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Episode 14 – Scalar Energy For Physical Healing And Blessing

May 17, 2022

scalar energy

Episode 14 – Nikola Tesla’s Scalar Energy For Physical Healing And Blessing



VAL: Hello friends and welcome to the Holistic Health Online Podcast. I’m your host, Val Robitaille. And in this episode I have with me Tom Paladino, who is a scalar energy researcher based in Florida USA. Now, scalar energy is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world, space and universe. It originates from the sun and stars. Chi, Prana, om, mana, life force, pyramid energy or zero point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy. Tom theorized that all energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy and that the sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points of origin, the storehouses for scalar energy. He further theorized that scalar energy is instructive energy as the entire universe is instructed by this divine essence. Subsequently, all spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical activity in the universe is initiated and maintained by scalar energy instructions. Scalar energy provides order in the universe.


VAL: Welcome, Tom. This is very exciting.


TOM: Val, it’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for the invitation.


VAL: You’re very welcome. It’s a pleasure to have you. So maybe we can start off just talking about scalar energy, where it comes from, what you do with it, and how it can benefit humanity.


TOM: Sure. Scalar energy. What is that? It’s energy from the stars and sun. It’s the free energy of the universe. And I have devices that harness that free energy. So this is not a discussion about electricity. That’s a different form of energy. We’re going to speak about scalar Energy. Many people call that zero point energy or Chi or prana. Various inventors have been able to create instruments that can actually harness scalar energy. That’s what I can do. I can harness this star energy. And it’s quite fascinating what the star energy can do.


TOM: How do we harness it? There are engineered instruments. I have scalar energy instruments. We can harness electricity by way of some type of electrical motor, some type of electrical conduit. Well, what are we doing with scalar energy? We have scalar energy instruments that actually can harness it. We’re not creating scalar energy. We simply harness it. We capture it from the stars. So consider what I’m saying. This is a scalar energy instrument, we don’t create the power. The power already exists from the stars. So this is a new energy paradigm in which you do not have to create the energy. The sun and the stars created that energy for us.


VAL: So these instruments, are they like oscilloscopes or…What are they?


TOM: It’s comprised of a vacuum tube and oscillator and Tesla the coils. And when you put those  three components in harmony, if you will, you’re able to actually create a standing scalar wave. That’s what these instruments do. They capture a standing scalar wave. Then you oscillate, you pulse it and you send it through two Tesla coils and it will propagate. And it will find its way into the fabric of the universe. So these are custom built scalar energy instruments.  In no way am I using electricity or magnetism. It’s a different energy spectrum. And when I do work with these instruments, I find myself in a different dimension. That’s very important. I’m no longer working under the, if you will, electromagnetic spectrum. I’m no longer working in that paradigm. It’s a different dimension. Some people call it the fifth dimension or beyond time and space continuum, but whatever you call it, it is a different dimension. It’s a different energy than that of electricity.


VAL: Would you call this dimension a spiritual dimension?


TOM: Yes, very much so. Very good. It’s nonphysical. It’s consciousness. It’s mysticism. It’s the realm of God. It’s the realm of Jesus Christ. It’s non-physical.


VAL: What do you use this energy for?


TOM: I’m able to harness this energy and in conjunction when I work with people, I work through their forcefield. So a scalar energy instrument only works through force fields. Remember, it’s non physical. And how do I do that? I work with photographs of people. A photograph carries their forcefield or their signature. So there’s no in-person session. So this new science only works in the nonphysical realm. The informational realm. And Why do I use a photograph? Well, the photograph identifies their non physical information. So I actually receive emailed photographs from people around the world. I place those photographs inside my instrument and I access their non physical dimension, their scalar energy dimension on a photograph. So the new science of scalar energy is you work in the quantum field, non physical field by way of a person’s photograph. And in so doing, I can identify pathogens on their force field and eliminate them, remove them, cure them of certain types of bacterial infection. Viral infection. A scalar energy instrument can look at a photograph of a person and then pick out their chakras and balance their chakras. Or we can pick out their hormonal state and improve their hormonal state. We do all of that by way of a person’s photograph, which is their entranceway way, their entrance point to their spiritual realm.


VAL: Very interesting. Do you have any limitations in this discussion? Like, would you rather not talk about COVID, the vaccine…


TOM: Well, let’s think about COVID because you see, I never work with the physical body. This is not a biological process. This is a force field process. So I don’t shy away from that. Go ahead.


