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Prestigious Karolinska Institute forces EMF researcher to retire

January 13, 2017

One of the most respected electromagnetic frequency researchers in the world, Professor Olle Johansson, is being forced to retire from the Karolinska Institute apparently because Dr. Johansson’s research proves non-thermal adverse health effects from EMFs/RFs from microwave technology, things like Wi-Fi and AMI Smart Meters.

The Karolinska Institute namely wants Dr. Johansson to retire in advance of his desire to do so, due to a) a lack of funding, and b) lack of need for his services, i.e. the need for research concerning health effects of electromagnetic fields and the functional impairment of electrohypersensitivity, which does not exist any longer at the Institute. How ridiculous! Daily, more and more science is published regarding the problems with microwave technologies.

It’s quite apparent that those interested in keeping microwave technology ‘science’ in the dark ages are not interested in funding research such as Dr. Johansson engages in, i.e., looking for adverse health effects!

Humankind and all of Creation need Dr. Johansson’s research and publications more than ever if humans are not to have our brains fried from global microwave technology like G5 in the sky and everything we interact with saturating us with non-thermal radiation and its adverse effects, while not having the ability to get away from it. No government agency or researcher that I know of has calculated the cumulative effects on human tissue and our bodies from all the microwaves that pass through us moment by moment, day by day, year by year. Why?

Even places like this won’t be able to guarantee those who are electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS or IEI) will be able to live in peace and comfort.

Those who are confronting the problems with AMI Smart Meters, Wi-Fi in schools harming their children for several hours a day, perhaps you ought to take seriously Dr. Johansson’s forced retirement and what it will mean not to have valid research about what those who promote microwave technology don’t want us to know.

Let’s petition the “powers to be” at the Karolinska Institute to keep Dr. Olle Johansson on staff and even to fund his extremely important work regarding harmful non-thermal radiation adverse effects to humans, animals and plant life on Planet Earth.

Below are the officers of Karolinska Institute you should send an email to demanding Professor Olle Johansson NOT be forced to retire and his important EMF research continue.

Officers of Karolinska Institute:

Henrik Grönberg, M.D., Ph.D.
Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor

Per Bengtsson
University Director

Mats Engelbrektson

Per Hellman

Marie Tell, BSC
Deputy University Director

Thank you! You won’t regret it.

Currently, I’ve been preparing a legal Brief due January 25th regarding the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Administrative Law Court hearing I had November 2 and 3 for my refusing an AMI Smart Meter. There are so many aspects encompassing microwave technology non-thermal issues that I will be writing about after I meet my Pro Se legal case obligations.

Let’s keep Professor Johansson doing EMF research!

By Catherine J Frompovich

(Source:; January 11, 2017;

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