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Spike protein, EMF/5G: Human to human transmission via morphogenic fields

Episode 4 – Morphogenic Field Spike Protein Transmission


Hello, friends, and welcome to the Holistic Health Online podcast. I’m your host, Val Robitaille, and this week I have with me two very special guests that are going to talk to us about 5G, the nanotechnology that has been found in the vaccines, and shedding and transmission of the spike protein. And they will give us some solutions to this current crisis we call COVID.



Hope and Tivon are a husband and wife team of engineering, research and business professionals. They are American expats who live in Morocco. Tivon has a background as a US Navy Technician and energy technology engineer. Hope holds an MBA and has a variety of business management experience in both government and corporate finance, small business management and marketing. They run an online engineering academy for the development of clean energy technology devices. They also make handmade products for EMF protection. They are the authors of “Forbidden Tech: The complete guide to energy, social, and biological technologies that they did not want you to know about” The book is a collection of their life’s work and research on fringe topics such as free energy, energy weapons, EMF radiation and protection, surveillance and biotechnology. 

Little did they know when they wrote their book in 2017 that the methods and technologies that they had researched would soon be used on the entire population via the COVID agenda.   For the past two years Hope and Tivon have been monitoring the latest censored information on 5G, and Covid vaccine related issues to present them in a condensed summary to inform the public. As Christians they feel it is God’s calling on their lives to help communicate to people the technology that is currently being used against Gods creation.


So where should we start? Maybe you can talk a little bit about graphene oxide and then go into the nanotech and the 5g, and then we’ll continue on with the actual vaccine dangers.


Hope, I’ve been hearing that there’s a very big concern among high thinkers in the alternative truth field that there’s going to be an activation of 5g at a level that’s going to be troublesome. Can you speak to that?


Yes. Actually, Tivon’s the better one to speak to that, but I will just start him off by saying 4G is already affecting us, EMFs and the environment is already affecting people on levels that are dangerous and Tivon can maybe break down what it means as far as ramping up the 5G to a higher spectrum and the most recent upgrades.


To see how this ties in with graphene oxide is, it has electromagnetic properties. It is a toxin and it shouldn’t be in the body. And with more evidence that’s come out in the past two years, it’s been discovered that most of these injections have some form of graphene oxide based technology inside of the inside of the vials.


Graphene oxide is in the bodies of many of those who’ve taken the injection. As it’s toxic, it is causing all kinds of health issues, but one of the properties of graphene oxide is that it is able to absorb and transmit electromagnetic radiation. If you have this in your body, then your body becomes a greater receiver and even an amplifier of this radiation. It causes all kinds of problems in the nervous system as it’s also a bioelectronic organism. So by having this graphene oxide in the body, it makes someone susceptible to the effects of 5G and even the current 4G LTE networks.


What’s feared and being discussed right now is 5G that’s been on for maybe about a year and a half or two years in many parts of the world has been only using the lower band or lower frequencies that have been allotted to it. But there’s been announcements over the past couple of months of higher frequencies being made available. And the technology with graphene oxide, some of that graphene oxide technology only responds to certain frequencies, certain higher frequencies, and some of these frequencies are within the same band of the new 5G spectrum that’s going to be made available.


It’s almost like the graphene oxide was put there because it was supposed to be activated by the specific frequencies that are in 5G.


Well, there are patents, there are patents that talk about graphene oxide based technology that carries payloads of whatever medication is within the graphene oxide capsule, for example, that would only offload its payload into the body once it’s triggered by a certain frequency or impulse.


That’s the way that a lot of the systems in the body operate as well. You have enzymes and different molecules that function only as the result of some type of charge. So they’re really looking at the body and saying, how does this work? And let’s take what we want to do and make the body do what we want to do. We know that the mRNA vaccines are causing changes in our DNA, just like the body would do naturally. So I think that it’s safe to say that the vaccine, the vaccines are a bioweapon.


