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Graphene Oxide Removal Supplements

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Astaxanthin 12 mgs 30 gels
Glutathione Reduced 500 mgs 60 caps
Melatonin 5 mgs 60 caps
Milk Thistle Plus 120 vcaps
NAC 500 mg 90 caps
Quercetin 300 mgs 60 caps
Vitamin C 1000 mgs 250 caps
Vitamin D3 5000 mgs 60 gelcaps
Zinc 30 mgs 60 caps

By Valerie Robitaille, PhD. 77 page PDF download (Directions for protocol begins on page 74).
Includes simple explanations/diagrams for the following:

Basic food designations (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber and processed food)
Hormones and glands
Digestive health
Liver health
Optimal food portions and shopping list
Why take supplements, and what supplements to take
50 recipes and 50 meal plan examples
To Purchase Health Guide & Protocol PDF download ONLY (for $9.99) please email me:


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A natural carotene antioxidant that protects cell membranes from free radical damage. Cellular integrity is necessary for the host (you) to fight against a viral infection. Astaxanthin modulates signals that regulate autophagy, a process your body performs to clean out cellular debris. Autophagy eats up damaged proteins, mitochondria, and germs, and activates critical enzymes that contribute to energy production. For example, Astaxanthin activates an enzyme called AMPK (adenosine monophosphate kinase), which signals the liver, pancreas, brain, spinal cord, colon, kidneys, skin, mouth, lungs, eyes, cartilage cells, mitochondria and other areas of the body to manage oxidative stress (e.g., germs and heavy metals such as graphene).


Perhaps the most important antioxidant “system” in the body with over 156,000 peer-reviewed research articles, glutathione occurs naturally in all human cells but most highly concentrated in the liver. It is an extremely important cell protectant that quenches dangerous free radicals in the skin, lens, cornea and retina of the eye, and is the foundation of detoxication in the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestinal epithelia, and other organs. Cells die when they no longer produce enough glutathione. NOTE: Graphene oxide creates a heavy toxic load

Glutathione is critical for healthy immune system function and is necessary for proper detoxification processes. It also plays a critical role in maintaining activity of other essentials such as vitamin C. Glutathione also induces natural killer cell activity and plays an important role in neutralizing infections.


The hormone melatonin, produced by the pineal gland, regulates our natural wake-sleep cycle. Melatonin combines both chronobiotic and cytoprotective properties. As a chronobiotic, melatonin regulates the sleep-wake cycle. As a cytoprotective molecule, melatonin reverses inflammation of the nervous system.

Melatonin also increases removal of toxic proteins by the glymphatic system, the brain’s waste disposal apparatus that works while you sleep.

When you are on a detox program you may have low levels of melatonin because it is being used up rapidly. As you age, your brain naturally produces less melatonin, which may inhibit the quantity and quality of your rest.

Melatonin has also been known to help fight jet lag as your body adjusts to the day-night time zone disruption of long-distance travel.

Milk Thistle

The active ingredient in Milk Thistle is silymarin which has long been recognized for its ability to benefit liver disorders, including hepatitis and cirrhosis, and protect the liver from poisons and toxins. Milk Thistle also increases the regenerative ability of damaged liver cells.

The liver has many functions in addition to processing the blood breaking down fats, producing urea, and filtering harmful substances in order to maintain a proper level of glucose (sugar) in the blood. The liver produces many substances (synthesis) and maintains the balance in the body of many nutrients (homeostasis). Our bodies make many waste products (e.g., bilirubin – the degradation product of our blood) which can only be excreted by the liver (excretory function). The liver plays a central role in the detoxification of drugs, chemicals, and heavy metals; substances are taken up by the liver, degraded and excreted. The liver is also an important player in our defense mechanisms.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

NAC comes from the amino acid L-cysteine and is needed for the body’s glutathione production (see glutathione above). NAC has many uses as an FDA approved drug: It has been used to loosen thick mucus in the lungs and is known to boost the immune system, suppress viruses, and reduce inflammation (antioxidant). NAC supplements are inexpensive and safe and have been used for decades.

Viruses need certain active pathways to enter the host’s (your) cell. NAC has been shown to inhibit some of these pathways; it is antiviral. It has also been demonstrated that NAC can reduce the incidence of pneumonia and improve lung function.

NAC has a long history of use in hospital emergency rooms as a remedy for acetaminophen poisoning and other conditions, such as a “cytokine storm” because it is a precursor for glutathione which tends to get depleted under these conditions.


Quercetin is a flavonoid (intermediate or end product of metabolism) that is found in abundance in fruits and vegetables and has been shown to be antiviral. Quercetin prevents heart disease and is used in the treatment of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Quercetin confers protection against many diseases including cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

Quercetin has demonstrated a high degree of antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity through an action that inhibits an enzyme needed by the virus to replicate. Flavonoids in general have anti-inflammatory effects, and quercetin in particular performs this action by neutralizing potentially damaging free radicals.

Quercetin also has antibacterial effects and reduces the development of atherosclerosis. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that the body uses, along with other antioxidants such as glutathione and quercitin, to detoxify. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals which damage the DNA of the cells. Vitamin C is essential for the liver to be able to process and eliminate accumulated toxins. When Vitamin C is low, the liver can become congested. This makes the detoxification process of heavy metals and other toxins difficult for the liver to accomplish.

There are a number of studies showing vitamin C is a powerful detoxing agent against heavy metal poisoning, but there are few available studies for the usefulness of vitamin C for graphene oxide removal after taking the covid vaccine. This is because of the nature of the censorship, and the recent phenomenon of the discovery of graphene oxide in the so-called vaccine.

Vitamin D

High-dose Vitamin D: Vitamin D3 Complete 5000 is formulated to respect the crucial importance of balancing vitamin D with vitamin A, especially for those who know they require extra vitamin D. It also contains the other oil-soluble vitamins, K2 (menaquinone-7) and DeltaGOLD® tocotrienols (part of the vitamin E family).


Zinc is involved in more than 200 enzymatic reactions and plays a key role in genetic expression, cell division, and growth. 



LISTEN: Graphene Oxide Detox (GOD) Protocol 


Graphene oxide is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), specifically the frequencies that are part of the 5G spectrum. All materials have what is known as an electronic absorption band. An absorption band is a range of wavelengths, frequencies or energies in the electromagnetic spectrum which are characteristic of a particular transition from initial to final state in a substance. This is a specific frequency above which a substance is excited and oxidizes very quickly. Frequencies beamed at human beings that have a build up of graphene oxide in their body can cause the graphene oxide to multiply very rapidly, breaking the balance of glutathione and causing a cytokine storm in a matter of hours.

Graphene Oxide is the main ingredient in DARPA  patented hydrogels. It is these hydrogels that are in the Covid Jabs, the PCR test swabs and the masks. A conductive hydrogel is a polymer like material that has substantial qualities and applications. They are developing different kinds of conductive hydrogels that are being used in many things, in our food, our water, and injected into our bodies in vaccines. Conductive hydrogels contain nanotech that locks on to your DNA and can be controlled by 5G sensors. They allow for DNA collection and manipulation. Conductive hydrogels allow for tracking and tracing of human beings. There are THOUSANDS of peer reviewed scientific studies and articles discussing conductive hydrogels. We’ve put together a short list of some relative studies as backup documentation that can be found on this post:


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