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Shungite Orgonite Tiles Plain



  • Tile any surface thus transforming your living space into an orgone-protected zone
  • Enhances your energy field and reduces the negative effects of EMF on your body
  • Helps you to feel less stressed and restless
  • Helps to reduce EMF-induced insomnia
  • Transforms stray electromagnetic fields into non-harmful, healing energy
  • Structures water
  • Preserves food and drinks up to 3 times longer


shungite orgonite tiles


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Additional Information

​Our plain contemporary Shungite Orgonite Tiles effectively absorb electromagnetic radiation and 5G. You can use Shungite Orgonite Tiles in your home to create a field of protection from the harmful effects of EMF and 5G.

Each tile emits beneficial healthy electromagnetic radiation absorbing orgone energy. This is especially beneficial in helping to clean your home environment from the harmful effects of EMF’s though things such as cell phone towers, wifi, and 5G. They can be used to decorate your home as you would use a standard tile.  You can use them blended in with other standard tiles to cover a larger surface area or create a grid effect in a single room, around a pool in an outdoor patio area, or around your entire home.

This tile measures 11 cm. X 11 cm. or 4 ¼ in. X 4 ¼ in. and is a standard sized tile with slight raised notches on the sides to prevent slippage when grouted into place. The Moroccan design tile is a raised design. These tiles are durable, and long lasting, and will not break like ceramic or stone tiles. They come in a solid black color, which is colored naturally by the shungite powder. However they can be primed and painted to any color you wish.

Tiles are sold in packs of five or ten, as well as a sample tile. For orders larger than 100 tiles please use the CONTACT PAGE

Each piece is handmade to order with loving care in our small workshop and shipped from Morocco. Shipping is included with the price and we ship worldwide.


If you have any questions about ordering please use our CONTACT PAGE

Tile Ideas:

For a bathroom or small kitchen you can use 5 tiles spaced apart to grid the room for effective EMF protection and orgone energy therapy.  This would be useful in your bathroom for relaxation and detoxification effects, turn your bathroom into a unique home spa experience!  Use in the kitchen to help structure your food and drinks while you prepare them for your family. Also the orgonite and shungite benefits will help to preserve your food longer, which is great for entire kitchens where food is usually stored.

For a bedroom, meditation room you can use one of our smaller sets of 5 tiles to grid a smaller room.

For furniture like beds, massage tables and chairs you attach these tiles in a variety of creative ways wherever you wish to have the benefit of orgone energy and shungite detoxing in your life. Whether it’s a shungite orgonite chair, or a lined massage table, or sleeping in a shungite orgonite bed every night, the possibilities are endless!

For a larger room, living room, or pool area you can use more tiles (10 or more) to grid an area for relaxation and detoxification effects around your entire home both inside and out.

Suggestions on spacing and square footage for the most beneficial effect:

For smaller rooms 10 square meters or less, a set of 5 tiles spaced out evenly around the perimeter of the room should create the best effect.

For larger room 18 square meters or less, a set of 10 tiles spaced out even around the perimeter of the room should create the best effect.

For larger areas or multiple rooms, multiple sets of tiles for each room should create the best effect. You can purchase standard ceramic tiles of the same size from a local home improvement store to space out your tiles and create a tile border on a wall in room.

If you have any questions about ordering please use our CONTACT PAGE


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