Yeah, I would agree. And it’s being discovered more and more all the time, the side effects just came out the other day, nine pages of font number five separated by semicolons – tons and tons of side effects!


It used to be that if two people died from a vaccine, they stopped making it. So this is a very deliberate, purposeful depopulation agenda that we’re experiencing now. Not only depopulation agenda, but they want to change our genetics so that we can become what they think is going to be a trans human, right?

Yes, remove any footprint of God that we have in us, which is, I think, also the reason for the PCR swabs up into the pineal gland. It’s very clear what they are trying to do.


Another concern that a lot of people are having, myself included, is the transmission or the shedding of the spike protein. Now we know that viruses do shed, this is just the nature of them but there seems to be a discrepancy between the term shedding and transmission. Would you be able to clear us up on what the difference of that is and then go into how you see this happens?


It’s difficult for me to answer that question clearly, I could definitely speak to transmission, but I can’t speak to shedding because shedding is associated with viruses, and I’m not particularly convinced that there is such a thing as a virus that we’re dealing with here.


There’s a lot of information that talks about how EMF radiation poisoning, radiation sickness has the same exact symptoms that they’re branding and calling a virus. So I can’t speak to shedding. I know that somewhere there’s a medical definition that says what a virus shedding means and what that is. But what I can say is that there definitely is something that is being transmitted from a vaccinated individual with the COVID 19 vaccines to an unvaccinated individual.


There are many medical reports that have come out of like women having their menstrual cycles like completely blown to smithereens and all different kinds of women’s health issues even miscarriages, pregnant women being around vaccinated people and having miscarriages as a result.


Also, just smaller things like somebody sitting in a car with a vaccinated individual for a couple of hours. And then after being there, they feel really, really sick afterwards and of course, having intimate relations with people. All of these things are creating this phenomenon, with many reports to back it up that show that something is being transmitted from the vaccinated person to the unvaccinated person.


So, what I really think it is and we’ve talked about this in some of our work in the past, is we think that it’s not just like a germ is going through the air and going into somebody else’s nostrils, and that’s getting them sick. We believe that the level that this transmission is taking place is in the energetic field around living things.


This is the morphogenic field, now Tivon, can you just explain what the morphogenic  field is? And then we’ll go into how we think this is transmitting through that field?


Well, the morphogenic field, one of the main researchers that I found studying this was Rupert Sheldrake. He’s written a book and has done some documentary talking about the morphogenic field. This study is dealing with this unifying field where life is connected at an energetic level, physical level, and a metaphysical level. And this field also contains a field of information. It is a complex field. It’s also where the information between things like DNA at the molecular and atomic and quantum level is able to communicate.


Yeah, OK. So it’s the unseen realm, really.





It is the unseen realm, but it is pure information. There are all kinds of experiments that have happened over the past couple of decades where this morphogenic field has taken on different names. Some researchers would call it the holographic universe as a paradigm.


This is one experiment, for an example, have bacteria in the same vial, then remove the DNA from one of those vials. The bacteria is left in there, and then what they observed is that the bacteria is reacting to the DNA. This phantom of what the DNA was there as if it was there.


There’s all kinds of experiments. I know Val, you mentioned one of the older experiments dealing with putting on EKG type sensitive electronic equipment to plants. This scientist was taking putting all kinds of stimuli on plants and cutting the leaf and all these different things. And the plant was giving a signature in the electronic signature that was measurable as a reaction to these kind of things done to the plant.


Yes, the Kevran experiments. But mostly what I remember about them is that the person that was doing the experiment, if he thought bad thoughts toward the plant, like I’m going to set you on fire and he was across the room, not in a different room, not 20 miles away, but he was in a certain range, that the plant electrodes would go off, they would react in addition to what you just mentioned.


So you have controlled experiments where he actually did the action, but then he’d have experiments where he’s about to do the action and that almost that precognition of something that this person was certainly going to do. And that experiment matches observations that Sheldrake has made.


