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NWO Vaccine Plan, 5G, Human Magnetism and how to detox graphene oxide (Parts 1&2)

by | Sep 12, 2021

Information you need about the covid vaccines, human magnetism and 5G

Researchers Hope & Tivon join Sean at SGT Report to share critical information about the covid vaccines which, in addition to the genetic component (mRNA), contain dangerous metals, parasites and other nanoparticles that should not be in our bodies. See recommended protocols and products below.


-Graphene Oxide (GO) Explained;160 year old poison
-How GO is made
-GO is widely used, including vaccines
-What else is in the Covid shots? (Photos)
-Money and power behind the NWO GO agenda
-How much GO can be put in a human before fatal?
-GO in the PCR tests, masks, water supply and chemtrails
-How GO works with 5G/EMF


-Spike Proteins, Graphene Oxide (GO), Shots Explained
-Health concerns
-GO poisoning, EMF Radiation Sickness, Covid — same symptoms!
-Human Magnetism after shot (it’s GO and other nanotech)
-The connection between 5G rollouts and Covid Variants
-Solutions: How to get graphene oxide out of your body (detoxification)
-Orgone Energy, EMF Protection and Graphene Oxide

human magnetism
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