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Here Comes The Next Bioweapon Wave – Big Pharma Free-For-All

September 26, 2022

Hope & Tivon from Fix The World Morocco join Sean of SGT Report to discuss the legal premise of the continued state of emergency, the new vaccines and shedding/graphene oxide.


1. Covid Tyranny is Not Over:
Understanding what “state of Emergency” really means

2. Vaccine Shedding: New Documentation.
Get ready for a Flu season like never before.

3. New Injections Rolling out NOW Worse Ones Ever! Big Pharma Free For All!

4. Amazing new study done on Covid Vax  Self Assembling and EMF

5. New La Quinta Columna Research:
Is “Shedding” an Electromagnetic effect?

Solutions for Shedding and Frequency Protection


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