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Vaccine Shedding: Understanding what’s happening in the unseen realm (video)

May 8, 2021

In this presentation we review the most recent phenomenon of non vaccinated people who are experiencing extreme health effects after being in close proximity with a vaccinated person for a short period of time. Specifically, hundreds of thousands of reports have been given and then censored by MSM of women’s menstrual cycles being severely affected including miscarriages when a non vaccinated person are around someone who has had a Covid Injection. People are waking up to this new bioweapon unleashed on the public and we have reports of doctors, stores and schools telling vaccinated people to stay away.

To understand why and how this transmission is happening we cover important information about spike proteins, shedding vs. transmission, and EMF properties of Hydrogel in the Covid Injections. We also cover how non vaccinated people may be exposed to contaminants in the environment that can add to these health conditions. These include chemtrails, Hydrogel contaminated GMO foods, Heavy metals toxicity, 5G EMF Radiation and strange fibers found in Covid masks and PCR test swabs.

We believe the key to understanding what is happening lies in the unseen realm. In this presentation we do a deep dive into areas of science that are overlooked in order to explain in plain terms what is happening in the unseen realm when it comes to COVID Vaccine shedding. This involves explaining and showing examples of the morphic field, DNA communication, biophotons, holography, the doctrine of signatures (plant formations) and heavy metal detox, orgone energy, and shungite for nuclear waste clean up.

Summary Highlights

-Reports coming in about non vaccinated people getting sick after being around those who got the shot.
-What is Happening? Spike Proteins, Shedding vs. Transmission, EMF properties of Hydrogel in Covid Injections.
-For Non-Vaxxed  Contaminants in the environment may affect you, chemtrails, hydrogel in GMO foods, 5G and EMF radiation, strange fibers found in Covid masks and PCR test swabs.
-Understanding the Unseen Realm, Morphic Field, Biophotons, Doctrine of Signatures, Orgone Energy and Shungite
-“Gene Therapies” and genetic manipulation of humans has happened before. The Days of Noah.
-The role of prayer and spirituality in these times. Fight back in the unseen realm!





Stay Away Post shows testimonies / reports of what side effects non vaccinated people are experiencing.

Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities, reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines

Dr. Baker Not Accepting Vaxxed Patients

“To protect the people in my office, I am not willing to watch somebody who  made a poor decision and got the shot, stand next to a young female in my office and risk the chance of her becoming infertile. Its not happening on my watch. We don’t know why this is happening but I hear stories of hundreds of thousands of women talking about their cycle being irregular, clotting, bleeding, cysts in their ovaries after being around a vaccinated person.”

School wont allow Vaccinated teachers to teach:

Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P – Episode 44

Dr. Sheri Tenpenny Protocols: (50 minute mark)
Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine – helps to block the spike proteins
Ivermectin take in alternating weeks. Its dosed by weight close to 10mg per kilo. We give 1 pill every other week. If you are in a high risk exposure situation one pill per week.
Hydroxychloroquine 400mg 3 times a week every other week.
Super low risk. Hydroxychloroquine has been used for 70 years
Invermectin used for 60 years.
Need to get vitamin D levels tested. Needs to be around 80
Need to get zinc levels tested Needs to be between 7-12
Take Quercetin, a plant based anti-oxidant that drives the zinc into the cells
Front line doctors are prescribing for people all over the country.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny explains it will take 3-6 for us to see the real effects of the COVID injections.


Hydrogels and doing a whole different dance now

Hydrogels Produce Voltage

Electric eel inspired device reaches 110 volts

In an effort to create a power source for future implantable technologies, a team led by Michael Mayer from the University of Fribourg, along with researchers from the University of Michigan and UC San Diego, developed an electric eel-inspired device that produced 110 volts from gels filled with water, called hydrogels. Their results show potential for a soft power source to draw on a biological system’s chemical energy.

Doctrine of Signatures:

Heavy Metals Herbal Detox Protocol:

Orgonite Products:

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