VAL: Well, I work with people that are vaccine injured. For instance, I’m working with one woman who is doing so much better now, but it’s only after a year of cleaning up her diet, her lifestyle and taking the protocols, supplements, living better, positive thinking. But it took her a full year and she was really in bad shape. So my question, I guess, would be…We know that, well, We think we know that it’s the spike protein replicating, that’s making people ill. But there’s some new information on the horizon about it being snake venom. So whether it’s spike protein or snake venom, is this something that scalar energy would have an effect on?


TOM: Yes. I’m able to identify in a person’s photograph, say, the spike protein. Now, consider the fact that my system is informational and I can actually look for the signal of the spike protein on a person’s photograph. And then I can send energy information into that paradigm to break down, deconstruct the spike protein. So yes, I’ve had good success identifying various adjuvants, vaccine adjuvants by way of a person’s photograph and then sending that information into that information field to break down, deconstruct and negate those vaccine adjuvants. And I agree with you about there are many chemicals that are then added to vaccines, and many people don’t realize how dangerous deleterious those chemicals are. So I’m not saying this about every vaccination, but we have to be mindful that there are some lots of vaccine, There are some adjuvants that are added to vaccines that have been proven to be harmful to biological health.


VAL: Yeah, for sure. So you’d be able to identify spike protein that is replicating, or snake venom, you’d be able to identify the snake venom, if that’s indeed what is being injected into people.


TOM: Well, many times when I’m looking at a vaccine injury, what are we able to do with the scalar energy instrument? We’re able to take photographs of adjuvants. For instance, I have photographs of graphene oxide and I can introduce a photograph of graphene oxide into my instrument. And my instrument then will look at the photographic character, the photographic signature of graphene oxide, and then project that energy into the information field to destroy, to break apart deconstruct graphene oxide. So the instrument does what you tell it to do, so I can program a scalar energy instrument to search for it, to identify and then deconstruct, disassemble adjuvants deleterious harmful adjuvants found in vaccines.


VAL: Graphene oxide would have been my next question because that’s really big. And we do know that the supplements protocol takes care of some of it. Ivermectin takes care of a lot of it, but who wouldn’t want to just send in a photograph rather than taking all the drugs and supplements?


TOM: Yeah, you’re right. We’re going to see long standing problems from this recent pandemic, not only from exposure to COVID 19, but the vaccines that have been administered. Many of those vaccines are tainted, contaminated. So I project we’re going to see vaccine injuries.


VAL: Oh, absolutely. And some of the projections that the harmful effects and deaths are, the predictions are I can’t even think about them. They’re horrible. And everybody I know just about, except for my immediate family has been vaccinated. And I mean all kinds of problems. I’m working with somebody now that I that I literally work with physically every day. And she has what sounds to me like she’s getting some type of irritable bowel that she’s had for a few months after the vaccine and she’s not getting any better. So I’m putting together some medicine for her, maybe we can help her out. The signature that you’re talking about, that’s the unique geometric pattern, right?


TOM: Yes. Everything in a scalar energy dimension has a specific fingerprint or signal. It’s just as unique as our DNA. So, yes, everything has a scalar energy signal.


VAL: And so that’s our energetic signature, right?


TOM: Yes, exactly. Exactly. That’s the non physical wonderment of scalar energy. Everybody has a  unique energy signal.


VAL: And what does this look like on your end with your instruments?


TOM: That’s a great question. Keep in mind, I work with photographs of people. There’s no physical in-person session, because when you’re working in the information field, you work with photographs that carry the information. Well, today in my laboratory, I work with half a million people by way of photographs. So consider I have a World Healing Ministry, if you will. Today I work with half a million people. Now you say? Is that possible? Sure. You can miniaturize the photograph. And my instrument can easily accommodate, say, 10 million photographs a day. So with this type of technology, we’re transcending time and space. We’re no longer bound to one location. We were outside of time and space, so to speak. So I say that healing to the future, is that a way of quantum healing in which we are no longer subject to time and space? We transcend time and space.


VAL: What are the units that you that your instruments measure in?


