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Men Over 40™ One Daily Iron Free


• Foundational multivitamin formula for men over 40 in a convenient one tablet daily formula
• FoodState Nutrient™ vitamins and minerals for enhanced digestibility and nutritional value
• Vitamin E as mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols provides an ideal balance
• Botanical blend to support optimal health for men over 40
• One tablet daily for increased compliance
• FoodState Nutrients can be taken anytime of day, even on an empty stomach

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Additional Information

Product Information:

Serving Size: 1 tablet
Servings per container: 60

Amount per serving:
Vitamin A (beta carotene with carrot) 338 mcg RAE 38
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid with organic orange) 60 mg 67
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol with S. cerevisiae) 10 mcg 50
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol [sunflower] with organic brown rice) 12 mg 80
Vitamin K (K1) (phytonadione with cabbage) 15 mcg 13
Thiamin (B1) (thiamine HCl with S. cerevisiae) 4 mg 333
Riboflavin (B2) (with organic brown rice) 3 mg 231
Niacin (niacinamide with S. cerevisiae) 20 mg NE 125
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl with S. cerevisiae) 3 mg 176
Folate (folic acid with broccoli) (400 mcg folic acid) 680 mcg DFE 170
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin with S. cerevisiae) 15 mcg 625
Biotin (with organic brown rice) 80 mcg 267
Pantothenic Acid (d-calcium pantothenate with organic brown rice) 10 mg 200
Iodine (mineral bound S. cerevisiae) 150 mcg 100
Zinc (mineral bound S. cerevisiae) 15 mg 136
Selenium (mineral bound S. cerevisiae) 14 mcg 25
Copper (mineral bound S. cerevisiae) 0.3 mg 33
Manganese (mineral bound S. cerevisiae)
Chromium (GTF) 1 mg 43
(mineral bound S. cerevisiae) 60 mcg 171
Molybdenum (mineral bound S. cerevisiae) 40 mcg 89
Boron (mineral bound S. cerevisiae) 500 mcg
Nourishing Food &
Herb Blend 90 mg:
Organic Eleuthero Root, Organic Ashwagandha Root, Organic Astragalus Root, Organic Ginkgo Leaf, Organic Hawthorn Fruit, Fruit Phenolic Blend (Organic Whole Orange, Organic Cranberry, Organic Blueberry), Organic Schisandra Berry, Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Dandelion Leaf, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Oregano Leaf, Organic Shiitake Mushroom
Other Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Silica, Cellulose.

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