutical companies and food giants which stand to profit greatly from selling dangerous, ineffective vaccinations and nutrient-deficient, addictive junk foods are a giant force that stands in the way.

Education is power. To learn more about nutrient-dense foods, check the Weston Price Foundation. To increase your knowledge about vaccinations, check the International Medical Council on Vaccination, the National Vaccine Information Center, and join our VacTruth mailing list to receive life-changing information about vaccines.

By Michelle Goldstein


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