TOM: I have not been able to identify the basic unit for this energy. Why? Because I think it’s consciousness. I think it’s the presence of God. So I don’t predict in the near future we will be able to measure it. It’s not a finite unit. So I can see the before and after consequences, but I can’t measure the energy right now. So I have to rely upon people’s feedback. The testimony is the key. Obviously, I’m working in a different dimension with a person’s photograph. That’s not their biological dimension. So I have to rely upon people and their biological response, their testimony, which is really the key element here.


VAL: Yes. Well, anecdotal testimonies are, in my opinion, the gold standard.


TOM: You’re right. It is all anecdotal now. And why do I emphasize that? Thanks for bringing that up. This is a new science. There is no scientific protocol. Look, look for a college textbook on scalar energy. You won’t find one. You won’t find one if you do I doubt if it’s related to my work of Nikola Tesla. So what are the results? The results are the testimonies. And even though the testimonies are firsthand experiences, anecdotal, nonetheless, they carry a great deal of weight. That’s the beginning body of evidence.


VAL: Yeah. And of course, the whole medical establishment for over 100 years has taken over all facets of health care. They’re not health care. They’re sick care. And we can’t use terms like cure or treatment. What are some of the other terms that we’re not supposed to use? But I’m taking it back. I’m taking back the term cure, taking back the term treatment, because look at what they’ve done to the world.


TOM: You know, I use those terms every once in a while and I use them appropriately because they refer to energetic healing of a photograph. Remember, I’m working with signals on a photograph so my work doesn’t relate to any biological process. But I agree with you. But what they call an alternative medicine used to be the mainstay 100 years ago. In other words, eating well and naturopathic remedies, etc. That was mainstream medicine. And then the Rockefellers got involved and they put the chemical industry first. And now we have a chemical healing or I should say a chemical poisoning by way of many of these drugs.


VAL: Yeah, I have an entire laboratory here stocked with the type of medicine that I make. I make a special type of tincture called Spagyrics. And I’m just waiting because more and more I’m seeing ambulances here, which is very rare where I live. And I’m just keeping the stuff stocked on the shelf. When people wake up and realize that not only can’t they trust the drugs, but that it’s evil pharmacopoeia, the term means sorcery. So look at what you’re taking into your body. It’s witchcraft and it’s evil and it makes people sick. And there’s a million ways I could describe now about how it makes you sick, but we’re talking about scalar energy, so I won’t. I just want to go back a minute. Can you tell how much spike protein can you tell the quantity?


TOM: I cannot measure the quantity. I only can measure the signal, the presence. I standardize my session today so that every time I’m working with people on a daily basis, I’m targeting I’m trying to identify the spike protein and then sending energy to deconstruct, to negate the molecular bomb. This is what I find so interesting. The scalar energy. I’m able to negate the molecular bonds of anything which are non physical. All of my work is non physical, meaning what? I can send intelligence into the spike protein to negate the molecular bonds and the spike protein falls apart into elements.


VAL: So those elements are like carbon, nitrogen, potassium…


TOM: Exactly. So I’m taking a harmful molecule and reducing it to, if you will, benign elements.


VAL: And those get excreted out through urine and feces?


TOM: They could be or the body could simply use them for rebuilding those elements. Those elements, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen. They’re all used by the body. And we. We all rely upon them. Sure.


VAL: Wow. So we could turn something evil into something good?


TOM: Yes. That’s what I find so interesting about my work. Now, keep in mind, people, I am taking what are considered to be energetic patterns, harmful patterns, harmful signatures of viruses, bacteria, manmade chemicals. And I’m sending a signal I’m sending scaler energy instructions to break down a virus, to break down a bacterium, to break down the spike protein. And the result is we deconstruct the molecular pattern. There is no more molecular structure. We actually transmute matter in that sense. My way of testing this is through the energetic field on a photograph. Now keep in mind, I work only with photographs. So in reality, people have to attest at a distance if they feel better. Well, many people do. And that’s the anecdotal.


VAL: I have a little bit of experience with quantum energy. I did get a scalar energy blast back in 2013. And it was very interesting. I don’t believe there was any information riding on it. I think it was just something that I felt to experience that phenomenon. So I’m going to sign up for your two week free trial, send you my photograph, and then I can have a follow up with my subscribers to tell them what my experience has been. And when we’re finished with the interview, you can give the audience the information so that they can send that into you.


TOM: I appreciate that. Thank you.


VAL: No, thank you. Anything that we can do. We’re down to the wire now where we have to really think in terms of all of humanity, not just our little pockets on earth, wherever we may be. We really do have to be global because this is affecting 194 countries I think signed on to this this thing.