Another example the morphogenic field is a school of fish able to communicate in all these patterns in the ocean or a flock of birds flying they’re communicating at that level, they’re not looking at the stars or talking to each other or looking at each other’s cues with how the wings are bending. It is almost at a telepathic level.


So in this field, are we looking at transmission of whatever is being transmitted? This would explain how people come down with toxic symptoms being around those who have been injected.


The first place this showed up was in women’s menstrual cycles. So, you know, everybody’s heard about if you have a whole bunch of women living together for a period of time, eventually all of their menstrual cycles start to sync up. So what is causing that to happen? Something is communicating between these women’s bodies. People say there’s pheromones involved, but that has to do with that morphogenic field because it’s information in the air. So that is where this was first seen was in women’s menstrual cycles being affected by people who were vaccinated.


And you have to think in terms of how these vaccines were all rolled out across the entire planet at the same time. Now that we’re seeing what’s inside of the vaccines, all kinds of nanotechnology, different kinds of like chimeric organisms that have been created in labs. There is a new kind of energy being injected into the bodies of billions of people across the planet. That’s definitely going to affect a morphogenic field somewhere.


And to really drive it home, we now know that many people who are injected are also emitting electromagnetic signals. In fact, some of them are emitting Bluetooth codes from the body. So if our bodies are tied to this morphogenic field, which is used to maybe receive,


What do you mean they’re emitting Bluetooth codes, like a Hologram?


No, no. So go on a search engine like DuckDuckGo or Bing and type in injection Bluetooth challenge. You’ll get videos of people around the world taking their Android phone, putting it in developer mode so that they can scan for all the available Bluetooth devices in the area, you know, because remember, a lot of devices are Bluetooth enabled, like your speakers, your wireless speakers or if your car. If you want to connect your phone to the car, you know, to listen to audio or to listen to music through your car. There are many devices around you that your phone is always searching for, but you can put it in a search mode for Bluetooth, and it will look for all these devices that are within range well. So Bluetooth is a wireless standard. There are many people who have taken the injection that are emitting electronic Bluetooth codes,


But they’re anonymous.


These are these are unique codes. So if it’s your car, it’ll say Toyota Bluetooth code. It’ll say Toyota and they’ll give the number of the code.



But right now, human beings are emitting Bluetooth codes of their own.


What helps me connect that is that you think about wi fi and how you use your computer and there’s information being streamed through the air in wi fi. That’s the information field you’re talking about the morphogenic field. The information is being streamed from your router to your computer so that you can see things and read things on the internet, for example. So now we’ve got human beings that are streaming information from them to wherever it’s getting received in the cloud real time.


That stream of information is what is passing to another human being that is sitting right next to them in the car for two hours, who might be unvaccinated, for example. And all of a sudden they get a really bad headache and they feel really nauseous and they start coming down with the symptoms of radiation sickness, extreme fatigue, the coughing not being able to breathe. These are all radiation sickness symptoms.


So I’ll just add there is a piece of equipment in I.T. information technology. Hardware called a repeater and a repeater basically takes a weak signal and boosts it. Repeaters are used to, let’s say, expand a wireless network within a town, a city, or it could be in your house if the router.


If you have a router in one side of your house and you’re on the other side with your laptop and you can’t route – the signals too weak for you to connect, you can buy a repeater that you plug into your wall somewhere between you and that router on the other side, but closer to you so that you get a better signal. The repeater just takes a weak signal and boosts it into a larger, greater signal.


The people that have taken these injections are giving off these emissions. Their bodies are behaving like repeaters.


And it brings a whole new understanding to the term booster shot that.


The graphene oxide, we’ve also seen some photos, videos of self assembling parts.


Right, and those are the parts that you were talking about earlier. So they’re self-assembling in there. And obviously, some somebody came up with this and said, Gee, I think I need to do this because…..what’s the “why” here?


