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7 Supplements for Weight Loss and Sugar Control

7 Supplements for Weight Loss and Sugar Control

The following supplements (see details below) are associated with the SUGAR WATCHERS WEIGHT LOSS COURSE

keto nootropic

Carnitine Tartrate
Chromium Synergy 
Metabolic Synergy 
Probiotic Synergy Spheres 
Zinc Challenge

BONUS!! Sugar Watchers Weight Loss Nutrition Full Version (109 pages PDF) by Valerie Robitaille, PhD

Program addresses:
The insulin response and problems with weight loss
Food cravings and what to do about them
Conscious living and changing our mindset about food
Hormone balancing

114 page pdf includes:
Food Lists and Charts
Over 50 Sample Meal Plans and over 100 Recipes
Carb Addict Questionnaire
Portion sizes and meal frequency
Detailed info about the fat-storing hormones



Sugar Watchers by Valerie Robitaille, PhD

Sugar Watchers by Valerie Robitaille, PhD

Sugar Watchers ebook excerpt:
When we eat, the pancreas puts out insulin. Eating carbohydrates causes the highest amount of insulin to be secreted. Insulin is a storage hormone. In graduate school we referred to it as the “fat” hormone because it helps store carbohydrates as fat (in case of future famine.) So basically, we are telling the body to store fat when we over-consume carbohydrates, particularly the refined type (bread, cereal, pasta and of course sugary foods – yes, even fruit).  Metabolically, when you eat foods high in sugar and carbs, you increase both blood sugar and insulin levels. Insulin is a “hungry hormone” and responsible for increased fat storage to boot! It signals the body not to release any stored fat. So you can’t even use your own stored body fat for energy, it just stays where it’s stored. Read more…


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