TOM: Yes, I agree with you. Nobody knows how how deep seated these problems are going to be. But just consider this. Many of the adjuvants that they’re using, these vaccines have a track record of past performance. Many of these adjuvants are poisons and they were included in these vaccines. God only knows. I don’t know why, with the exception that they want to reduce the population. So we’ve got to do our homework. And the facts of the matter are many of the chemicals used in vaccines are harmful. Why would we do that?


VAL: It’s a far cry from the concept of homeopathy, which is, I believe what they they started the  immunization program with that concept, that like cures like.


TOM: I in many ways use homeopathy in principle. I take the energy of a virus. I send that energy back into the virus the virus deconstructs. So you’re right. Like energy will negate, like energy. Very good.


VAL: I just wish it would work with, like, a snoring machine. Have a recording of a person’s snoring. Put it next to the person that’s snoring. And maybe it’ll cancel out the the snoring sound so that the other person can sleep.


TOM: That’s one way. I never thought of it that way, but. Good for you. Yeah, there is merit to that, though. Because it’s an information system. You’re right.


VAL: Well, on many levels that’s true. Like when we ingest good fats, certain kinds of fats, it breaks down the bad fats in our bodies. Yeah, there are so many things like that. I would love to talk about the Ark of the Covenant and the angels being scalar light beings. And I know that’s not for everyone, but it’s for me. I would love to hear about your experience in that area.


TOM: Okay. I believe the Ark of the Covenant was a scalar light instrument. And the reason I say that if you read the Old Testament, the Ark of the Covenant did not behave like electricity. And what I’ve seen from the Old Testament matches up to my work. In other words, I believe I have a variant of the Ark of the Covenant. I believe I have a miniature Ark of the Covenant, so to speak, the modern day equivalent of the Ark of the Covenant. And why would I say that? Well, this energy is omnipresent. I’ve realized that energy transcends time and space. God transcends time and space. So I’m not working in the electromagnetic paradigm. I’m really working in a paradigm that is infinite. And with that in mind, it must be from God. Now, many people have said when they read the Bible, they they consider the Ark of the Covenant to be the presence of God. I concur. I would agree with that. So if I have an instrument, I control the presence of God. The presence of God is within that type of structure. And I mean every word of that. Now, I know those are strong statements, but I hold by them by way of experience and by way of faith. So my instrument is an instrument that transcends time and space. It allows me to access any person anywhere in the world by way of their forcefield. So it must be a scalar energy instrument that we see in the Bible when we understand the operation of it. Of the Ark of the Covenant. And how the Ark of the Covenant gave off light. Well, what type of light was it? Broadcasting wasn’t electricity was scalar light. So this is one of the, if you will, very interesting facets of my work. I think I’m working with a modern day equivalent of the Ark of the Covenant.


VAL: Back in 2014 when we were working on our free energy generator, that conversation came up, that what we’re trying to do is that maybe we have done in previous lifetimes, if you believe in reincarnation, I personally don’t, but that we have done this before when we were carrying the ark nobody could go near it. They were only the Levites that could carry it and certain people can go near it. But when couple people went near to it it killed them instantly, I remember that story. So it’s a very, very powerful thing. So the fact that you are able to harness this energy is really very impressive and that you’re getting results that can benefit humankind!


TOM: It is a very powerful energy. Every day I go into my laboratory, I pray before I start using these instruments because I know I’m in the presence of God. This is God’s energy. This is the divine essence. I mean, every word of that. Now, if you look at what Nikola Tesla was able to do with scalar energy, he was able to harness the energy of the stars and power a car or send free energy and power a light bulb. So what’s the point here? It’s unlimited. It’s a free source of energy. From the sun to the stars. The energy source is unlimited. It’s clean. It will eventually be used to power the world. Scalar energy is the new power grid.


VAL: Do you think that there were Tesla coils inside of the Ark?


TOM: I don’t think God needed them. But I need them. But if you look at the Ark of the Covenant, it was able to cure disease. Well, I’m able to do that with my instrument. When somebody sends me a photograph, I can identify, say, a virus. I can identify the hepatitis virus on the photograph, and I can send information into the hepatitis field, into the hepatitis signature on their photograph and destroy the hepatitis virus. So this is a new science in which we work through information. You don’t have to be physically present. We work through your spirit or your quantum field.