Well, you have to be able to accept that there truly is a diabolical plan behind this. There are patents that show the development of these technologies. This has been in the works for a long time, 20 30 years at least. Some of these patents go back a long time. They’ve been experimenting with how much of these toxic substances they can inject into people before it kills them.


To answer, why would they put this in these vaccines? Well, there’s a couple of things that can happen if you’re looking at like from the bad guys perspective, where is this coming from? They really want to be able to track and trace every human being on the planet. There is a database that is collecting every single little iota of information, including your biological information and your DNA, and that database has a central point.


All of this data is being run through that they can’t track and trace people if they don’t have the ability to track and trace them with something, right? So these nanotechnology that’s being put into people’s bodies, it can tell your heart rate, if you’re excited, if you’re happy, and there’s parts of it that has to do with mind control. It does things in your central nervous system, in your brain. There’s all sorts of things that this nanotechnology does when it’s inside the body, but ultimately it’s a network system that they’re injecting into human bodies that then communicates with an outside server to relay all of your personal information, like your vitals, your your stats and also your DNA and any changes to your DNA that might have occurred as a result of getting these genetic therapy vaccines. All of that gets relayed to a database, and there’s definitely a mastermind behind all of this.


And let’s remember that when this first rolled out requiring everyone to take the injection, at least the G7 countries or G8 countries, G20 countries were involved. They all did it at the same time. Independent of politics. Uh, so if we were just through to deductive reasoning conclude that based on that, this database or databases is an international collaboration regardless of the politics. And I think we should never lose sight of that. It is not one country. It is a group of leaders from multiple countries using their resources to maintain a highly secure database with all of this information. And it’s probably something on the lines of multiple Manhattan projects to create this database and then create an infrastructure to guard the database in the HYDRA database, but to yet maintain it the whole time.


As a technician, I know that is a huge effort. You have to have quantitative easing, the amount of money required or budget required to do that on an international scale for decades. One team of scientists started to build this, built it out 30 years ago, let’s say, 40 years ago, they retired and then their children picked up the ball to continue the research that’s the scale we’re talking about. That’s the only way I can see how something like this can roll out for the tracking and tracing and control of human beings at the individual level. You need a highly sophisticated computer. A large brain to manage a very massive, highly secure, heavily guarded database.


And it’s unfortunate because these ideas sound very, very big and very out there, and to try to convince an average person that such technology is real, no matter how many patents you show people, yes, people just can’t bring themselves to understand that yes, the technology is that far advanced. Yes, it’s really what the technology that we know about today is how many years behind the technology that actually exists that we don’t know about. That’s what you have to understand. They have advanced technology that they’re using in order to do this.



And never before in the history of humankind have we had so much specimen collection going on. Think about, I mean, I know people that are like, Yeah, I’ve had 13 PCR tests or I have to take a PCR test every single week. The PCR tests are data collection, they are DNA collection.


So the third parties are collecting this DNA and they’re doing it through PCR test swabs. So what better way to make sure that you can collect everyone’s DNA than by having some kind of test swab kit? So if anybody wants to travel, they have to give their DNA away in order to travel. So do people want to go to work. They have to give their DNA away.


So why do people have to take multiple test swabs if they’ve already taken the shot? First of all, not only are these shots putting technology into our bodies to track and trace us, but they kind of threw everything into these into these injections, including DNA manipulation, gene editing, all different kinds of things are in there. So one example is that you take the DNA test first. Then you get the shot, the shot number one, then you get shot number two, then you have to take another PCR test, which goes to the same database. And then now they can track and trace how well their gene editing is going in your body from the shots that they gave you.




This is one example of why you would be having multiple PCR tests. A lot of people I see it in like Facebook comments all the time of people trying to figure out how to travel, and they’re always arguing, why do I have to get a PCR test if I’m double vaccinated? It’s because they need to collect your DNA to see how well their gene editing experiment is going on.


