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Polluted drinking water has been making headlines lately. The lead poisoning due to known but ignored faulty filtration from the water works in Flint, Michigan. Even high level state officials had been attempting to cover-up the damage to children for its toxic tap water for years. This was major mainstream news.

But it isn’t only Flint’s highly publicized scenario. Several other municipalities have been attempting to cover up similar toxic levels from poor water supply infrastructures. Chlorinating or boiling water doesn’t get rid of chemical or heavy metal pollutants. (Source)

Now there are reports published showing excess toxic levels of hexavalent chromium 6, also known as the “Erin Brockovich chemical,” a potent carcinogen that causes other debilitating health issues besides cancer in most of our municipal water supplies, affecting over 200 million persons. (Sources)

Tons of water are polluted beyond salvage for tap water from fracking, and vast crude oil pipelines often leak into waterways. These are other major concerns. But there is also the impossibility of completely ridding pharmaceuticals flushed or urinated into toilets.

Add into the mix industrial chemicals that seep into waterways and underground aquifers, such as Monsanto’s PCB dioxins and other chemicals from manufacturing Teflon, such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and it’s obvious tap water that isn’t effectively purified cannot be trusted as healthy.

Chlorine can’t get rid of those chemicals either. It only gets rid of most pathogenic microbes and parasites. And chlorine itself is toxic! Boiling concentrates the toxins further by evaporating some of the water.

Fluoridated Water: Willful Pollution Disguised as Dental Protection

Around 70 percent of the nation’s municipal water supplies are voluntarily adding hydrofluorosilicic acid, more commonly know as sodium fluoride, to their municipal water systems to purportedly protect against tooth decay. Hydrofluorisilic acid is an effective rat poison, by the way.

Epidemiological studies sanctioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) have determined there is no discernible tooth decay difference between countries that don’t fluoridate their water and those few that do. Most other nations do not. The USA leads the world with its tap water fluoridation.

Water fluoridation advocates argue it’s natural, harmless, and helpful, but it’s none of the above. Calcium fluoride from wells or underground aquifers is natural, but it causes dental fluorosis or mottled enamel, causing teeth to become brittle and speckled beyond repair.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid is even more toxic than naturally occurring calcium fluoride. It’s usually a byproduct of the phosphate industry and contains other toxic chemicals, but it started originally as a waste product from nuclear weapons research and aluminum processing plants.

Fluoride salts adversely affect brain matter, even calcifying the brain’s pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the master gland for most of the hormonal endocrine system. Fluorides also block the thyroid gland’s primary mineral food, iodine. It is also carcinogenic.

Despite all the checkbook junk science that claims there are health benefits without negative consequences, it is unethically forced toxic medication for humans without complete consent. If you are drinking water from municipal supply you are not drinking safe water.

How a Toxic Waste Product Came Into Our Water Supplies Thanks to Politicized Junk Science

Back in the day when the EPA was more protective, they followed up on complaints from rural locations in Florida near phosphate fertilizer plants where farm animals and household pets were becoming crippled and dying, and humans were getting chronically and gravely ill. The EPA discovered the source of these extreme health maladies.

The plant’s smokestacks were eliminating fluorine gases that were covering the nearby human and animal populations. So the EPA declared all industries that emit fluorine gases must install air pollution scrubbers that extract the fluorine before it spews from plants’ smoke stacks. This was enforced.

The EPA also declared all fluoride byproduct residues collected from those scrubbers as toxic waste that could not be dumped into a waterway or landfill, thus making getting rid of this toxic waste a serious threat to the industry’s bottom line over time. This was also enforced.

So the polluting industries figured out a way to get rid of it and profit – instead of taking steps to make sure you are drinking safe water, the powers that be allow the sale of fluoride byproducts to municipal water systems where local politicians were already sold on how fluoridation would prevent tooth decay (which has never been proven) and without adverse health effects.

The fluoridated water mania actually made us human toxic waste filters. Farm irrigation systems that rely on municipal fluoridated water also provide our produce or feed most farm animals grains containing this toxic waste.

We can’t wait for constantly corrupted government agencies to clean up the mess. Except for those who live near fracking areas (water purification systems there destroy those systems), you can avoid most of the pollutants yourself if you don’t mind a little extra effort.

Valid Methods of Purifying Water That You Can Handle Yourself 

Drinking safe water – Unless you are certain, after due diligence researching here, that the bottled water you purchase is really spring water containing natural minerals (most labeled this way are not) and the bottles or larger jugs are not made with hazardous plastic materials (glass is best), you need to know how to eliminate at least most of the toxins from tap water, including fluorides for both drinking and cooking.

Distilled water is ideal for lab experiments and producing tinctures, or other herbal or pharmaceutical medicines. But it can have a leaching effect on you body’s mineral levels. Most distilled water comes in plastic containers. Guess what gets leached into that water over time – BPA and other toxic plastic contaminants.

Reverse osmosis (RO) retains some but not all of the water’s natural minerals. The cheapest most effective RO is from water purifying machines in all health food stores and some grocery stores. It can cost as little as a quarter per gallon or slightly more.

The machines should explain they use reverse osmosis and show evidence of being serviced monthly at least. Ideally they will include activated charcoal filtration as well. You have to provide your own containers.

Reverse osmosis is effective at removing most of the tiniest particles that shouldn’t be in the water, even fluoride salts. At least 80 percent or more fluoride removal is estimated with RO. But the problem is considerable amounts of natural minerals, especially trace minerals, are also removed.

Those should be replaced by adding small amounts of trace minerals via pure sea salt or a few drops of trace mineral supplements (usually liquid) to water you use for drinking or cooking. Trace mineral drops are available from most health food stores.

Those who own their homes and can afford it might consider installing full reverse osmosis systems for their homes, thus filtering out all the water into the house. Installing copper pipes within your home’s incoming water is also advised by some.

Partial RO system installments under the kitchen sink cost less, of course, but restrict your RO water to that which pours through the kitchen sink’s faucet.


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