VAL: Fascinating. When the scalar energy disassembles pathogens and parasites and viruses, there’s absolutely no die off. No cytokine storm, nothing like that?


TOM: Exactly. Because we’re not working with a chemical reaction. There’s no chemical detox. Why? I don’t work with chemicals. I work with pure light. So there’s never a drawback. There’s never a negative consequence. And this is the beauty when you’re working in an information field which is non physical. Well, you can’t have a physical reaction if the energy is non physical.


VAL: Amazing. That’s great. We sell hydrogen generators and we inhale the gas and drink the water. And what that does is it pops off the extra oxygen, That reactive oxygen species and turns it turns that molecule into water, that’s excreted as water. And that’s pretty fascinating, too. There are all these different technologies that people can be utilizing for their health. We just have to get them on unlearned from the medical lies that we’ve been told.


TOM: Yeah, it’s real quick here. If you look at the trajectory, if you look at the past 100 years of the pharmaceutical industry, the driving force behind that were the Rockefellers. Now the Rockefellers are bankers. They’re not medical doctors. They’re not medically trained. What’s the point of how the Rockefellers control these pharmaceutical companies? Money, power? Many of these pharmaceutical companies are are doing the bidding of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds. Those are the ultimate owners of these pharmaceutical companies.


VAL: Yeah, there’s an even more interesting historical fact about the Ukraine and that part of the world with the khazars, how they started with the genetic testing and did all these different things to be able to inject into people, but they themselves are immune. Isn’t that interesting? And the Rothschilds are said to be Khazarian.


TOM: Oh yeah, yeah. Rothschilds are the most evil family that’s ever lived. Yeah, terrible people.


VAL: Yeah. That whole crew there, you had the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, you had J.P. Morgan. There were a couple of naturopaths and homeopaths also that kind of – I think it was Kellogg – sold out, but they were back in the 1800s when homeopathy was was growing and helping people. And so that’s all over Now.


TOM: A lot of people have to realize when you when you have a few players in the medical industry, such as pharmaceutical companies, such as health insurance companies, you can centralize power and control. And when you when the Illuminati can centralize health care, then they can dictate the health policy. What what are we speaking about? Organic farming? Well, you can’t centralize it. You can’t control it. How about homeopathy? You can’t control that. That’s decentralized. So you have to look at the model. You have to look at the end game there. And the Illuminati has centralized health care and in so doing you only get their vantage point, which is to make money off of people.


VAL: Right that’s it. And that’s what this whole COVID thing is about, to money and control, like you said. It’s diabolical.


VAL: So I know the answer to this question, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Is scalar energy being used nefariously like for example, the Department of Defense of the USA.


TOM: I hope not. This is one of the reasons why I guard the technology, because I would not want this to fall into the hands of a corrupt government. But only the time will tell, because no government has ever stated publicly that they’re working with scalar energy. Not to my knowledge. So I’m dubious. To be very clear, this is a grassroots movement. I work with people and people only. I want nothing to do with corrupt governments. I want nothing to do with corrupt corporations.


VAL: So you would never think of patenting your invention?


TOM: Very good val. If I brought this to the patent office, the patent office would steal this technology. I don’t trust the government. I don’t trust it.


VAL: You wouldn’t even be able to use it yourself. They would tell you you can’t use this. It’s a national security breach.


TOM: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Exactly.


VAL: I was just wondering about the fires in California, some of the pictures that we’ve seen about this. It just looks like directed energy weapons that caused all of that.


TOM: To speak to that point, there is technology, laser beam technology of lasers that can indeed be used to ignite material. And it’s believed that forest fires now sometimes are abetted by this laser technology that can indeed ignite material, especially in a forest. Technology can be used for good or evil. And we see many people, especially the Illuminati, is using technology for the purpose of evil. Why they want to control the world. Technology will allow them to control us. It technology will allow them to to create this one world order, which is really against God and against humanity.


VAL: It sure is. It’s so nefarious. So in terms of using the scalar energy on objects, I’m thinking about my special tinctures. Is that something that you work with?