They want to collect your information, they have everyone’s information. And there are a lot numbers on all the vaccines, and there are giant databases of medical information like the Medicare records and the insurance records. So they’ve got huge databases of information that they can track all this down.


So we were talking earlier about the self-assembly of the metallic nanoparticles that are in the vaccines that have been found in. I think it’s been found in all of them at this point. Well, the four major ones I don’t know about Sputnik and Sinopharm.


Sputnik and Sinopharm have nanotechnology, graphene oxide, all of that,


All the vaccine companies. So these things come together inside the body. And you also were talking about how they are able to read biological functions like your heart rate and how your digestion is going and things like that, right? So is it a really far stretch to think if they’re able to get this information that they’re able to manipulate what’s going on biologically? Is this the road to transhumanism? Part of the agenda.


Yes, I would say that’s definitely what we’re seeing here. And we’re watching it unfold before our eyes.


La Quinta Columna put out a great report that showed all the different types of nanotechnology that they found inside of the different vaccines. And then they took those different nanotechnology particles and they compared them to different scientific studies about such particles to basically match up what it was that they’re looking at. And they found things that were basically like computer parts that have computer like functions.


So they’re literally putting computer parts that can both receive signals or give signals and receive signals. People need to understand that it’s not just that it’s going into your body and this little computer part, which, by the way, these parts go in separately. And then when you, you activate them with 5G or EMF in general and heat, the heat of your body, which explains why a lot of these shots had to be stored at very cold temperatures.


Ok, once it goes into your body, it’s activated by the EMF and by the heat, and then they start to self assemble the separate parts. These little tiny nanoscale computer parts come together inside of your body and self-assemble into these formations that look like Borg motherships under a microscope.




It’s really horrifying when you think about what you’re seeing. So with that in mind, you have to understand that not only are these nanoparticles communicating with different parts of your body by telling your cells what to do, but they’re also receiving signals, and there is a list that we created of a whole bunch of qualities or characteristics of all the different kinds of nanotechnology based on the studies talking about; putting nanotechnology in bio products, right, so that tells you it’s like this little nano bar can go clamp onto your DNA. This little nano bot can inject things in or cut off signals, right? Different things that these little nanotechnology particles do.


So it’s not a far stretch to think, you know you’ve got a remote control that you use for your TV. That somebody is sitting in some quantum lab somewhere might have a remote control that they’re using to put commands into the nanotechnology that’s inside of the bodies of billions of people.


They need your data for your vitals to see if the information they’re trying to put into your body is actually being accepted. So you can monitor the body in real time in that situation, if the body is receiving signals from an external environment and based on the components that are inside the body, it also transmits those signals, um, wirelessly, all of this is dealing with a wireless. And that means all wireless devices, if they’re being put into some kind of surveillance mode, can pick up that information, those signals and interpret those signals.


So we’re looking at cell towers, we’re even looking at the satellite network, we’re looking at wireless devices and also with this fourth industrial revolution that they’ve called transhumanism. They also call this the Internet of Things, where all devices will have a wireless functionality, even your toaster. It’s like, why is my toaster have to be wireless? Why is my washing machine need to be smart? You know, yeah, I just don’t want my toaster to relay my vitals real time to a remote, secure location so that I can be tracked and targeted.


Some of those components that that La Quinta Columna found resemble things like miniature power supplies that take your body’s heat and the signals and turns it into direct current and stores it in the form of electricity at the cellular level, you know, with these particles. So your body is literally powering this foreign infrastructure that is now in your body relaying information about your body.They actually call it scaffolding in some of the medical documents. Literally scaffolding inside of your body.


A new operating system.


Yeah, which is, by the way, what Moderna lists on their site. They don’t call it vaccine. They call it an operating system. They’re trying to repopulate the planet. And while many people have died as a result of these injections, and many more will probably die in the coming years with cancers and things that are a result of these injections, there’s going to be a lot of people left. And I think that that’s what we’re really talking about here. The ultimate goal is that the people that are left after this gigantic experiment are then controlled through tracking and tracing technology.


