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Sugar Watchers Weight Loss Supplements For Blood Glucose Control

August 15, 2019

Wherever possible (and wherever it made sense), in my book Sugar Watchers: Weight Loss Nutrition, I provide information about the synergistic nature of nutrients, and the results of their working together in the body. I have been working with several vitamin companies for many years, and find some of them meet the requirements for basic nutritional supplementation while losing weight, and getting blood sugar/insulin levels under control.

The top ‘crave killers’ are available in a package I call the “Magic 7” and are available at a discounted rate, with descriptions HERE:

Magic 7: 

  1. Carnitine Tartrate
  2. Chromium Synergy
  3. Digestzymes
  4. Metabolic Synergy
  5. Phosphatidylcholine
  6. Probiotic Synergy Spheres
  7. Zinc Challenge

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