TOM: Not necessarily with tinctures. It’s not many people with your ability, but I would not be opposed to doing that with you. But some people will send me photographs of their home and I’ll treat their home with scalar energy. Why? It’s a blessing. If this is divine energy from God and people frequently send me photographs of their home or their office building or their apartment, it’s God’s blessing. It’s God’s projection of light upon that home, that office building. You see that there’s so many applications of scalar energy. For instance, I have friends in Hawaii who have trees that have been infected with a plant fungus, and they’ll send me photographs of trees and I’ll treat out. I’ll destroy the plant fungus in those trees in Hawaii. Don’t live in Hawaii. So people from around the world can send me photographs of plants and I can treat those plants for fungi. And what happens? The upshot is the plant survives and you remove you eradicate the fungus from the plant.


VAL: Yeah, I think this is also called the Shekinah Glory.


TOM: Exactly. That’s what I’m working with. Yeah, I’m working with this kind of glory. I’m working with the glory of God. This is not electricity. That’s what makes this research so profound. Imagine I have access. The Shekinah Glory. I have access the omnipresence of God. Well, my goodness. That is if indeed I have the modern day equivalent of the Ark of the Covenant.


VAL: And this type of energy. We’ve heard that there is enough energy in one cubic inch to power the world or some amazing amount of it.


TOM: You’re right. It’s infinite energy. Yes, it’s infinite energy. Exactly. Some scientists have gone on to say that no matter how cool or what temperature you might experience in the world or the universe, there’s still some type of form of energy, even at absolute zero. There is some energy within that space, even though it’s very cool or close to absolute zero. Well, what is that energy? It’s star energy. It’s scalar energy. So you could cool down any environment, any system, but you’re still going to have radiant energy, scalar energy in super abundance no matter what the environment is.


VAL: And when you’re sending information, does it go in letters, words?


TOM: It’s all defined intelligence. So to put this into motion, people would email me a photograph and I actually place a photograph of a person inside my instrument. Now, when you’re working in a scalar energy paradigm, there is no point A in point B, if I place your photograph inside my instrument now it’s your bi-located version. A photograph is your body double your mind double. It’s your bi-located version Inside my instrument. It’s as if you are inside my instrument, even though it’s on your photograph. A photograph carries your information. Either you or your photograph inside the instrument It would have the same outcome. Photograph is your bi-located version.


VAL: Got it. So if someone sends a photograph into you and doesn’t tell you anything about themselves, you’ll be able to read what their issues might be.


TOM: The instrument does. I don’t make that interpretation. I want to make this very clear. If I’m working with the mind of God, the energy of God, I don’t want to override God’s infinite wisdom. So the energy does the healing. I do not do the healing. If there’s any healing, it comes from God. It’s God’s energy. It’s God’s intelligence. Now, I’m not trying to dodge the issue here, but I would be presumptuous to say, Yeah, I’m the healer. No, it’s God’s energy. God’s the.


VAL: You’re right. And I agree with that. I don’t like being called a healer. I’m not the healer. I’m the vessel. That’s all.


TOM: Exactly. That’s the way I feel. I’m the vessel. But on my website, I give credence to God. I say Jesus is the divine physician.


VAL: Amen. I agree with that, too.


TOM: I want to mention a few months ago, we received word from an HIV clinic in Tanzania. We’ve been working with people in Africa. All of it is pro bono in which people who are HIV positive will send us photographs. Now, we don’t demand any payment or any remuneration. We’re trying to we’re trying to heal the poor, to be quite blunt. And after working with these people in Tanzania, this HIV clinic, they all all these people have responded. Everyone without an exception. Everyone has said that they no longer have HIV. Many of them have returned to work. They have a normal lifestyle. They’re not sick. So that begs the question, well, if everybody who once had HIV after they send me their photograph, we’re able to identify and eradicate the HIV virus. And these people testify. Now, it’s anecdotal, but it’s their testimony that they no longer have the HIV virus. And that is really a, if you will, a pregnant question. What happened? What’s going on? How is it that people from around the world can send me photographs, I can identify viruses and remove those photographs from the virus? And the upshot is they feel better.


TOM: And some of those people have a PCR test that shows that proves that they no longer have the HIV virus. So what’s going on? Well, that question remains because this is not a scientific protocol that can be explained. It’s a new science. There is no test for scalar energy. That’s how new of a science this is. There is no test. So we have to rely on the testimony of people. But without exception, after I work with people, if they’re HIV positive, they have a follow up test. The test is negative. They no longer have HIV. I hope this will eventually catch on. You know how people interpret this? Well, we all have to be open to interpretation, because this is not Newtonian physics. This cannot be explained by electricity and magnetism. It’s a new dimension. It’s a new reality. And with that in mind, it begs the question, what is scalar energy? How does it work? Why is this different from electricity and magnetism? What are the results? Can we explain the results? It’s going to take a lot of effort.