Yes, at least the ones that are vaccinated. Those that aren’t vaccinated the only thing that we have to worry about is transmission and that has a time limit. I know my experience with transmission and I believe it’s the spike protein because of what I know about the spike protein and the effects that it has in the body.


My experience is that I will start to feel some symptoms after being around vaccine newly vaccinated people. Mm hmm. Like, within six hours, I’ll start to experience some symptoms and it will last a couple of days. However, I have been able to mitigate those symptoms to a degree not as much as I would like. And I think it’s a real it’s a real problem. I wish I could have some precognition before I go to a place where there are several newly vaccinated people.


But you can. Put your phone in developer mode and then you can see, hahaha.


Know, guys, it’s all so diabolical and so evil. But these types of interviews with people that are as knowledgeable as you as yourselves are so important. Now I know that there is a swath of human beings on the planet that will think that we’re absolutely crazy for talking like this. And unfortunately, those may be the people that aren’t going to be with us much longer because they’re not doing anything to mitigate symptoms and they’re not listening to those that are telling them, don’t get the vaccine, definitely don’t get the booster. You know, there’s a lot that we know about the vaccines that if you get one vaccine, it may be OK if you get your second dose, maybe, maybe not. And then if you get the booster and if you had two dangerous vaccines before that, it’s not a good outcome. And I personally know people that have been suffering from not only the two doses of vaccines, but then they get the booster, which nowadays is all Pfizer. So it’s all evil, and that’s when they really go downhill.


Mm hmm. I want to make sure that I just add this because there’s a common misconception that once you get the shots and if nothing happens, then you’re fine. But the technology we’re speaking about, the nanotechnology, this is specifically the micro bubbles that were found in the shots, both in the Pfizer shots and in the Moderna as well.


In the Moderna patent, it describes that these microbubbles, their job is to release their payload over a given amount of time so it could be within a couple of days. It could be within a couple of weeks. It could be within a couple of years. So at what point in time is this technology going to release whatever it is into your body and people think, Well, I got the shot, you know, 15 days ago, and I’m fine. 30 days ago and I’m fine. But you know, it might release that payload much later on. So that’s all the more reason why you really do need to be really concerned, especially if you have vaccine remorse like a lot of people are getting right now. After those Pfizer side effects have been released, you need to start educating yourself on what you can do to break down this nanotechnology in your body because it can be done. And we have seen some stuff that that shows how to do that.


So can we talk about that a little bit? Some of the solutions, but I’m also very, very interested because most of the email that I get has to do with people that are unvaccinated because they know my position on it and know that I’m very strongly against it and that they’re experiencing transmission symptoms: headaches, nausea, etc. They just don’t feel right, some of them quite severe also. And I think that is if I’m thinking about this correctly, it’s usually from partners like one partner got the vaccine, the other partner didn’t, and naturally they have sex. And it seems to me that the person that didn’t get the vaccine and is getting the transmission has the most severe symptoms like, unlike mine, you know, like I’ll walk into a room. I’ll spend a couple of hours with a bunch of people that were vaccinated. I’ll go home, I’ll feel sick, I’ll take a nap, some salt baths or drink a cup of tea so that I can mitigate some of those spike protein problems. But it seems that sexual transmission is extremely strong.


Well, I mean, if people I mean, the people are making claims that they get ill being around their injected friends and they’re not even touching each other, just being in the same room.


So at the energetic level, you know, the information that’s being exchanged is being corrupted and the body is reacting as if it’s fighting off a toxic foreign invader.


This is a really bad situation because it reminds me of that movie THX1138 where they didn’t want people to make love with each other. However, in this scenario, if you make love and one partner isn’t vaccinated, it’s going to be a turn off.


You know, the vaccines also are to make people sterile both men and women. So they don’t want people to make love.