VAL: Yeah, well, I’m okay with the mysteries as long as we have results. More will be revealed in time, whether we’re still on the planet or when we leave the planet. But there’s a lot of mysteries, and then we just let them be mysteries. And we work with them and we create with them. So I’m okay. Just like with my medicine, I burn the herbs and I offer them up to God and the angels and then comes back down with a certain energy and makes it a much more potent medicine where you only have to take half of the dose that you would normally take with regular tinctures. There’s a lot to be said about the spirit world, and for myself, I believe that everything is happening in the spirit world and it’s just precipitating down here to the earth, life on Earth. But there’s so much going on in the spirit world. And that’s why prayer is so important. We want to keep that connection. We want to make sure that we’re connected to some form, something higher than ourselves. We’re not the be all and end all of life. There’s something that’s pushing our breath and making our little heart, that little cell, our heart beat.


TOM: It’s scalar energy. I’ve always considered that scalar energy is the power, the intelligence behind the human heart. What gives us a heartbeat? That’s intelligence. It has to be scalar energy. Why does everybody have a heartbeat? Where is that intelligence coming from?


VAL: It’s one little spark in there that keeps it all going.


TOM: It’s amazing. It’s you know, once we quite understand that scalar energy are the instructions of the universe, the intelligence of the universe, then people will embrace this technology, this creative strength, and this technology will change the world rather quickly.


VAL: This must be what Tesla was working with.


TOM: Yes, yes.


VAL: Yeah. I mean, I know he did a lot with electromagnetism also, but there’s that Tesla mystery that we haven’t been really privy to. This must be what he was talking about.


TOM: Yeah, he called it radiant energy. Later in his life, he was building these free energy, scalar energy towers and the JPMorgan and the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, they thought that this was the end of their energy empire because they knew that Tesla’s on to free energy, and because of that they were very suspicious and they no longer wanted anything to do with Tesla.


VAL: Yeah, but they took all his technology, all his patents.


TOM: Which is why I’ll never approach the patent office. Because ultimately, the Illuminati controls the patent office.


VAL: Right. And we said that we wouldn’t ever do a patent application either. In fact, back in 2014, we released the plans, open sourced, the plans, and we immediately got like 250,000 downloads. The device is still in development. That’s what we do at the Clean Energy Academy. We have engineers from all over the world working on different alternative energy projects. Basically, we’ve got to start to understand and talk about and share about this scalar energy. And that’s why I’m so honored to have you on today and that our mutual friend put us together so that we can have this talk.


TOM: Thank you. You’re right. If you look at the world situation, we need new solutions. There are problems and the solutions of the past are not working. So let’s think outside the box. We need new solutions. Scalar energy is the new solution. If you insist upon trying to fit the square peg into the round hole, it doesn’t work. What we’ve tried in the past ten, 20, 30 years is not working. We need a new model.


VAL: Now there’s a lot of it. It’s just all being suppressed. But we’re hoping for a great awakening where people that survive this onslaught will be able to live on the planet with some of these beautiful new things that are coming out, like the med beds and all the alternative energy devices that have been suppressed. It’s a hopeful future. It looks a little bleak now, but people like yourself sharing this information, working on this information and not being disturbed by the suppression or the trolls is very, very important. It’s a great thing that you’re doing. Tom, can you tell our listeners how to get in touch with you now?


TOM: The website is If you visit that website, we offer anybody in the world 15 days of free sessions. You’re going to email us your photograph. We’re going to treat you for free for 15 days. No questions asked by way of a scalar energy instrument. And I predict that you will feel better in some fashion. This is quantum healing. It’s all done energetically through your photograph. Visit the website, read a few of the articles first and then consider sending us your photograph and your family photographs.


VAL: And just to be clear, you are not a diagnostician. This is not a diagnosis.


TOM: Correct. I don’t have any I don’t have anything, frankly, to do with medical science, because this is not Newtonian physics. I never practice medical science. This is the new science of scalar energy. And it is, per se not related to any physical reality.


VAL: Tom, I’d like to thank you for being on the show tonight.


TOM: Thank you. Thank you.


VAL: All right, then. Bye for now.







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