You won’t hear this on mainstream media, but people that are at the nightclubs that are still open want to know if somebody’s been vaccinated, like singles bars, places where young people go to meet potential spouses. Women or men, they’re lying about their vaccine status, pretending that they’re not vaccinated because the opposite sex won’t want to date them.


Because of the sterilization that’s happened already.


The whole thing is an experiment.


I think what they do have is psychological projections of what they think people might do, probabilities. They’re all psychologists and they’ve got years of Tavistock training behind these diabolical methods and plots that they’ve been scheming all this time. So they probably have a projection. Case in point. They’ve been trying to destroy the family unit for quite a long time now. So what we’re talking about with, you know, we’re on the street in nightclubs and dating scenes around this because we get a lot of questions from people too. What’s what’s dating going to be like in the future with this, this rift in society?


They know that the family unit is what creates strong societies. They don’t want any strong society to stand up against whatever these they got planned. They wish that things could be automated, but I have to tell you as a technician, I find that impossible to think you can run in the fully automated system that runs the planet. And I think they know that. So the only thing they have is to break up family units if they could get away with it so that no family based society could stand up to anything they do.


So for the listeners that may not know who is they?


I guess we’re talking about the global financial and military elite intelligence elite that all work together, that have a dark plan for humanity that hate humanity. And they work through government organizations. They work through corporations and make sure that structures keep that whole thing running for them to carry out their plans. A lot of the things that have happened during this, this current crisis was taxpayer funded. Taxpayer funded, where the money is given to the pharmaceutical industry to carry out the production of these injections. It’s not like they organically made this money.


It wasn’t actually almost like a contract, it was a literal contract. There’s something called Pfizer leak. And if you look that up, there was a leaked contract from Pfizer a while back and this was a boilerplate contract. A boilerplate is like the template of a contract. And then for each and every individual country, you use the same boilerplate, but you tweak a little something here and a little something there to make it different for that country. So it was discovered that Pfizer has contracts with almost every country on the planet.


I think it was Romania, but one of these countries leaked their Pfizer contracts and it got out online. And so people were able to go and dig into it and see the language that was written in that contract. Basically, it shows that Pfizer took control over all the governments of the world through these contracts, so that if you’re wondering why is the government doing all these crazy things?


It’s Pfizer, and they’re all doing it at the same time.


Yeah, in lockstep.


So Tivon, with your technical background and your research into all things energetic and electronic, can you tell our listeners what they might be able to do, how they can possibly lessen the effects of whether they’ve got a vaccine or transmission? And also what should we do when they start turning up the 5G? Is there anything preventative that can be done so that we’re not affected? Because even though only a small number of the batches are really super poisonous, I heard that 99% of all the vials are graphene oxide. So because you’ve already told us about some of the effects of that, what are some things that we can do? You know, 5G’s getting turned up and we’re around people that are transmitting things. This certainly can’t be complete annihilation of the human race, I refuse to believe that. I think there are solutions.


There are solutions, there’s the biological detoxification aspect to clean your body out. That might be something I think that’s more up your alley Val. But I mean, at a basic level, you have to detoxify your body from these contaminants to the best of your ability. We know that the more injections you take, the more attacks your immune system to the point where you hardly have any immune system at all. For that, I really don’t have an answer. Maybe other than repent to God and hope that a miracle happens.


But your immune system is important. It’s the wall that protects your body from these invaders. So detoxify your body from these contaminants. Graphene oxide and graphene technology behaves a lot like heavy metal. And I’ve been talking about the other contaminants that are in these shots that have been found like steel, nickel parasites. Ivermectin being one of the major solutions to this issue is being banned as far as access to it and extremely limited anyway has shown to also be an antimalarial, but has also been shown to break up these structures that are growing within the body. Also, so we have to work from your body, from the inside out with these solutions. So detoxification is one and you’re working your way out to your home.


How can I how can I lessen the effects in my home and then outside the home if you have a yard or a garden or acreage? How can I lessen the effects in the things that you control? Now, if you’re living in an area where the cell tower, the 5G tower is right across the street, I am of the opinion that you need to seriously consider moving somewhere else. You should not be near these things. The farther you are away from the source of that toxic radiation, the better that would be. My first advice in controlling your environment is to get away from the lethal situation.

Ok, so you’re detoxifying your body and you’re observing what’s around your home. When it comes to night’s rest, because we’ve done this too, is we’ve removed the metal spring mattresses that we sleep on and that goes a long way. Replace that with foam and latex mattresses where there’s no there’s no metal, especially in the shape of a coil, that this has been done in university studies that will receive all kinds of frequencies. So you eliminate that entirely too – No more mattress springs.


So these techniques that you’ve been discussing now actually deflect the energy. But your product that I would like you to talk about next actually changes the energy. So go for it, guys.


So yeah, energy can’t be created nor destroyed. Just change from one form to the next or absorbed or reflected. The products we make are able to transform the toxic, harmful effects of these fields into something that is more compatible with the body. This is based on the work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich. When he was observing body interactions and bacteria and observed that there is an energetic field, that what we were talking about morphogenic field that is constant in all life, it’s all pervasive. Some people call this the zero point field. He called it orgone energy. He was first a psychologist coming through the Freud School. But he went more analytical and went to actually observe the fields coming off of the body, especially when it came to romance and that sort of thing. And so he came up with orgone energy because he observed that there’s a blue field that is emitted from cells, depending on the states of the human body.


Right. I’ve seen those photos. Actually, I have them on my website, is it the same as the blue ring around the Earth.


Yes. It’s the same energy as that blue ring around the Earth.


So there’s all kinds of experiments that have been done and we make these composites and is able to preserve food longer, so you can take one of our products and put it inside a refrigerator, for example, if you have any leafy green fresh fruits and vegetables.



Well, I just want to say that we started making these products for ourselves because we were sensitive to electricity and we started making them for ourselves. And then we had friends saying, Hey, could you make me one two? And from there it grew into a full business where we’re just making a lot of them now and shipping them out to people all over the world.


Hmm. Well, I have to tell you that I love my sleeping pod for sure. Just it has a nice feel in the hand. You just put your fingers around it and just go to sleep, and it really has made a difference for me too. And I also have testimonies from people that have gotten these products from my website that are telling us this is great. And so we’ve got the sleeping pods, pendants, phone shields, which you want to put that on your phone. They come with double sided tape that you could just stick them right on your phone. Change that energy up. That’s coming out off of the phone, which is quite serious. People may not realize it, but there is a lot of radiation coming off of phones.


Ok, well, that was very fascinating and absolutely brilliant, guys, and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain all of that to us. It’s unfortunate that there are so many wonderful technologies out there that have been banned, censored, sequestered, used for nefarious purposes. You know, like, I’m looking forward to the med beds and seeing people get healed and maybe there’s some other fabulous technology. But so far, all we’ve really seen is what we’ve talked about tonight is the horror and the destruction from people that have evil intent.

I’m hoping that we’re at the end of the COVID crisis because it seems that as soon as that list of side effects from Pfizer came out, that all of a sudden countries are dropping vaccine mandates, passports, tests, face masks. We went out today and there was not really a whole lot of face masks. They’re not taking temperatures anymore. The woman in the store in front of me, she walked in in front of me and she wasn’t wearing a mask. But the guard at the door was wearing a mask, and he asked her, Where’s your mask? And she said, No, I don’t do that. And she walked right in.


So I looked at him and I said, she’s not wearing a mask. And he says, Oh, she doesn’t want to wear a mask. Something is changing big time. So we’re going to probably have to switch our information gathering from the vaccine to how do we stop the transmission, the shedding, whatever that is, how do we help people that have vaccine remorse get better?


And that brings me to next week when I will take a deep dive into heavy metal detox, which is going to be one of the ways we’ll be able to detox graphene oxide.


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